Lindsay Graham: There Is A Racial Component To Trayvon Martin Case


Lindsay Graham claims that there was “a racial component” to the Travyon Martin case on the basis of no evidence whatsoever. There is no reason to believe this was a “hate crime” aside from the grandstanding of Organized Blackness and their allies in the Mainstream Media.

Note: Rich Lowry, the faileocon editor of National Review, has a new article out called “Al Sharpton Is Right.”

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  1. There is a racial component, black hatred of whites. Lindsey is wrong even when he’s right.

  2. Anyone who ever says “Al Sharpton is right” needs their internet connection seized and a padded cell prepared for their safety.

  3. Grab those ankles, LG. You know you want it. Now scream, “Yes, Mandingo! Yes , my stallion!” You know you love that stovepipe.

    There is a guy named Conrad that has been posting all over the usual sites that they don’t attack us because we’re White, they attack us because we’re yellow. Truer words have never been spoken.

    I was watching Fairly Unbalanced Fox News for a while this morning to get their Negrophile take on the world. They are still showing pictures of TRAYvon at 12 and Photoshopped Whitey Z, but they didn’t have anything to say about anything that matters.

    Here, watch this again. This happened when the New Black Nigger Cocksuckers tried to picket Joe Horn’s house because he shot a pair of TRAYvons who burglarized his neighbor’s house. It’ll make you happy:

    Repost this on any site you end up on today. Remind White folks what we can do when we stick together. I would do it, but I’m going to be to bust shooting barrels and stuff.

  4. Graham himself is a pathetic flack for most any war Ashkenazi Jewish supremacists want Americans to fight.
    Frankly I wouldn’t prefer him doing Jesse Helms imitations while helping send Euro American blood to the strength-sapping quagmires.

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