Liberal Democrat Proposes Removing Charlottesville Confederate Statues


Here’s a better idea: I propose we deport Kristin Szakos and her communist husband back to Hungary. We should tear down the Arthur Ashe monument in Richmond, rename all the streets named after Martin Luther King, Jr., and stop pandering to Organized Blackness which contributes nothing of value to our society.

That’s the debate we should be having. We’re starting that debate on this website.

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  1. Well if nothing else, it’s certainly high time to desanctify “Doctor” Martin Luther Shank.

    Martin Luther Kinky.
    Martin Luther “Doc” Martens.
    Martin Luther Boulevard.

    That’s only the easy stuff. I won’t get really and obviously mean.


  2. “Ah habs me uh dreamz!”

    A dream is it then, heh, instead of an actual workable plan… was that the idea? Well, how so very, um… uncharacteristic. Golf claps all around for Saint Martin Doctor Sainty-saint, or whatever the heck they call him.

    You know, I once habd me a dreamz, too, a long time ago. I habd a dream where I didn’t have to flee the beloved city of my birf, and relocate to another part of this country, all because of Black crime and Black sociopathy. Ah habd me uh dreamz where I could live my life the way I’d worked hard for and planned to live it, instead of having to alter all my plans because of Black animal savagery. Ah’ve habd me plenty dreams, but somehow dey all gets deferred (you listening, Brother Langston?) because of People Who Can’t Behave Themselves, and a Tribe That Uses This Against Me As A Shiv.

    Reckoning’s not gonna be all cotton candy, B and J muthafuckas.

  3. In art history/Roman history this is called Damnatio Memori. Deface the old emperor’s statue.

    Maybe the blacks have been paying attention in class.

  4. Well, well, well. What an awesome follow-up article to my comments on the prevous article regarding the YKW. Yet another perfect example of a recent newcomer busybody who wants to change the host to fit her twisted communist mind. Tell me, why the HELL do these people move to a place if they despise it so much??? Why? Damn it makes we want to turn loose some buckshot! Move the f#$%$ back to Brooklyn, for God’s sake! Or Hungary! Or whatever liberal pit you crawled out of. Then this mealy mouthed Park Services guy! For Pete’s sake, name the Jew! Call her out! Say something to the effect of “This is our Southern heritage, I’m not sure why a Jewish newcomer here wants to wipe out our history and heritage. If she hates us so much maybe she should consider leaving. No hard feelings.” You have to call these Communist bastards out every time. Make them the villian. Attack and get off the gd defensive.

  5. Obviously the Confederate statues need to come down to make room for a Holocaust Monument. You know, so that the grandchildren of the people who liberated the Jews in Germany can feel guilty about being white. What a crock of shit!
    Here’s another conversation we should have: ovens. Lots of them. I’m not saying I would want that, but it’s a conversation we should have. 😉

    How’s that, Denise?

  6. Living in BRA is like living in a termite infested house. Every time the floor gives way and we fall through we blame the boards, the wood, the shoddy constuction when the real cause is the millions of termites gnawing away at our foundation.

  7. Marchin’ Lootin’ Coon Boulevard has a nice ring. It’s an accurate description as well as an homage.

  8. OK, I’m calmer now after having a good night’s sleep and a cup of coffee. Sorry for the rant.
    Now why is this newcomer wanting to destroy the images, history and heritage of the community she chose to live in? Such typical YKW behavior.

  9. I’m sure we can trust Mrs. Chastain to fight this battle for us. She’ll be all over it, no problems.
    If this was a sane world the community would give here the cold shoulder treatment. This Communist is against their ancestors and heritage. Don’t wait on her in restaurants, refuse her services, shun her in public. But sadly Charlotte is not longer a Southern town, it’s a university town, occuppied my Marxists.

  10. It’s the continuation of Reconstruction, in a very aggressive phase.

    But every thesis leads to its antithesis. The harder they push, the harder we become.

    They think they are pushing us down, and “smashing racism.” They don’t seem to understand moral physics. They are in fact constructing us; a nation is forged through persecution and humiliation and fighting back.

    Communist swine create their enemies from otherwise ordinary people. They are vampires, but they turn us into werewolves.

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