March Madness: Sandra Fluke, Kony 2012, and Trayvon Martin

Have we learned anything this month from media manufactured outrage?

United States

A few questions:

(1) Were you one the dumbasses who bought into the media driven hysteria that Rush Limbaugh was waging “a war on women” for accurately labeling Sandra Fluke a “slut” for demanding that Congress subsidize her birth control pills?

(2) Were you one of those idiots wearing a Kony 2012 t-shirt or posting “Stop Kony” on Facebook and Twitter before Jason Russell was arrested in San Diego for running around naked and masturbating in public?

(3) Did you really believe BRA’s media and its tall tales about the martyrdom of Travyon Martin? Were you ready to lynch George Zimmerman based on what you were told on CNN?

Well, if you were one of those people, then you are a moron. Frankly, it is disturbing that there are millions of people like you who have the right to vote in this society. Once again, we have seen that democracy is mob rule.

Democracy is the subjugation of wisdom and intelligence to the rule of numbers and mass ignorance. It is the most destructive and exhausting form of government. That is why it always collapses into tyranny unless it is kept on a short constitutional leash.

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  1. BRAVO!

    What I have come to, is this conclusion also.
    Those who are the ‘hoi polloi’ are not fit to rule.
    Those who do not own land, possessions, and the means to their own sustenance should not vote.
    Those who are slaves and the sons of slaves should not rule.
    Those whose fathers and husbands have their best interests at heart, alone should have the vote.
    Those who are not Christians, should never have a voice.

    In other words, intelligent, free, White Christian Landowning males.

    Gee, isn’t that how the USA was set up in the first place?
    Secession. Now. Today. Forever.

  2. I’m no fan of Limbaugh, but he did have a good point. I’m amazed that white women bought the “Obama calling Fluke to console her” thing. I found that creepy as shit. What the hell did he say?

    “Hey white girl, you on the pill. Thinking about breeding?”

    are white women so far up their own asses that they don’t realize black people are more than happy to see them not have kids? Joyous infact.

  3. Good point. Our forefathers wrote the constitution to restrict the govt., or what Obama calls ‘negative’ rights. This was done to not only protect us from the evil politicians who are obsessed with power, but to prevent, as much as possible, their implementation of unconstitutional laws. Even if the voters (which has been vastly expanded over the last 150 years) elect corrupt leaders, the Constitution, at least theoretically, is a major obstacle to their power grab. That is why the Obamacare Supreme Court showdown is right here and right now. If the Supreme Court affirms the mandate, there is NOTHING in the constitution to prevent the politicians from making any law making everyone a slave of the govt.

  4. Its a shame you have blacks, because you would have a good healthcare system. The black just wrecks it all.

    Also another thing I’ve noticed. Obama switches between Gangsta and Technocrat as if both are just an act. He’s quite the chameleon. This schzophrenic political style ought to be heavily exploited. His misteps this week with the Russians and during the Thugadoption statement are the fundamental weakness. His integrity is literally shattered.

  5. sandra fluke has had illicit sex with her jew boyfriend, who is a Jew-marxist, and sandra only hangs around with his jew-marxist mother and father

    google it

  6. No what fluke will do is get married within a few years and have kids and give up practice. So basically a man didn’t get to go law school (so she can further hunt a hubby with income prospects)

    That’s what she is.

  7. The funny thing is, if Fluke was a feminine, thirty-something mother of three instead of a frumpy, skanky, worn-out femineist goy tool she would be likely be much happier and much more attractive than she is today.

  8. Someone should send a note to the big jews who run the media and tell America what to think, or to the few goys who are officially allowed to think and tell them what HW and the CofCC and others are reporting, that traffic is at all time highs.

    What is different from the previous anti-white lynch mobs is that more of us realize that “anti-racism” is nothing but anti-white and are saying so, and taking away the gilded glow of the media.

  9. ‘Democracy is the subjugation of wisdom and intelligence to the rule of numbers and mass ignorance. It is the most destructive and exhausting form of government. That is why it always collapses into tyranny unless it is kept on a short constitutional leash.’

    Excellently said. I would add that it always collapses into tyranny regardless of constitutional leaches, though. This was part of the rationale that Rhett used when pushing for secession in 1828. He saw the decline into tyranny as inevitable and wanted to stop it before it could happen by breaking up the Union.

  10. It would be great if we had a PRESS (meaning everything that replaced paper and ink) that was dedicated to truth.

    We don’t. We have one organ that says things designed to please people who think niggers, queers, atheists, salads, open borders and racial quotas are just great, and we have another organ that says things designed to please people who oppose everything on that list.

    Not much news for the free-thinkers who want an accurate description of the incidents and actions that will affect our future.

    All that is offered is two flavors of sensationalized bullshit.

    I didn’t pay much attention to the oh-so-important Kony crap. It’s about Africa, so it didn’t mean shit to me.

    I did, however, watch the Fluke and TRAYvon mini-series.

    What was the combined consensus on Fluke? She was a slut, a freedom fighter, a cunt and a voice of the oppressed. What does all of that mean? Does she run around with a mattress strapped to her back as she carries her message of freedom to the masses?

    Or is she just another dipshit who got propelled into the spotlight so that nobody had to talk about our economy, our wars, gas prices and other complicated shit that is better left alone until after November?

    Beats me. I remember all of the soundbites, but I don’t know a damn thing about Fluke and I don’t really give a shit if she gets free birth control pills or not. Big deal.

    Why do we give a shit? Because THEY said it was important.

    And then there is poor old dead TRAYvon. We’ve got bullet-riddled niggers stacked up in morgues in every major city in the U.S. and a bunch of lesser cities, too, but this guy is all we’ve talked about for a week.

    What do we know about TRAYvon and the maniacal Mestizo who turned White just long enough to shoot T-bone and get all over the news? We know that TRAYvon started out as a cheerful young child who was stalked and murdered in cold blood by a White vigilate, then later he turned into a six-foot-two, bird-flipping, gold toofed thug who attacked and injured a respected member of the community who had to resort to violence to save his own Mestizo ass.

    Was David Copperfield mixed up in this case, or what? What kind of abracadabra shit just happened?

    We went from one extreme to the other, but did we ever hear the truth about what happened? Probably not. I bitched, moaned and argued on the Cracker side of the fight, but I never expected to hear the truth. The true story would very likely be so boring and pathetic that no reporter would dare hand it in to his editor.

    Here’s my take on it:

    George Zimmerman started out with that do-gooder, ass-kisser mentality that motivates kids who volunteer to be hall monitors and crossing guards. He had a small bit of success as a neighborhoood crime fighter, which won him some longed-for praise. He needed more, so he became George Zimmerman, Neighborhood Watchman, the LAW south of such and such street. Not as important as Paul Blart, Mall Cop, yet, but he was going to work on that. He became a legend in his own mind.

    Then there was TRAYvon. Soft-ass son of some fetchin’ niggers. As a young boy he longed to be a TRUE NIGGA, just like those pimps in the saggy pants in the videos. Yeah, that’s the way a nigga roll. Slappin’ hoes and posin’ in Escalades. Dat da life.

    Unfortunately for T-bone, he had parents that appear to be the type who don’t want their kids to be true niggas, so he gots to pretends, kind of like them poser sluts in my day that got on the bus wearing a Walton skirt over a mini skirt. The Walton skirt was in the big purse long before the bus got to school. Poser niggas do the same kind of shit. Bus pull off, pants come down.

    Then one day the poser vigilante meets the poser gangsta, both fulla badass, and they learned an ugly lesson about who they really were.

    That might make a good script for a sappy movie for the LIFETIME channel, but it’s not the kind of story a news hack wants to hand to his editor.

    That’s my take on it. No angels or devils involved, just dumbfucks.

    Any way you call it, Flukie, TRAYvon and Killer Z are just what the politicians need right now.

  11. Outstaning write-up yet again, Hunter. Thanks!
    You nailed it about democrazy! I can’t put into words how much I detest hearing idiots clamor about democrazy, but you know, our hijacked US of A is on a suicide mission to bring democracy to the world, whether they want it or not.

    Reality Check: Reread the Constitution, it’s not about limited government, it’s about central, energetic government. Can you name me any limitation on the central government from the Constitution without using the Bill of Rights? Rememer the Bill of Rights was forced by the Anti-Federalists, Hamilton didn’t want it.

  12. PRB – some people here have ben kind enough to tell me I ought to do my own blog – but I am too hit and run to sit down and write consistently. THIS is my blog, as far as when I can sit and E-rant.

    Your posts are pure genuis. I ALWAYS look for your posts. Your posts are a joy.

    Thank you.

  13. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Flukes free pills wouldn’t be free. Someone has to pay for it and that makes its other people’s business. She can slut around as much as she wants and it’s no one’s business. However, the moment she wants others to pick up the bill for sleeping around it becomes public business. Not caring about so and so’s free whatever has feed into our problems

    For sure trayvon wanted to be a thug and he paid the price. It’s the way it goes sometimes and a more common story than folks think.

    I am also surprised at how big those two stories are. Heck I’m no where A-stan and am up to speed on both. That seems a little crazy to me, but the media deiced to make the trayvon story a big deal when they falsely labeled Zimmerman a White man and the shooting a case of cold blooded murder. The real story is media lies, the exposure of those lies and people trying to hold on to the medias lies. Negros are making things worse with things like the bounty on Zimmerman; tweeting an elderly couples address as Zimmerman’s; the t-shirt and recently I read that a protest turned into looting a store. Actually to my way of thinking, negros are making it better for us.

    The good news is a Michigan militia was cleared of charges. Not sure if they were race realist or not, but still White people with unpopular political ideas won a round with BRA.

    I think it’s very cool that blogggers have crushed the MSM original story about the trayvon case. Reminds me of when bloggers crushed the false Air Guard document and sent a big name media figure into retirement

    The Constitution was a con job. They were sent to amend the Articles of Confederation not create a new government. The idea was sold using George Washington as the 1st POTUS, because the American people trusted Washington. Isn’t that an odd idea in the here and now? Can any of us imagine trusting someone to that degree in BRA? Many of the Founding Fathers were opposed to the Constitution. Like Patrick Henry

    Our Founding Fathers never wanted a democracy and limited the vote. Who got to vote was left up to the state. At one point, to vote in NC you had to be a White man above a certain age; own a certain amount of property; own a gun and a certain amount of powder (unorganized militia) or be enrolled in the organized militia and be a member of good standing in a local church.

    This is the way I see the voting requirements. Here at OD we all know about negros and there’s no reasons to go into why only Whites should vote. I forget what age a White man had to be, but it was older than 18 in a time when folks didn’t live as long. The higher age helped limit the vote to mature adult White men. Property requirements helps ensure the man voting has a vested interested in keeping a particular political system going. Owning a firearm/ being in the organized militia demonstrate a willingness to protect yourself and community. Church attendance doesn’t equate to faith but possibly served as an old-school background check, and means the man received a semi regular morality lessons.

    I don’t think anything will improve long term until the nation and states adopt more old-school voting requirements

  14. Spot on Jimbo. Women should be at home cleaning, cooking, and raising our children. Anything else is reverse grey poupon. You know man, that is to say, in the parlance of our times, new shit has come to light …. and women should just shut their mouth and take it. Irregardless of whether it is a pill or something more pointed, man. I’m saying man, you know, she kidnapped herself man. But honestly, take a look at the profile of male wages in this great country versus females. You’ll see something interesting man. And there won’t be any rush limbaugh or trayvon martin hyperbole in there to distract you from what has really happened to this country.

  15. Yep: Was there a point somewhere in that? Profile of male wages against females? Are you trying to peddle that “disparate impact” crap around here? I think you chose the wrong target market.

  16. “She can slut around as much as she wants and it’s no one’s business. ”

    Stone- Nope. Communities (real communities) are as closed-minded and concerned about each other’s behaviours, precisely BECAUSE when one sins (and yes, Fluke is a sinner, big time) we ALL reap the ‘negative energy,’ the ‘wrath,’ the ‘censure’ (whatever you want to call it- even, ‘karma’?) for that action.

    The philosophy of the ‘sadder but wiser girl’ is merely a man’s perverted desire to see all women as sluts and ‘ho’s’, so they don’t have to take responsibility to safeguard their daughter’s virtue, or their wives’ fidelity, while they surf internet porn while at work.

    A corrupt culture is what gave us Sandra Fluke. And only a culture dedicated to repentance, AND ‘sticking their collective noses’ into people’s business (as opposed to a ‘nanny state,’ that does not want moral betterment, but only CONTROL- and sexual addiction is the best form of control the Kikes have yet found…..) IS our responsibility, as Americans, and Christians. If the neighborhood where Ms. Fluke had been raised, or Jeffrey Dahmer, or Matthew Shepherd had just GIVEN A DAMN, and told off these loser’s parents, perhaps we might not BE in the mess we’re in!

  17. Yep, Yep. Women are born to raise children, it makes them happy. You obviously have never seen the look of pure joy on a woman’s face when her child runs up to her.

    I also don’t think men should be allowed to vote until they are at least 35, so that excludes myself as well. Only an unwitting slave thinks he is free, we all serve a master. All your advancements in “civil liberties” have come at a terrible cost.

  18. Stonelifter: Do you really want those useless liberal bitches to reproduce? How about niggers?

    I think we would be way ahead if we put birth control pills out with the candy in convenience stores where they will be easy to shoplift. Better yet, put the pills INSIDE the Skittles and M&M’s. Pills are cheap. Nigger babies cost a lot. Liberal babies cost us even more than nigger babies in the long run.

    And let’s take it one more step and talk about abortion. I saw a video on youtube a few years ago that featured a nigger whining because abortion had prevented the birth of 13 million coon sprog in the 10 years prior to the making of the video. Some of those sprog would be churning out their own sprog by now and you and I would be feeding, clothing and housing most of them. Some of them would be Knockout Kings.

    I believe abortion is murder, have no doubt about that, but I have absolutely no problem with culling full grown liberals and niggers. Their useless unborn offspring are fair, easy and legal targets.

    Abortion is a great tool for ending the bloodlines of people who feel that it is okay to murder babies. Birth control pills obtained today, whether they’re free, shoplifted or bought with hard earned cash will reduce the number of murdered babies two or three months from now and they will limit the number of people who will want free birth control and abortions 15 or 20 years from now.

    It’s time to set aside your high ideals long enough to prevent our culture from being overran by people who will have no use whatsoever for your high ideals. A birth control pill today will save a bullet tomorrow.

  19. “A birth control pill today will save a bullet tomorrow.”

    If that were true we’d need fewer bullets now than 40 years ago. Birth control and abortion are Keynesian. They just allow society to delay the inevitable conclusion that they’ve created a giant shit pile.

    The point is to deal with everything NOW. We do not want moral monetization. It gets us nowhere.

  20. LandShark: How many more bullets would we need right now if those 13 million niggers had been allowed to be born to mothers who would name them Shitonya or Trayvon and feed them on our dime until they were old enough to go out and rob and steal? How many more millions were prevented by birth control pills? My guess is that pills and implants have prevented thousands of times more unwanted pregnancies than abortions have terminated.

    I see you learned a word from Glenn Beck: Keynesian. You should have learned the definition, too. Keynes was an economist. As far as I know, he didn’t have a lot to say about birth control.

    Woodrow Wilson and Margaret Sanger were primarily responsible for promoting the program that sterilized niggers and retards. My understanding is that Planned Parenthood evolved from that program.

    I know that Glenn Beck talked bad about old brother Woodrow, but you should do some reading about him and form your own opinion. I’m not surprised that Beck didn’t like President Wilson because Glenn is a nigger lover and Woodrow wanted to eradicate them from America.

    Wilson ran all of the niggers out of the federal government, segregated the military and laid out an eugenics program designed to end the Black race in this nation.

    That’s how you get rid of the niggers and the trash: Keep their offspring from being born.

    Shaking a bible at them doesn’t work.

  21. Playing Roots, I don’t listen to Glenn Beck, I didn’t mention the Bible and it’s called an analogy, you simple-minded dolt.

    Both legalized abortion and Keynesian economics use tomorrow’s gravy (moral or financial) to avoid dealing with today’s problems. Result: we don’t have to address difficult issues but we bankrupt (morally or financially) our children.

    Keynesian economics subsidizes bad behavior by freeing it from market forces. So do abortion and birth control. IT DOES NOT ELIMINATE THE BEHAVIOR. When you subsidize a behavior you GET MORE OF IT. You take the responsibility away from pleasure seeking behavior, you get more irresponsible pleasure seeking behavior.

    You think Dontavius and Chantaqualiqua had more abortions than children. I beg to differ. The African American population has exploded. Not because they don’t have access to birth control or abortion, but because whitey no longer thinks it’s necessary to maintain reasonable cultural sexual mores.

  22. In other words, the relaxation of sexual mores caused by birth control and abortion have led to more children being born overall, even if many are aborted. And especially more feral children. The uncontrollable kind. Without fathers.

  23. Of course if you want to start marching pregnant black teens off to abortion clinics, that’s another story altogether. But as a voluntary tactic, I’m not sure it’s working too well.

  24. That wasn’t an analogy, that was garbled bullshit that is indicative of a disordered mind.

    Go ahead and try to fix it with higher morals, Bozo. Nobody will want to hear about it and it will have zero results in curbing the population of niggers and unfit Whites.

    I can understand why you wouldn’t care for an eugenics program: The disheveled thoughts you presented here today clearly reveal that you are not one of the ones who would be allowed to breed.

  25. Leveraging future debt and leveraging future morality have the same impact. It’s not rocket science. It’s brought to you by the same people for the same purposes.

    As for your eugenics program, I thought we were talking about voluntary abortion and birth control. In this respect I look at the world around me and see this program has done nothing but exponentially increase the number of Americans using “disheveled thinking”. If it were otherwise, why would we be here looking for solutions?

    In other words, your program sucks.

  26. Do you really believe that abortion and birth control have DECREASED the impact of the black undertow over the last 40 years?

  27. @Landtuna

    Niggers have proportionately more abortions per year than whites do. Look around you and see the destruction and misery all the existing niggers have visited on this country. Now imagine a present-day situation where niggers reproduced unchecked, that is to say no abortion or presciption birth-control, for the past 40 years. The answer to your question is an unquestionanble ‘YES’. The facts you’ve called into play, defeat your own argument.

  28. Blacks are reproducing virtually unchecked. For every aborted baby of rare future-time oriented black parents, there are four others of ghetto mamas that didn’t get aborted and were in fact caused by the “free love” birth control environment.

    When blacks actually had moral constraints and pride, like during Jim Crow, they reproduced less, had stronger families, and were less likely to Trayvon.

    The free love environment has most definitely increased the impact of the black undertow. Shit, don’t they now have entire high schools in NYC dedicated to feral ghetto moms? Couldn’t say the same when sex meant something. They were out there, but we knew who they were.

    We have lost our ability to say no. Our monetary unit and our culture have been nearly incurably diluted, the problems started long ago by our forbears now reaching a boiling point. You think you’re going to address these huge issues without addressing the moral issues. It’s just not going to happen. It’s going to be war, more debt, more undertow. White genocide.

  29. I don’t care if they reproduce more than they abort. That they abort at all is favor to the world.

    Niggers were niggers even during Jim Crow. The only difference was, acting on their natural impulses carried consequences. Why do think lynchings were commonplace in the South during that time? Trayvonnery thrives wherever there are Trayvonisms, regardless of how you try to manage them.

    And they never had “pride” or “strong families”. They rioted here in Detroit several times during the Jim Crow era.

    Institutions like Jim Crow or Apartheid do NOTHING to change fundamental nigger biology. They only exhaust white peoples will in the long-term, and serve as a wedge-issue for holier-than-thou types in the short-term.

    Abortion and birth-control physically PREVENT the filthy bastards from ever coming into this world, and all the miserable shit that comes with them.

  30. I’m not saying they reproduce more than they abort as a simple matter — I’m saying abortion has caused them to reproduce MORE after legalized abortion than before. So even in spite of the 13 million aborted there are more living blacks than would have been otherwise.

    “Niggers were niggers even during Jim Crow. The only difference was, acting on their natural impulses carried consequences.” Agree. We took away the consequences.

    “Why do think lynchings were commonplace in the South during that time?” Because there were consequences.

    “Trayvonnery thrives wherever there are Trayvonisms, regardless of how you try to manage them.” Than why bother with consequences? Clearly they respond to consequences. And they can be managed. Black families used to be more stable. The stats clearly show this.

    Same with white families, though. Abortion and birth control have destroyed the white family as well. I believe the family is the bedrock of Western Civilization and integral to its definition of freedom. White genocide is all about destroying the family. All I see around here are single moms. If we don’t define civilized behavior among ourselves it will be assigned for us, and it will be all about the white genocide.

    Fundamentally I am saying the lack of cultural consequence caused by legalized abortion has increased the black population, even minus the 13 million. (Hold on Chantiqua — we can’t go through with this, I don’t have a condom – how often does that happen). Even if not, the dysgenic nature of abortion means every hood rat has twice the negritude of a black person born under a regime of cultural consequence.

    Same with whites though. Free love (oops forgot the rubber, darn can’t go through with the abortion) = single moms = whigger sons and damaged daughters = deracinated fucking hellhole = white genocide.

    As with all government sponsored “solutions” the idea from the start was to remove consequence and destroy the family (the ideal center of consequence in a free society), create division and a giant brown multicult mess. It’s hippie boomer poison.

    Abortion = more blacks overall, more careless whites overall, total dilution of culture. It’s integral to the multicult poison. It is the religion of the multicult.

    I understand if you don’t agree. Nobody is going to be convinced. But I’m not coming from a God perspective, I’m coming from a what’s good for us perspective.

  31. “I’m saying abortion has caused them to reproduce MORE after legalized abortion than before. So even in spite of the 13 million aborted there are more living blacks than would have been otherwise. ”

    Yeah. Steve Sailer had an interesting speculation, that abortion’s availability has lead to MORE conceptions and MORE births than would be if abortion were illegal.
    His logic went something like this:

    Let’s say you’re the rather dim, rather disorganized, rather horny, rather incapable of planning ahead, rather forgetful sort.

    And let’s say one night you, being the rather horny sort, find yourself gettin jiggy wit yer new bling-bedecked boyfriend.
    But, also being the disorganized, rather incapable of planning ahead sort, you don’t actually happen to have any birth control handy at the moment — but hey, abortion is there for failsafe should you find yourself indisposed.

    Let’s then say the preg test turns positive, but being the rather dim, rather disorganized, rather incapable of long-term planning, rather forgetful sort, you MEANT to — no, really — actually go and GET the abortion, but you…just kind of…forgot.
    8 1/2 months later, you deliver a 6 pounder.

    Voila! Birth of a brand-new little welfare check, as a direct result of the ready availability of safe and legal abortions.

  32. She’s a slut because she doesn’t have to pay the price for it. I doubt her, or very many other chicks would slut around if they had to pay the consequences. Now sluts have a readymade baby daddy in government giving single sluts our money through taxes and welfare. They are no longer shunned from polite company and stand a pretty good chance of landing some decent guy (beta chump) to care for her thug spawn. People always do dumb things when there is no price to pay for their stupidity

    Murder implies you are killing a person. negros are not people and negro abortion is not child murder. I think she-boons should get a check from crime stoppers every time it aborts its get

  33. Makes sense to me barb. All I see around here are single moms.

    I have little doubt we are actually subsidizing irresponsible reproduction and not preventing it.

    That also better fits their agenda, which is why it is sacrosanct uber alles.

  34. @Landshark & barb

    Sorry, but that’s the most convoluted logic I’ve heard with regard to the subject.

    Bottom line is this: Niggress get’s pregnant with a nigglet. Niggress get’s an abortion. Nigglet is not born, world is a better place.

    Or, niggres goes on the pill, niggress has sex with one or more niggers, and niggress does not become pregnant with a nigglet. Again, one less nigger on earth. World is a better place.

    Any questions?

  35. Barb – it’s not the Suction – it’s the Section 8. Welfare, in general. If Nigs, and other assorted refuse had to feed and house what it hatched – we’d have a lot less Nigs, and other assorted refuse.

    The abortion issue issue s not the core issue. Welfare is the fudamental causation. You hit on it on your post – but abortion is a sympton. Welfare is the cause.

  36. LandShark:

    After Newt Gingrich pushed through welfare reform in the 90’s, most states set limits on the number of niglets they would pay a sheboon to have. That resulted in millions of welfare bitches opening wide for Dr. Nigaway. When we refuse to feed them, they refuse to have them.

    First Bush, then Obama, pretty much removed all of the gains Newt gave us. They restored most of the incentives for nigger bitches to churn out another generation of niglets for us to feed. Lucky for us, Planned Parenthood has a strong urban outreach program that is supported by an extremely effective propaganda machine that still has Shitonya, Skankeesha and all dey sistas standing in line to get de-nigged.

    You know about Planned Parenthood. It’s that outfit that you moral fuckheads don’t want any of your tax dollars to go to. Their stated purpose is women’s health, blah, blah blah.The result of their efforts is less niggers and less Flukes.

    But that’s reality, and you apparently don’t live there. Do you really believe that nigger bitches give a shit what you think. They are jungle bunnies with low IQ’s. They don’t comprehend your pompous high ideals about morality.

    Dead nigger fetuses means less niggers to feed and less niggers to rob and rape all of those future generations of White children that you are so worried about.

    Your foggy ideas about getting people to behave morally by not letting them dispose of their mistakes is as retarded as Nancy Reagan’s “Just say no to drugs!” Boy, that was a bang up success, wasn’t it. It cleared up that whole problem lickety-split, didn’t it.

    ALL birth control is money well spent. It’s like planting a crop: You buy the seeds and fertilizer, and you get a good return in the fall. You can pay for the birth control pills for a thousand Flukes for their entire life for what it will cost to coddle ONE buck nigger egg that is allowed to hatch.

    Here’s what you pay for instead of those awful pills: Niglet pre-natal care, sprog delivery, life-long Medicaid, school breakfast and lunch, police, probation officers, public defenders, crime labs, prisons, victim’s health care, funerals, sky-high property insurance rates, White flight, urban blight, off-shored jobs and dozens of other nig-related expenses that have cost us trillions of dollars.

    In addition to the high cost of conception-to-grave mollycoddling of preventable niggers, consider the immeasurable loss in the quality of White American lives due to allowing niggers to be born that could be minimized or eliminated if more of those skanks were on the pill or got free abortions that were actually paid for by us.

    For a guy who presents himself as an economic genius, you certainly don’t seem to be very good at math.

  37. Still waiting for that harvest, Roots. Still waiting for that great golden white paradise in the sky created by abortion and birth control that forces back the black undertow. How many more years do you think it will take? I mean 40 years. You’d think we’d be making some headway by now. All those abortions and birth controls force you out into the country, did they?

    I would wager that the existence of a dignified culture that whites could be proud of would deal with the black issue faster than the degenerate cultural facsimile abortion has created. 5 whites could conquer Africa if they had something to believe in. Whites aren’t being conquered because there’s not enough abortion. Whites are being conquered because we live in a moral wasteland totally unsuitable to white happiness.

    Maybe another 40 years we’ll get there, eh?

  38. That’s Keynesian morality. Most often adopted by people incapable of facing uncomfortable facts and therefore pushing their impact further out into the future. Usually associated with economics and political pandering.

  39. By the way, check the census for 2000 and 2002. How many niggers did we gain?

    The 13,000,000 niggers prevented by abortion would have increased our nigger population by 29%. No telling how many niggers were prevented by other forms of birth control. Estimates range as high as 20 million.

    Did any of you ever drive down any country roads past one-room share-cropper tar paper shacks in the days before LBJ’s Great Society? I did. Every yard was full of Pickaninnies waiting for mom to bust out some slop.

    Niggers do the horizontal monkey dance and nine months later a miniature replica of King Kong falls out. They bred like rats before welfare hit the long strides, and they will continue to do so if welfare goes completely away.

    The only thing Whites have going for us in this battle is Margaret Sanger’s legacy. Those men and women who get up every day and go to work to grind up nigglywogs deserve our support, not our scorn. I feel the same about the people who use my money to purchase birth control pills, implants and devices for nigger bitches and liberal trash.

    Between the efforts of those handy folks down at the clinic and the hardy lads who risk their freedom to provide guns and ammo to da boyz in da hood, we might actually see a DROP in the coon population in 2020.

  40. Interesting. I was going to use Africa as an example that welfare doesn’t cause black babies, but your sharecropper analogy works fine. They don’t give a crap whether or not they can pay for their kids.

    Hard to believe their population is dropping. Their presence is expanding exponentially. Which means their impact has less to do with numbers than the political will to deal with them. Which is aided by a cohesive culture with moral integrity, which is poisoned by abortion.

    Regardless, informative post. Appreciated.

  41. LandShark:

    Yeah, I understand. That 92 IQ of yours doesn’t allow you to comprehend much of what you read. That must be pretty rough.

    Listen, you go ahead and moralize the nigger problem away, and I’ll keep supporting the people who are actually doing something to keep their numbers in check.

    Keep saying Keynesian and Quantitative Easing and other words that you don’t understand. That might impress some of the Bozos you communicate with. You might want to throw in DISCOMBOBULATE every now and then, too. Sounds smart.

  42. @Landshark

    What are you going on about? That “dignified culture that whites could be proud of”, which you keep moralizing about, NEVER EXISTED. Sure, white people created civilizations that other races could never dream of achieving, but when left to our own devices, we can be every bit as degenerate as anyone else. And whites have been. The Athenians used to practice homosexual pedophilia as a societal norm. The Romans had orgies and beastiality shows in their amphitheaters. Victorian England had freakshows. The Roaring 20’s were rife with drug-use, sexual-experimentation, and pornography. Want me to continue?

    You make it sound like the choice is either ‘abortion, and everything goes to shit’ or ‘no abortion, and white people magically become perfect little angels and all our problem go away’. That’s ridiculous. It’s fine to have strong opinions about abortion, but you’re projecting them onto issues which abortion has nothing to do with.

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