Faileoconservative myths: MLK was a conservative

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If you believe in social equality and support the Civil Rights Movement like Sarah Palin, you are a liberal, not a conservative.

(1) A liberal is someone who believes the state should be based on the abstract principles of liberty and equality.

(2) A conservative is someone who rejects liberalism, who rejects ideologies, who rejects all speculative systems like communism and libertarianism as false, and who believes the state should be based on tradition and organic institutions like the church, the family, and ethnicity.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was not a conservative. He would not be proud of you. The real MLK was a supporter of affirmative action and welfare state liberalism. He was surrounded by communists like Bayard Rustin and black nationalists like Stokley Carmichael.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton knew the real MLK. Jackson was with MLK when he was assassinated in Memphis. Both idolize MLK and have done nothing more than push forward MLK’s black agenda.

Faileoconservatives have a congenital aversion to truth and history.

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  1. HW, what you say about real conservatives rejecting ideologies is so true. They put a person’s mind into a box that filters out inconvenient truths that would disturb the ideology. True conservatives need to develop good judgement based on character, (his and that of others), and history (what has actually worked to build up a people or tear them down). To understand how ideologies deceive both the leaders/founders and their followers, there are two books which I highly recomend to avoid faileoconservativism and the other junk. The True Believer by Eric Hoffer, and Intellectual Morons (subtitled: How Ideology Makes Smart People Fall For Stupid Ideas) by Daniel Flynn. The first chapter of IM explains the mindset that leads to ideological idiocy, the rest of the book shows how it works out in reality.
    I also recommend reading Romans 1:18-32. I’ve noticed that idolatry and sexual misconduct seems to play a large part in the lives of ideologues. E. Michael Jones’s Degenerate Moderns really puts a spotlight on this aspect of ideologe misconduct and its influence on their ideas.

  2. I don’t have a problem with ideology – at least to a certain point. But in the end the survival of one’s person, family and people have to come ahead of ideological concerns. Like Paul Gottfried has said, a real conservative wishes to conserve something real – a particular people, place and way of life. None of the mainstream GOP leaders today would say that they stand for such a thing. They all buy into Lincoln’ propositional ‘nation’ concept. They reject genuine nationhood and real conservatism. They buy into the Enlightment idea that words on paper can restrict the power of men and bring different national groups together as one people. Those are bogus concepts.

  3. The true conservative position is not to believe in equality but individuality.

    In other words, an individual black can be higher than an individual white.

    That’s why conservatives don’t support affirmative action.

    Believing that all European Gentiles are equal to each other, from the trashiest to the best, is not conservatism.

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