Knockout King Thugs Strike Again

Is this animal a victim of racial profiling? What is the "content of its character"?


I’m sure that CNN and the MSM will now run a million stories about the Knockout King thugs who are still terrorizing White people in St. Louis.

They have been obsessed with poor little Trayvon Martin who was shot and killed after he attacked George Zimmerman like a rabid dog.

Note: In the Jim Crow South, Whites still had the freedom to exclude dangerous representatives of the Black Undertow like Trayvon Martin, the killers of John Sanderson, and the “Knockout King” thugs from their neighborhoods.

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  1. My painting studio is right around there. Morganford has wonderful bars. US Grant’s tomb is in the botanical garden right next door. WTF would he think of what he wrought today? No Limit Niggas gonna Nig.

  2. How are even blacks still not sick of rap yet? Christ, it’s ALL THE SAME. Played the fuck out, niggers!

  3. Rap music bypasses the higher functions of the brain and goes straight to the primitive root; It is, indeed, the Negro soul revealed for all the world to hear.

  4. Rap is merely the technologically enhanced version of the tribal drumbeat cacophony their mud hut African counterparts. Nothing but “sound and fury, signifying nothing,” other than their animalistic nature and seething resentment of whites.

    Hunter, your last few days work here has been magnificent. Once again, thank you for what you do to expose the evil system of BRA to the fullest.

    I habs me a dream, too. One day in the future our ancestors will be fully vindicated for all they did to protect themselves and their families from BRA, Part I (Reconstruction) and that their wisdom will once again be the conventional wisdom, commonly acknowledged by all people of good will. Of course this requires the demise of BRA, Part II, which is the disaster of our times.

    Your intelligent, witty commentary, perseverence, and devotion to the truth are truly admirable. Keep up the good work.

    The mendacity and viciousness of our non-black enemies grows more egregious each day. Fortunately, it also exposes them for who and what they really are. The amount of innocent blood on their hands is almost as appalling as their appetite for more.

    God bless you and all the posters here for fighting the good fight.

    Deo Vindice

  5. Mighty says: “Rap music bypasses the higher functions of the brain and goes straight to the primitive root; It is, indeed, the Negro soul revealed for all the world to hear.”

    Negros must have a different kind of primitive root than I have. Rap music stirs nothing but nausea within me. On the other hand, reading about the timely demise of The NO_LIMITS_NIGGA sure gets my inner berserker twitching.

  6. OD Post : Holy Jesus, You can not imagine what a refreshing antidote OD is to the nightmare I just lived through.

    In fact as soon as I recovered my property and was able to pick up a signal I checked onto OD and was not surprised to see after four days of radio silence that Trayvon was the subject du jour.

    Let me explain: I was just released from Orleans Parish Prison here in New Orleans. In fact I am still sitting here (it is 4:45am), released at 2am but still on jail property in the safety of the release area (“Bond Desk” and “Information Desk”), waiting for daylight to walk to a bus stop in this nigger fuxated neighborhood so the homies whose castle this jail is don’t murder me on the way and rob me of this MacBook in the darkness of night their natural savagery blossoms in so wickedly.

    I was arrested on Saturday for a traffic stop that yielded unpaid traffic tickets I didn’t even know I had. In a civilized city, a summons would be issued. In BRA-New Orleans, a misdemeanor traffic offense is treated with truly African brutality: in effect, almost four days of grueling hell, surrounded by the most savage and feral specimens of our erectus friends.

    However as an amateur primatologist (ok, niggerologist), I must say that it was a fascinating experience. Humbling, horrible beyond belief of course, but fascinating.

    My head is still reeling from it.

    If enough of you ask me to, I will comment upon the experience. Give me a little time to get out of here, regroup, and put together a summary.

    Arturo (offline since Friday for now you know why)

  7. Like Agent Smith in the Matrix.

    I did find myself curiously in favor of the machines when I saw Zion.

    Does this make me fascist?

  8. This is a story someone needs to keep track of. The poor guy is going in and out of consciousness as a result of the attack. He can’t remember anything. No suspects yet. Of course (from looking at Mapping America, an extremely useful tool) the immediate area is about one-third black surrounded by even heavier concentrations of blacks.

  9. The family has set up a FB account where they can take donations to try to help with his medical expenses. He was riding a BIKE. Seems late, not a car. Maybe not a lot of dough for the medical… This is the sort of thing racial nationalists so often take up. Not white nationalists, however, lol. They rarely take up a cause and help out their own, which might lend them more credibility if there were a successful campaign. People are usually nicer to people they think would help them out, were they in a jam

  10. Well Dixiegril, you called me out and I’ll have someone donate. I don’t do facebook.

    I also gave money to that big ass White man who needs new shoes

  11. @Arturo

    Sorry to hear that, bro! Jail is fucking hell. Been there (well, not in NOLA, but I’ll personally vouch that jail in Detroit is every bit as brutal). Big respect for toughing it out.

    But yeah, I’d love to hear about how are heroic public servants are fearlessly keeping the peace, by locking up white men for unpaid tickets, while congoid americanus is foaming for a summer of white blood. Tell your story, man!

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