The Lynching of George Zimmerman

A Hispanic man shoots and kills an African-American teenager in self defense - Blame Whitey!!


Kyle Rogers of deserves a big round of applause from the pro-White community for pushing back so hard against the Trayvon Martin story and the ridiculous narrative of black victimhood that is being pushed by CNN and the MSM.

The article he wrote has gotten almost 40,000 Facebook shares. Rogers was contacted by the AP and was given the opportunity to further attack the credibility of the MSM over their biased coverage of the Trayvon Martin story.

Trayvon Martin is the latest in a series of fake “civil rights martyrs” created by the MSM. Before Martin, there was the Jena 6, the Duke Lacrosse Stripper, OJ Simpson, Rodney King and Tawana Brawley. The tradition of fake “civil rights martyrs” and fake righteous black indignation goes all the way back to Rosa Parks.

Here’s what we know:

(1) We know that the MSM continues to use outdated photographs of Trayvon Martin to deliberately portray a 17-year-old, 6’2″ football player as an innocent and sympathetic young adolescent.

(2) We know that George Zimmerman is Hispanic. He comes from a multiracial family. There is no evidence that Zimmerman is a White racist. This story has nothing to do with the White community.

(3) We know that Trayvon Martin had been suspended from high school for some reason. Just like the Jena 6, he is not the poor little darling he is being made out to be by the media.

(4) We know from an eyewitness that Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman, that Zimmerman was on the ground and that Martin was on top beating him, that Zimmerman was heard screaming on the 9/11 call before Martin was shot and killed.

(5) We know that George Zimmerman was within his rights to defend himself and his community from Trayvon Martin.

(6) We know that is the reason that George Zimmerman was not arrested by the police. It was a clear cut case of self defense under the Florida “Stand Your Ground” law.

(7) We know that this happened in a gated community that is only 49 percent White and that there have been robberies, burglaries, and shootings by the Black Undertow in that community. That is why Trayvon Martin looked like such a suspicious character.

(8) Finally, we know that Zimmerman was bleeding from the back of his head when the police arrived, and that there were grass stains on his pants. This is consistent with the story provided by the eye witness. Fox Tampa Bay has finally blown the lid off this whole fake story by repeating what Fox Orlando had reported earlier.

Kyle Rogers spotted the single most important fact in the whole case in one of the few media outlets that reported the story before Organized Blackness swung into action and created its own narrative:

“But one man’s testimony could be key for the police.

“The guy on the bottom who had a red sweater on was yelling to me: ‘help, help…and I told him to stop and I was calling 911,” he said.

Trayvon Martin was in a hoodie; Zimmerman was in red.

The witness only wanted to be identified as “John,” and didn’t not want to be shown on camera.

His statements to police were instrumental, because police backed up Zimmerman’s claims, saying those screams on the 911 call are those of Zimmerman.

“When I got upstairs and looked down, the guy who was on top beating up the other guy, was the one laying in the grass, and I believe he was dead at that point,” John said.”

Let’s be honest here.

This has nothing to do with Trayvon Martin. It has everything to do with the foul mood that the African-American community is in right now. Just two weeks ago, Al Sharpton was in Alabama to lead a march from Selma-to-Montgomery to protest the threat posed by Voter ID laws.

Sharpton marched from Selma (which has a black mayor) through Lowndes County (which is controlled by African-Americans) through West Montgomery (which is represented by blacks on the Montgomery City Council). Five years after Alabama passed a Voter ID law, Barack Hussein Obama won Dallas County, Lowndes County, and Montgomery County in the 2008 presidential election.

Organized Blackness was already grandstanding in Selma earlier this month before it seized upon the Trayvon Martin story. The Selma-to-Montgomery march failed to attract sustained national attention and the so-called martyrdom of Trayvon Martin is now being spun into the preexisting narrative of black victimhood as a substitute.

George Zimmerman should be praised by his neighbors for attempting to defend their gated community from a notorious criminal element. Trayvon Martin would still be alive today if he hadn’t been stupid enough to violently attack Zimmerman. He got himself killed. It is no one’s fault but his own.

The black community is clearly trying to use Trayvon Martin as an excuse to jumpstart something … but what? The 2011 England Riots were sparked by the shooting and death of Mark Duggan by the Metropolitan police.

Is that where we are going? Is George Zimmerman going to be lynched to appease Organized Blackness? Are race riots what Dr. Boyce Watkins was hinting at on when he said, “It’s time for something to change, and it’s time for that change to come by any means necessary.”

Update: The Trayvon Martin FAQ provides further details. Zimmerman claims that Martin attacked him from behind. The injuries to the back of his head were consistent with his testimony.

Note: It turns out that Jonatha Carr’s violent chimpout at Florida Atlantic University – in which she threatened to kill White people and denounced Jews before she was tased – was over the Trayvon Martin case.

Witness: Martin attacked Zimmerman:

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  1. Oscar: All you points are on the money, however, IMO they have put whites of every Western nation over the barrel of having to choose between the extinction of their own race/heritage or separation from the antagonists. Since the antagonists are not ever going to leave peacefully, the only option is expulsion. Sadly, it has happened to them over 100 times throughout history, but if I point out that maybe, just maybe, it’s not our European ancestors that were in every case evil anti-semites and haters, and that maybe, just maybe, Jews brought at least some of it on themselves, them I’m a nazi and an anti-semite for nothing more than giving my ancestors the benefit of the doubt. Just ask Noam Chomsky.

  2. Oscar: as a follow-up to the above post, I want to say that it’s tragic to be put in such a perdicament that all will have to be judged for the actions of a relative few, but this is exactly the treatment whites get….go check out Age of Treason for a classic example. You asked what we should do and I have to say that I don’t know. In light of our current situation we need to shoot the wolf closest to the sled and concentrate on uniting as many whites as possible, including any Jews who genuinely are on our side (not too many, by the way). I also agree with you that it is best, at this point at least, to not risk turning away whites by raising issues with the Jews. As whites come onboard they will quickly learn, as I did, where the root cause of our problems lay.

  3. God damn Denise, you need your own blog. Its white gold I tell ya, white gold! Just think how many women could get off the fence if hearing it from a feminine personality. Then think of all the males that would follow the smell of women over the fence. When you really think about it, DWLism works in the face of reason because of the appeal to the feminine caregivers instinct….and apolotical college beta male freshman sign up for the same reason they do anything (getting laid).

    You could be like the WN oprah. Write about clothes, fashion and the truth about the hebes and the impact could be staggering.

  4. “Denise — you know it’s all very sticky, because the truth is that I don’t categorically hate or dislike jews (and you shouldn’t either) and I don’t wish them harm at all. ”

    St. John Chrysostom put it as plain as it could be: “God HATES the Jews.”

    You should, too. I hate them with a perfect hatred, that is as pure as God is pure.
    Ps. 139:22. [The same word for ‘Perfect’ in this verse in the LXX, is the same word Christ used in Matt. 5:48.]

  5. I enjoy slightly frightening them with my New racism though. Lol. It does rather put them on the spot.

  6. What a tiresome, ray-ciss site this is. Just profile and avoid people with names like “Trayvon”, “Orenthal”, “Leshawn”, “Barack”, “Lathwana” & etc., and all will be fine. Alzo: invest in lead.

  7. Look at the Zimmerman image up there, it is brighter than the original mugshot. someone on the internets has laid out the various photos showed by the media, and they are basically manipulating the photo to make his skin look lighter.

    They are just not going to give up their narrative.

  8. Mary Wisniewski of Reuters just did a “story” wherein she referred to Zim as a “white Hispanic”. What the fuck is a “white hispanic”? The man is a mixed race mestizo, end of story.

  9. Denise: Neither am I, but I’ve lived long enough to understand there are two sides to every story and the narrative we are fed about WWII, as with the War Between the States, is just plain unbelievable to me.
    Sorry to get so spun up.

  10. Denise and Fr John — I have to say, I think your positions wrt JQ are over the cliff; they’re not moral and not sane. Clearly you disagree but even so, they’re also unrealistic and counterproductive. It’s the sort of stuff that gives skeptics and opponents a chance to say, “See, I knew it, they’re nuts.” I have to distance myself from this sort of talk.

    I think free speech is valuable because it lets us test the value and the true limits of an idea, in the same way that a free market helps us discover accurate prices. In other words, it’s often good to say a repressed idea out loud, to test what it sounds like outside your own head and in the real world. That being said, it ought to be clear to you that your positions are too extreme to be viable. I urge you to re-examine them.

    This site can be whatever HW wants it to be but in my view a forum of this type functions best as a forum for analysis, trying to get a clearer picture so we can figure out what best to do to create a more sane dispensarion. Venting is natural, given that alt-right views are so excluded from common avenues of discourse, so I rant a bit myself and also try not to clutch my pearls when people use slurs and so forth (even though I don’t approve), but in the end too much bile will do no good. It will not win over allies, or it will win allies you don’t want and will regret. It won’t build a more sane dispensation.

    As I say, have a think about all that.

  11. Anti-White political cartoonists run with the “Grand Dragon George Zimmerman Chases Down, Executes Black Child” story:

    A non-anti-White commenter at the above link writes:
    So now we are hearing that Zimmerman suffered a broken nose and a severe wound to the back of the head. Would a bag of Skittles do that? By the way you won’t be reading anything about his wounds in the Post.”

    An anti-White commentator responds:
    Zimmerman brought it on himself. He instigated the confrontation.”

    Lesson: If you are White, you have no right to ask a suspicious-looking Black what he is doing in a neighborhood, specifically because he is Black.

  12. @Oscar the grinch

    “As I say, have a think about that.”

    As a Christian I am forced to agree formally with your caveat. However, as in the case of T. Martin the depravity of blacks as a people and the hatred of Jews as a people (frankly, and depravity as well) put your need to warn and scold people like Denise and Fr. John in the category of DWL. I introspect regularly (all ideally should) but this site is clearly advocacy oriented. I personally rarely engage the parent mode when reading and just let people vent. Where the heck else can you go to express yourself with some passion and emotion.

    Speaking of passion and emotion, this T Martin story is one of a million examples of the death throws of BRA and perhaps of Whites as a people. I haven’t read anything yet about it but have heard many “bites” on radio and NOTHING have I heard as was reported above – complete blackout. This is incredible and outrageous. And Oscar, where do you therefore get the time and the sanctimony to lecture angry people like Denise, etc. who are witnesses to their own dispossession and destruction – give me a freaking break. While you navel-gaze, your country, your future (yea, good luck with that future thing) and most importantly of all your progeny are in imminent fashion falling prey to the Black beast and the 3rd world swarm. Madness has descended upon this nation (the West generally) and Whites more than anything else are obsessed not with their own survival but the nicety of their thoughts and the pristine nature of their remarks. And yet as I have admitted it is right to be right (morally) but here it seems to be more circumspect to let the other guy have his say with a good deal of latitude. I accept essentially the pace of their pulse.

  13. Reading Hail’s comment above I’m reminded of the “Skittles” angle. Do you believe this madness? I have heard about a “Skittles” thing repeatedly. That’s all, the lovely Negro was on a mere Skittles errand. What a mob of mentally retarded degenerates these media types are. The ersatz “conservatives” on the radio are so worthless they may as well be replace by DWL. They are really about as useful.

  14. @ Hail “If your are white…”

    This guy is certainly not white at all except for his name, lol. But it doesn’t matter to the anti-white mob. They seek White destruction by any-means-possible. And the beat goes on….

  15. “I accept essentially the pace of their pulse.”

    That is very well put, and I do get where you’re coming from.

    But I don’t think you can justly say I’m being a scold. I didn’t “point and shriek” like a liberal and say ZOMG! Oh noes! Horrors! Crimethink!

    I happen to think two serious people are on the wrong end of a position, and I said so calmly. You say this site is concerned with advocacy, and (my own feelings about these things aside), I think it’s fair to say that “stuff them all in ovens, God hates them” isn’t good advocacy.

    Do you think the Westboro Baptist Church is good advocacy, or the loons at #Occupy?

    I’m not navel-gazing, I’m looking at the real landscape and not at a fantasy. I get that people are angry, but as the French say in an emergency, Gardez votre sang-froid. That’s what actually saves lives.

  16. Oscar: Great post. I remember that HW wrote an article addressing his stance on the Jewish issue and it was along the lines of yours. His point was that radical leftism was well established in the North before radicalized Eastern European Jews arrived and worsened the whole matter by degrees. Moreover, if every Jew was magically transported out of the country there would still be a very large and destuctive DWL presence. That said, when you scratch the surface it seems there is always a communist YKW agitator in the woodwork. Just read the post on the Charlottesville War Momuments. They really make it hard not to notice the kosher invovlement.

  17. One thing that presaged the modern incarnation of Jewery in the US
    was Clement Greenberg. He’s an art critic. Dominant critical voice in the post war American art scene. His ideas would today strike us as traditional. Given the extremes of post modernist discourse. He’s a great writer, first class intellect. Hated Pop Art, Minimalism etc etc. His critical veiw stopped click in 1960.
    Jews in the US had been excluded from the arts before him. The Ashkenazi Jews tended to aggressively assert themselves into everything. The Sephardic Jews not so much. I tend to prefer the Sephardic. Most Jews in the UK are Sephardic (Portuguese) and they tend to opperate differently than the more bellicose Jews who mixed in with Russians and Germans. If we are gonna take out the anthropologists scalpel the Sephardic group seem to be more compatable.

  18. Adding on a bit, excuse my spelling. Yikes!

    The communist Jews tend to be assertive Ashkenazi like Greenberg. They tend to be Jews who blended into Germany or sided with German colonists in the Russian empire. They were often used by the Reich (second) as a vangard of colonization among the Slavs. Yiddish is essentially pig- German.

    Sephardics kept a very low profile. They tended to be merchants and lived very civilized lives in the West. Ivanhoe depicts one. Ashkenazi are an imperial strain of Jewery. The fair haired often blue eyed Kristols, Perls, Wolfowitz. Their great great grandads were butchering and dispossessing Russian and Polish peasants for millenia and often on behalf of the Prussians. They’ve not changed much in America.

    Give me a brown eyed brunette with olive skin any day over these thugs any day.

  19. Harry O – Oscar can’t scold me. I initially liked his posts – but now I begin to wonder what his real agenda is.

    Wait – I don’t really care. He’s WRONG – and his crap means nothing to me.

    Hey Oscar – Kyle Rogers is getting NATIONAL PLAY because he wrote the UNVARNISHED TRUTH bout the deliberate lies about dear little Saint TrayNig. The story is unravelling BECAUSE people are telling the truth LOUDLY AND PLAINLY and talking BACK.

    The whole BRA will unravel. Crumble from it’s own weight. And TRUE Whites need to speak loudly and plainly and consistently and fearlessly. Any-one who knows me in person can confirm my OWN advocacy. I pull NO punches. I am clear, CONFIDENT, and direct.

    Do I get blowback? Yes. Do I scare people? YES. Do I drive them off – YES.

    But now……they are coming back. The bread I’ve hurled on the waters is coming back…..they aren’t able to lie as easily to themselves….anymore…..I’ve had Whites, who were intially put off, tell me that they have noticed, ” ….how…how….obnoxious….how in your face….Blacks are, these days, since Obama…’s not every-one of them ,of course…I can’t that….but…so many….are….so….RUDE…..”

    ALL the Whites I’ve known, that were put off, or were appalled, or horrified at my BLATANT “racism” – well – they are coming back to ME.

    I not only planted seed – I put in Super Fast Grow Seed Grower.

    I just told one off – she was a TP cohort. She attended my wedding. But she could not “..become a racist because I’m just not a racist. I know you want me to, but I’m not.”

    Well – she lost her job, and ZOG is moving the Darkies in to her once safe, lovely, take walks at 10PM neighborhood anytime, as fast as she can blink – but now….things are…..changing…changing FAST. The Orcs are moving in. Do I need to relate what’s happening in her Hood?

    I asked her, “Are you a racist NOW?”

    “Well – no …I can’t say “”

    “Well then DON’T BOTHER me until you are. Piss off. I don’t have time for mealy mouthed crap”

    I’m gonna make her grovel. She’s scared. She KNOWS I am a no equivocations take NO prisoners Racist. She has NO doubts about THAT what-so-ever. I’m a ROCK. She wants leaders. She wants answers. I’m gonna make her CRAWL. Boot camp is brutal for a reason. She needs to be broken of her insanity once and for all – or she’s a liability.

    I’ll let Nigger Tales like Trayvon’s do my grunt work for me. DWL’s like her will learn, and deal with reality – or they will be chewed up in Moloch’s Maw.

    This is NOT the time to be “reasonable, and fair-mided, and polire”. That CRAP has worked against Whites for decades.

    Scare people off – bullshit. That whih they face – a VIOLENT entry into Oblivion – will scare the sound ones right back. Theres no place left for Flight.

    FIGHT. That’s the only option. And pussies are a wholesale liability.

    What is it about Fr. John’s correct observation…

    “St. John Chrysostom put it as plain as it could be: “God HATES the Jews.””

    …that you don’t understand?

    God hates the Jews because Jews hate God. Jews HATE, as a Race – a distint genetic packet – and instinctively react against Logos.

    Back to Trayvon. When we finally crack the BRA Great Wall – and it’s cracking NOW – we go forward.

    Niggers NOW. Jews – next.

  20. John – here’s the thing about all of this – going “Boo’ to DWL’s is a lot of fun.

    Knoew you are RIGHT. Righteous and cave been called to proclaim the truth.

    Yup. Ya sure have. You haven’t been able to surpress your Awakening. Whites are rewarded for acting against our interests. I truly believe – really and truly – that Race Traitors are genetic DEFECTIVES. Unsound, unclean things.

    Most Whites have been conned, and mis-educated. Some of us have noticed, and cnnat lie, no matter how uncomfortable the truth is.

    YOU are genetically sound. You have heeded the Call. Proclaim the truth.

    YOU are one of the Elect.

    Preach Truth in the way that worlks best for you. I am able to Preach the way I do because I am a baby faced 5’3” female. I am normally very jolly, and fun-loving, in person. I am as physically UN-threatening (to the unaware, who have never seen me go OFF) as you can be. Years ago, I ran across an Anti-White pro Muslim event, being held in my VERY Christian, then White, home town. The 2 people at the head table were a middle aged White woman, that I would now call a Race Traitor, or a DWL, and a young male Jew. Haughy Blonde and passed this scene on our way to dinner and drinks at a fine local establishment (Best martinis in town. Bliss!). We were travelling in her Beamer. We were CHEESED at the violation of our culture.We stopped, and I jumped out, and WENT for ’em. Haughty Blond always perfers me to be the Attack Dog. Arrghh. She sat in the Beamer and smoked. Bear in mind that we were dressed for dinner at a very nice establishment. I charged the table, wearing posh clothes, and very good jewellry, and began loudly CURSING OUT the DWL female. This happened in a plaza, next to the MAIN police station in town. I was SO effing pissed to see posters of Raghead females, defiling the plaza. I told them so. I told them I hope that all got personally slaughtered by Sand Niggers. Among lots of other things. The DWL hag sputtered something about “offensive language” – and I went off on another round of LOUD abuse, telling her I was offended by HER – and proceeded to curse her out, specifically, in very directly personal terms.

    The young Jewish male started to stand up – he looked pissed – and if I recall this correctly – I told him to “SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SIT DOWN!!!!! SIT DOWN!!!!!” And he did. He was shocked. I think I began jumping up and down. That’s what I can’t remember. I know that when I get really really pissed – I stamp my foot and jump. I’m 5’3′. But I have to be REALLY pissed Hopping mad, and all. I think I did …hop.

    Now the reason I am telling you this story is not to bore you with Tales O’ Denise – but to cite an example. The 2 targets were SO astonished by the complete polar opposite of what they were seeing – smallish, very well dressed White female, SCREAMING INSANE ABUSE in an ABSOLUTE RAGE, whilst cool, elegant blonde calmly watched from afar – in a very expensive vehicle, while inhaling drags of smoke (Haught Blond smokes in a very theatrically effective way) – well – it short circuited their own stereotypes about who “Racist Haters” are. I can get away with my tactics BECAUSE of my physiology.

    I associate with very LARGE White Racist skeery-looking males – who probably would have been arrested, had they done what I had done.

    So find the tactics that work best for you.

    But saying “Boo” is immense fun. And your utter, 110% confidence, and your ability to shoot down with NO equivocations, any counter-arguments – the Herd will follow the Leader.

  21. Denise, your tactics work because of who you are. I take the opposite tact. I am 6′ 2″, 240 with a shaved head and a carriage from my military days. I look like the type who would be arrested if I said anything in a threatening manner, so I don’t. I come from humble beginnings, but I am a bit of an autodidact, as well as being college educated. I have a degree in engineering with a minor in mathematics. I say this not to toot my own horn, but to expand on what you said about tactics, and utilizing the shock people experience when their assumptions about you are incorrect. When what they have been conditioned to think is immediately proved wrong, it leaves a chink in their armor for you to target. I don’t know how many times I’ve started speaking to a nasal voiced, limp-wristed academic who took one glance at me and assumed I was going to be an easy intellectual mark. Their shock at being quickly confounded and having their arguments laid to waste by a man who speaks with a country accent and does not hide his back-woods roots more than makes it all worth it.

    It is the same when speaking to Christians. I smoke, probably drink a bit too much some times, but when I speak to Christians regularly about how their churches have impacted by cultural marxism and quote scripture from memory by chapter and verse, and am able to expand upon the original hebrew and greek in some instances. Their haughty demeanor and holier than thou attitude collapses when they expend their predictable arguments and then realize they lack any ammo with which to defend their post-modern Christianity.

  22. Jim! Bravo! You’ve developed tactics that work for you. I KNOW I’d have been hauled off by the cops many times over, for some of the stunts I’ve pulled at various events, were I a great big 6’2″ male. I play against “type”. So, apparently, do you.

    It’s fun, isn’t it?

    It sounds like you do somethnig I do – say what you say with total confidence. Say it as though you are imparting Revealed Truth

    The expressions, on their faces….wonderful. Beyond compare. Pricless.

  23. “Trayvon Martin is the latest in a series of fake “civil rights martyrs” created by the MSM. Before Martin, there was the Jena 6, the Duke Lacrosse Stripper, OJ Simpson, Rodney King and Tawana Brawley. The tradition of fake “civil rights martyrs” and fake righteous black indignation goes all the way back to Rosa Parks.”

    You can add Sean Bell and Troy Davis to that list as well.

  24. Denise: Had I been there I would have given you a standing ovation! Awesome! I’m glad I’m not the only one engaging in such behavior. I’ve went off several times this past year. I think the people I went off on, while they may not accept it right away, will someday remember and have to admit I am right. Everyone at work knows where I stand on the issues, but I have to use great caution there. Words like “racist”, “bigot” and “xenophobe” don’t affect me in the least, and they all know it. That said, my work environment does not tolerate such bare truth. I’ve lately taken a more passive-aggressive approach, making off-handed comments that point out flagrant double standards. Since CNN and Fox are almost always piped into our office, there’s plenty of opportunity.

  25. Moreover, if every Jew was magically transported out of the country there would still be a very large and destuctive DWL presence.

    If every German had been magically forced to surrender, there would still have been a very large and destructive Fascist presence, owing to the Italians.

  26. His point is that both Jews and Muslims hate each other MUCH LESS than they hate their European hosts, yet strangely, they REFUSE to leave their European hosts. I’m with Denise on this one regarding the Jews. Sadly, I have known some and none have ever done me wrong, but collectively, I think they bring trouble on themselves due to their own behavior.

    More like both groups are essentially sociopathic and their opinions and feelings follow their self-interest, not the other way around. I.e., con men don’t con people they hate, they con rich people.

  27. “What is the point of a gated community if 51% inside the gates are non-white!?! Sheer madness.”

    If you were non-White and had a little bit of money because you worked at least relatively hard instead of playing the perpetual YT be bad, gimme a check n sheet, you might want to live in a gated community too. Even ole Jesse the anti-White Jackson knows better than to live around the rank and file Black he stirs up with his hate YT rhetoric. He even made the comment that if he heard footsteps behind him he would worried about Black crime, then relaxed when he turned around and it was a White person. Everybody knows segregation is good (most liberals live in gated White communities or White suburbs and have do what I say not what I do mentality, while going out to eat Indian or Thai food and patting themselves on the back because they have a non-White friend who doesn’t rob and kill them) but nobody who wants to remain a respectable conservative or egalitarian liberal is allowed to say it publicly.

  28. Wayne – whatever works. I have a VERY PC gig (wich is totally biting the co in it’s collective gluteus maximus). some co-workers know aobut my beliefs. one time I was in the office for training, and I ran into a young female co-worker, that I hadn’t seen for years. She comes from a teeny tiny little town, and like many smal towners, wanted to be desperately hip. I tried to awaken her, to what I thought was no avail. We went off in differing career and life sitiuations. She had gotten married, to a foriegner. Alas – he’s a French/Arab Muslim. (She could have done much worse)Which, contrarian that she is, solified her Catholicism. anyway – she used to ask me what I thought of what he said about Jews, and I’d confirm everything. She would ask HIM what I told her about Nigs, and Jews – and he confirmed EVERYTHING. and more. OMG I don’t think ANY Klansman, including Nathan Bedford Forrest, hated Nigs more than this guy did, Zowie!!! Yikes. He’d roast ’em on spits, if given the opportunity.

    Anyway – I ran into her in a training session approx a year ago. We had some breaks, so we wanderd off alone, and I asked her how things were going, etc. Apparently they watch Al Jazeera a lot. She went OFF on the filthy Pig Jews, and she was….almost foaming at the mouth. “Hitler was great, and the Nazis were WONDERFUL, and those filthy Jews ruin EVERY-ONE’S lives.”…etc, She was almost deranged. I actually had to quiet her down…..anything I’ve ever written here did not come close to the stuff she was saying.

    So – ya never know. I know Top Jews and Top Muzzies are in cahoots – but once Whitey’s gone – the Spawn of Satan are not going to be able to control their Dark Pets as easily as they think.

  29. “Svigor says:
    March 25, 2012 at 9:40 pm
    Moreover, if every Jew was magically transported out of the country there would still be a very large and destuctive DWL presence.

    If every German had been magically forced to surrender, there would still have been a very large and destructive Fascist presence, owing to the Italians.”

    Ahhh Svigor – it’s always a pleasure to read your posts.

  30. It would be a pleasure to take part in the LYNCHING of George Zimmerman! Hope they announce date/time/place ahead of time!! What better end for an obvious RACIST!?!!

  31. There appear to be many obvious, outspoken BIGOTS and RACISTS making comments here. Disgusting!

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