March Madness: Sandra Fluke, Kony 2012, and Trayvon Martin

Have we learned anything this month from media manufactured outrage?

United States

A few questions:

(1) Were you one the dumbasses who bought into the media driven hysteria that Rush Limbaugh was waging “a war on women” for accurately labeling Sandra Fluke a “slut” for demanding that Congress subsidize her birth control pills?

(2) Were you one of those idiots wearing a Kony 2012 t-shirt or posting “Stop Kony” on Facebook and Twitter before Jason Russell was arrested in San Diego for running around naked and masturbating in public?

(3) Did you really believe BRA’s media and its tall tales about the martyrdom of Travyon Martin? Were you ready to lynch George Zimmerman based on what you were told on CNN?

Well, if you were one of those people, then you are a moron. Frankly, it is disturbing that there are millions of people like you who have the right to vote in this society. Once again, we have seen that democracy is mob rule.

Democracy is the subjugation of wisdom and intelligence to the rule of numbers and mass ignorance. It is the most destructive and exhausting form of government. That is why it always collapses into tyranny unless it is kept on a short constitutional leash.

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  1. 2020. Human-squirrell marriage has finally been legalized. Whites will at last have been trained to fully worship blacks without question. The Iran quagmire has cost 200,000 lives. Internet censorship is fully operative. Obamacare is spending $50-$1 blacks to whites. But black numbers are decreasing and those damn moral freaks have finally shut their mouths.

    Victory at last!

  2. Personally I think abortion is a sign that most Whites no longer value children and part;y explains why most Whites have small families. A White culture that valued it’s self and it’s children wouldn’t stand for murdering children in the womb.

    Of course there’s no way to quantify that, or most of what folks say on the topic

  3. LandShark:

    Research before you type. I’m pretty sure that human-squirrel marriage has been legal in California and Massachusetts for decades.

    You are right about some of the other stuff, though. The stupid wars fought under that red, white and blue Yankee Rag will probably take a far higher toll than your estimate. Fortunately, many who will be lost are far from our best brood stock.

    What do you expect?

    I went to school with a girl in Michigan who had extremely narrow hips and spindly legs. She had a brother and sister who couldn’t walk. She had some stillborn siblings, too.

    Her parents met at a treatment/research facility in Ann Arbor that studied and treated people with messed up hips.

    At that same school No Hips and I attended, we had one special education class that served all of the dullards, retards and emotionally disturbed children in the district. Big class. I am personally aware of several short bus romances that came out of that class that resulted in marriage and children.

    All of them, the bad hip people and the special ed folks, had the moral blessing of the community. All of them were allowed to breed and vote.

    That kind of thing was uncommon before WW2. After the war, we let those who claimed moral superiority run the country because we didn’t want to be like those awful Nazis.

    What we look around and see everywhere today is the result of being governed by moral dimwits who were elected by moral dimwits.

    All niggers and 65% of Whites need to be either culled or not allowed to contribute to our gene pool in order for our society to move upward and forward. However, culling and not allowing everybody to have children are not moral things to do, so it won’t happen.

    Woodrow Wilson had the right idea. I do not agree with his belief that we could transform America into a social democracy like Finland or Sweden even if our entire population was White.

    “All White” doesn’t equal “homogeneous”. Social democracies worked in Finland and Sweden because they had homogeneous populations. They are nations.

    America has never had a strong national identity. It is not a nation. A social democracy would never work here. Woodrow should have known that.

    I agree totally with his eugenics program that was integral to transforming America into Utopia. He knew that a social democracy would never work as long as we had niggers dragging us down. We know now that no form of government can lead us to a bright future as long as we have niggers around.

    I would lump the 65% of White Americans that have an average IQ of 92 in with the niggers. As long as they are allowed to choose the leaders who make the rules we will continue our downward spiral. Our smoking ruins will be the product of moral superiority.

    So, yes, we are headed to an Idiocracy. No doubt about that. But I’m pretty sure our dysfunctional future will be a safer place for your short bus kids and grand kids if we take niggers out of the picture.

  4. Stonelifter: I believe that white people still value children. It’s just that some of them value expensive vacations, German car and trim figures more.

    Some of the ones who actually should be reproducing are smart enough to realize that it would be cruel to bring a child into this shit.

    Welfare Whites are still breeding up lots of little semi-tards that they can’t feed. Oh, happy day.

  5. I don’t beleive in abortion for white people, I beleive in forced sterilization. If you pop out one kid, and are on public assistance on a long term permanent basis, they should require sterilization before you can continue to receive benefits. Also retards, those with genetic disorders, etc. should be sterilized. Obviously the effect of certain disorders must be weighed, some are less serious than others.

    I believe in deportation for blacks and Mexicans, if they abort, more power to them. Of course what I believe is neither here nor there, but I can dream can’t I?

  6. I also feel it’s irresponsible for responsible people to avoid having kids because it’s “cruel to bring a child into this shit”. When hasn’t the world been difficult? Responsible people are exactly to type who SHOULD be having kids, if only to balance out the dipshits who will pop ’em out regardless.

  7. It’s not so much the abortion as it is the programs that keep them alive. Blacks already have the highest infant mortality in the US, imagine what it would be like if we stopped artificially improving those numbers?

    Let’s face it, niggers have a whole different breeding strategy than we do. We like to conflate what we do with what they do, but the truth is discussions of black societies and white societies are about as removed from each other as the societies of honey bees or beluga whales.

  8. You’re right, Jim. There should be different rules for different people. We’re not “one people”. There’s no sense in destroying the dignity of the Constitution and the culture it was designed to protect in order to implement the “free love black extermination program”. It’s like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. There are better ways. If we don’t have the stones to implement those better ways, we won’t have the stones to protect what’s left from the remaining blacks anyways.

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