Cenk Uygar Connects Trayvon Martin To White Honkies


According to Cenk Uygar, Trayvon Martin was being “stalked” by George Zimmerman who was a “white honkie.” It wasn’t simply a case of someone calling the Sanford police to report a suspicious looking thug in their neighborhood who must have confirmed Zimmerman’s worst suspicions by violently assaulting him from behind after the encounter was over.

Note: The Mainstream Media has digitally altered the raw photographs of Trayvon Martin to make him look more childlike and innocent.

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  1. What a windbag this Turk is. I have only seen two interviews of his, this one and one of Jared Taylor. In both, the Turk looks like a raving imbecile, owned by cooler, calmer, and more composed, not to mention more intelligent and articulate interviewees

  2. Cenk Uygur, aka “Shrek Ogre,” is a passing wind that broke on Youtube by spamming uploads of thousands per year, and paying to spam them on people’s browsers with Tabloid-headlines.

    He is an idiot and a moron, and he is… loud.
    That is all.

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