Trayvon Martin: Content of His Character

Poor little Trayvon ... "they are killing his reputation."


Poor little Trayvon … turns out to be a burglar after all.

Funny. I still haven’t heard that fact mentioned by Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Lawrence O’Donnell or Rachel Maddow on MSNBC tonight.

Nothing about “No Limit Nigga” on Twitter either:

Miami Gardens teenager Trayvon Martin was suspended from school in October in an incident in which he was found in possession of women’s jewelry and a screwdriver that a schools security staffer described as a “burglary tool,” The Miami Herald has learned.

Trayvon, who claimed that an unnamed friend had given him the jewelry, was not disciplined because of the discovery, but was instead suspended for graffiti, according to a Miami-Dade Schools Police report obtained by The Miami Herald…

The MSM has a narrative: poor little Trayvon, a mere child armed only with an Arizona iced tea and a pack of Skittles, was murdered in cold blood by a White racist vigilante.

It turns out Zimmerman saw a suspicious acting thug prowling the neighborhood, reported him to the police, and is guilty of nothing more than asking poor little Trayvon what he was doing … WHEN HE WAS APPROACHED BY TRAYVON.

Trayvon viciously attacked Zimmerman, broke his nose, tried to bash his brains out, and then went for his gun.

Someone called “No Limit Nigga” is trying to fucking kill you for asking a question … and they are the victim?

Note: Lawrence O’Donnell is foaming at the mouth with rage at George Zimmerman.

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  1. I’m deleriously disgustingly overjoyed that Trayvon was Homie cided.

    Zimmerman saved the taxpayer 100,000s of future dollars by offing this scumbag.

    Thank you Zorro!

  2. Oh joy! I hope I get the same CNN House Nigger, on the phone, when I call CNN tomorrow.

    This is better by the second.

  3. I bet Trayvon was burglarizing that area already. Possibly for months.
    They should see if the jewels belong to an old biddy for that community. Put the pics up and see how close the owner is to that area.

    Little motherfucker and his crimbo fambly. The girlfriend risks perjury here. The mother likewise.

  4. What record does the pops have? Inquiring minds want to know. For example, when did the burglaries begin? When did the dad and his sprog show up in the area?

  5. At first I felt we had dodged a bullet with Zimmerman being Mestizo, now I’m bummed about that.

    The more facts emerge, the more clearly a portrait emerges of a courageous and disciplined steward of his community.

  6. Matt, indeed. SHAME on Whites for allowing ourselves to be castrated, cowed, and silenced into acceptance of our own displacement and genocide.

  7. Peruvians ain’t so bad. They had that hard ass fascist in the 70s. They also domesticated the Llama and invented the bobble hat, saved those miners, Good mountaineers. Oh no that’s Chile. My bag. :-p

  8. I agree that the MSM narrative is bs. He’s not a “white supremacist.” In fact that guy is probably only partially white.

    On the other hand, I think he was a self-righteous rat and deserved what happened. Honestly calling the police on a random person and then approaching them. You deserve to have your head bashed in to the sidewalk.

  9. Matt and Denise, no, I think it’s better for our side, at least for now, that Zimmerman is a mestizo.

    When this story first broke, media immediately assured us it all, it undoubtedly was a racissss White cracka that popped that cap in poor, cherubic little Trayvon, just because he be black, and, oh, my, those racissss Buford T. Justice wannabes in the police department didn’t arrest Zimmerman — and we just KNOW it’s because he was one of their good ol’ boys.

    — Imagine the triumphal pleasure, the spasms of joy, the mental orgasms, this incident was giving the DWLs.–

    But, now, come to find out, even Yahoo news is admitting, that Trayvon wasn’t an angel at all after all, but just another common variety thug and thief, just like those evil WNs keep insisting.

    And, oh, horror of horrors for these poor DWLs, the shooter turns out to be a Holy Mexican. ZOMG!

    The cognitive dissonance they must be experiencing right about now has got to be overwhelming.

    The doubts about their Received Wisdom of Anti-racism that must be creeping in right about now must be excruciating.

    The crimethink that must be sneaking in, the thought, the very idea, the Evil White Racists were right, my God, that’s got to smart.

    It’s gonna leave a *mark*.

  10. What probably happened is that Trayvon overhead the conversation with the police and attacked because he considered the guy a rat.

    Or you can believe that he attacked simply for asking a question. I find that less likely.

  11. This leaves a mark. Like the Russian Knout. In other words: It’s potentially backbreaking for the left. Just screen capture the rabid white hatred on Dkos, Young Turks etc etc.

    It gives Romney his shot at appealing to the Latino vote here, a couple of tacit winks toward “those who can see”. It’s all good. Everyone knows the score.

  12. “Jim says:
    March 27, 2012 at 1:42 am
    Snitches get stitches, right Iceman?”

    Denise snickers appreciatively. Thinks Jim would be a swell guy to hang with….would be treated to highly amusing conversations….

  13. There has been speculation about it for years in our circles.

    But, I think this year could be the one some serious shit goes down. I’m talking Watts 1965 and Los Angeles 1992.

    I live in New Orleans. Heavily Black. My wife took my kids to the park today and saw a large group of young Blacks wearing Trayvon T-shirts.

    Last summer was the summer of Flash Mobs. The media has gone beyond being anti-White and is now transitioning into open exhortation of violence against Whites as Tim Wise in 2010.

    They have no case against Zimmerman which Zimmerman goes free.

    Any White person who defends himself going forward will likely be labeled a racist vigilante.

    Both parties have their nominating conventions this summer.

    The SCOTUS might overturn Obama’s signature ACA legislation; Whites will be blamed for this if it happens. And with gas prices and this country’s other intractable problems showing few signs of reversal, Obama might not even win reelection.

    It’s a perfect storm for a major chimp out.

    I don’t if I’m late in posting this; however, for those who may not have seen it, the NBPP is calling for the formation of a 10,000 Black militia to find Zimmerman. Not a $10,000 bounty, a 10,000 man militia.

    It was announced by Mikhail Muhammad, leader of a small militant organisation called the New Black Panther Party, who said he was seeking up to 10,000 black men willing to form a militia to find Mr Zimmerman and administer what they regard as justice.

    Asked if he was inciting violence, Mr Muhammad said: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” To the sound of cheers from followers, who wore black uniforms, he promised: “If the government won’t do the job, we’ll do it.”

    I’m cleaning my weapons.

  14. @Lew

    I really agree with a lot of your assessment of this country’s racial/political climate, what with the swirling conditions you just described. Spot-on stuff.

    The one thing I’m not concerned with, are those Black-Panther clowns. Those people ate somewhere alongside Harold Covington in terms of how serious they actually are. He’s been publicly calling for 1,000 volunteers to come to the northwest and do, well, who the hell knows really. And in these few years, who has he managed to attract but a washed-up bondage-porn actress, and a couple different voices in his radio show?

    There’s always the possibility that some crazy shit could happen, but I think those Panther-types are just too goofy for their own good. They’re like a nigger-version of those people that dress up in costumes and gather at sci-fi conventions.

  15. O’Donnell is laying it on a bit thick. Is the guy a cuckold with a
    hotwife or something?

    What a complete lunatic that guy has turned out to be. I can imagine he’s got a few cousins who’ve been on the wrong side of the law. Did he shed as many tears for them?

  16. Soros-communist OWSERs pounding the polit conventions; major upcoming urban-black chimp vs spics and cosmic lib whites; + complete dollar-Ponzi collapse w hyperinflation due to IranWar oil spike. Shaping up to be a Perfect Storm: class war, race war, rural vs urban, states vs. central regime, Right vs Left, dogs and cats not happy together. History beginning to move very fast, and in our direction. Invest in lead.

  17. This would coincide with Trayvon’s changing “skools”.
    My post to destructure:

    Interesting about the Facebook page disappearing:

    I found it last week, posted it to some sites, emailed it to others, like SBPDL:

    Tuesday, March 20, 2012 7:30 PM
    Here’s his Facebook page which looks like it’s been scrubbed of his posts:
    Trayvon was under a five-day suspension when he was shot that Sunday night, but Kypriss said it was due to tardiness and not misbehavior.

    There was not a single post on it by him, a few responses to others, a lot of messages by others, no pictures of him, and I remember noticing that in October he changed his school. I imagine it took the lawyers at least a week to get it to the condition I saw it in so I find it funny it’s been deleted. Guess they realized that maybe that cousin asking him about “smoke” and flashing a gang sign was a liability after all — kind of like having Amie as your lawyer, nice take-down destructure. GZ’s lawyer I am sure has a copy of the page saved.

  18. This nigger had it coming , the world is lucky to rid of this common crack smoking thief,, too bad we can’t just shoot the rest of them, never run one of those spooks down if there on a bike, chances are its your bike he is on.

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