Trayvon’s Mouth Full of Golds


Hard to believe that poor little Trayvon here might have attacked George Zimmerman and got himself shot and killed in the process.

Note: I don’t see how anyone can have any other reaction but laughter to the 400 black people who rallied in Chicago over the Trayvon Martin case. Can they stop shooting each other for just one day there to wallow in their alleged victimhood? Nope.

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  1. I take one look at Trayvon and I guarantee you his death either saved a white person from being killed or a white girl from being raped.

  2. I really want to know what got Trayvon suspended from school for 5 days. When we find out the whole story is going to explode in their faces even worse than it is now.

  3. Is it not indicative of the desperation of the anti-White MSM that they HAVE to frame a Hispanic as a White person in order to manufacture and allege a “hate crime” against a poor, innocent black “teen youth”?

    Why is there no apparent support for this guy within the “Hispanic community”? Latinos have little love for blacks and visa versa.

  4. What do you have to do to get suspended for 10 days? I mean really? It must involve something serious. That’s a serious stain on you academic record.

  5. Not suspension.

    Imthink Zimmerman walks. The forensic evidence backs him up. He was attacked from behind–thus the wounds on him on the back of his head.

  6. “LandShark says:
    March 25, 2012 at 9:32 pm
    I take one look at Trayvon and I guarantee you his death either saved a white person from being killed or a white girl from being raped.”

    Exactly. I’ve been posting variations on that theme in other venues.

  7. John – little Saint Trayvon must have done something really naughty, being an American Nigger, and all, if he was suspended for 2 weeks. I mean really bad.

  8. More – they will respond. The Mestizos are ethnically cleansing Nigs out of Souther california (as well as every-one else). They may not be making a lot of noise, on this issue – but they are watching and waiting.

    RaHowa is not for Whites, alone.

  9. So nauseating how the media stokes this. “Tension simmering in protestors” blah blah blah. They don’t realize that Whites are fed up with all this, we’ve heard it all before a million times and been blamed for it all a million times. And most of the time it’s been shown to be a race-hustling house of cards, for example Tawana Brawley. The whole thing is laughable, it’s no longer taken seriously. We all know this is just an excuse for blacks to riot. They can fucking riot till the cows come home and it will not change the fact that blacks are useless. Zimmerman is not White either, far from it. Blacks in towns and cities all over the country are going t o riot, believe me. They’ll destroy their own homes, streets, stores, businesses and lay waste to the town worse than anone has ever seen. Not once will it cross their minds that what they are doing is destructive, will have to be rebuilt, is accomplishing nothing. They will not wonder “If we destroy these apartment buildings we won’t have anywhere to live” or “If we loot and destroy these shops the owners will leave and we will have no service, only boarded-up business districts” It is as if they cannot see the results of their actions. They don’t possess the ability to see cause and effect. God. The media can shove this whole story up their asses, because this just doesn’t WORK anymore. Every white person (except the incurable mentals we call Libs and DWLs)in the US is rolling their eyes. As long as they stay away from me I don’t care what they do. I just don’t want them near me or my family – that is all. White people everywhere are finally deciding they’re tired of it. They’ve worn down everyone. Liberia or something like it is the only solution IMO.

  10. Normally I find things like this interesting because it’s one protected class vs another and you never know which why the PC logic will break.

    However, in this case Zimmerman is screwed. “They”‘ have labeled him as White which means “they” have revoked his get out of jail free card.

  11. “A 15-year-old boy will serve 15 years to life in prison”

    “Police said that during a September 29 robbery at Bikini Bottom Espresso, Jackson forced a barista to strip and perform a sex act while holding a pistol to her head.”

  12. This is all good. Remember, we want P-O-L-A-R-I-Z-A-T-I-O-N. A long, hot 2012 summer combined with BigWar in the M.E. and dollar/economic collapse pre-election. I’m hoping the Latino walks and Congoids go on a national chimp: loot, burn, kill w/in cities, 60s-style, then ooze into the suburbs where millions of armed whites will be waiting. Race hustlers Obama, Holder, Jew MSM are doing it all up nicely. Did I forget to mention Soros-communist OWSERS hammering the pols’ Conventions? Chaos coming. Invest in lead.

  13. Are the gangsta’ photos confirmed to be Trayvon? I read they’re of a Trayvon Martin from Georgia, not Florida.

  14. MajikFireHornet: “Invest in lead.”

    I’ve spent more on guns and ammo the last month than the rest of my life combined.

  15. Uh-oh. Lil’ Tray-tray be up to no goods.

    “ says that Stephen Martin tweeted a message to Trayvon on February 21st that read “yu ain’t tell me yu swung on a bus driver.” Based on screen captures provided by, the message appears to be authentic. It was sent five days before the shooting, and raises a lot of speculation. Was Trayvon Martin suspended for ten days for assaulting a bus driver?”

  16. In 1982, actress Kelly McGillis (later starred in “Top Gun,” etc), was raped, sodomized and beaten by two Black thugs who broke into her New York apartment. The younger and more violent of the two, was 15 years old.

  17. I don’t know why folks think 17 is a child with a child’s strength. At 17 I was taller and stronger than most adult men.

  18. Trayvon is an instrument of anti-White genocide. The objective is to let loose millions of non-Whites who are willing to commit acts of violence against Whites or against people they think are White. When they carry out an act of violence, it is a ‘crime’ and an ‘isolated incident’. Of course, in reality it is a planned attack on White people generally. Stoking blacks is part of this plan, or letting them stoke themselves. Zimmerman was a non-White, but Trayvon was an instrument that Zimmerman happened to catch. South Africa is the most obvious example of these patterns, but you can see it in the US as well, e.g. the recent case of two White lads who were forced to commit mutual sodomy while they were robbed at numerous ATMs.

  19. Jack Ryan – I tried to sign on to the Chicago Scum site – but it won’t accept my password, for some reason. Anyway – good work. You comments are salient, and rational. And you are NOT alone.

    Whenver I go to a site, I can tell if it’s “one of us” immediately, of course. But it’s always gratifying to read the comments of the “civilians”, who agree with our POV.

    Well done, Jack.

    By the by – my hubby and I will be dancing on Wednesday.

  20. White people burn in thr sun…stink and disease up when wet…has little dicks…and are inferior…PERIOD!!!

  21. bbc4whitewife says: “White people burn in thr sun…stink and disease up when wet…has little dicks…and are inferior…PERIOD!!!”

    Right. Whites are inferior to blacks, who can’t take care of themselves without white help, smell like pig shit when sweating, are stupid, lazy and UGLY, and have pubic hair on top of their head.

    Makes perfect sense.

  22. Simply sad that a man (colour not important) kills another man (colour not important). All of you far too caught up on the little things (boy suspended from school) boy was black, man was white., the fact remains it would have still been bad if a white guy shot a white boy in the street. People see the bigger picture!!!

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