Trayvon Martin Backlash Gaining Steam


High five everyone … the blogosphere has pretty much killed the myth of Trayvon Martin. This is narrative terrorism at its finest.

Kyle Rogers of deserves a major round of applause for writing the Charleston Examiner article that got 40,000 Facebook shares and turned the whole story upside down.

Gov. Patterson was right: the legend of poor innocent Trayvon, the unarmed boy with Skittles and Arizona iced tea who was the victim of a racist vigilante, has been fucking assassinated by the internet and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been routed.

I’m loving it.

Pro-White community leads anti-Trayvon backlash
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  1. The details in this case are important, but if the real issue of anti-white hysteria is not addressed then the anti-whites will live another day and they will finally get it and we go thru this yet again.

    But one day our detail quibblers will be over shadowed by a Leader who will stand up on our very own Field of Blackbirds and tell us whites that the anti-whites will no longer be getting free reign to terrorize us.

    And I’m sorry Denise the leader during this speech will not spend hours detailing joo conspiracy theory. But the good news is that you will be hired for the Reparations Dept. as a researcher into the crimes of the anti-whites.

  2. Supposedly, 75% of ‘Americans’ want Grand Dragon George Zimmerman jailed for his outrageous execution of the black boy.

  3. I’m in favor of an inquest. Get the little cunt’s mom, pop, bady daddy-mainsqueeze, girlfriend etc etc up there and ask them why the keep lying and changing the story while Zimmerman keeps sticking to a plausable story.

    Lock the rest of them up.

  4. Great job Hunter!

    Your/our success here vindicates your policy of going mainstream, rejecting Vanguard and conspiracy theorist kooks.

    I also note that Whites from all over America, North and South worked together and independently to defeat this Hate Crime hoax.

    I certainly worked hard here in Chicago.

  5. Anti Trayvon? I’m way past caring about that VILE Nigger THUG.

    Newbies – most Niggers are THUGS.

    They DESTROY worlds.

    Nation after Nation. City after city. Neighborhood after neighborhood

    You may tell yourself that I am making generlaizations – outrageous ones – but YOU STUDY HISTORY.

    The “good ones” have no effect what-so-ever on the rest. You don’t know “good ones”. You only know dormant ones, or tamed down ones. And they are NOT worth the mayham and destruction the vast majority wreak.

    What kind of a world do you want to live in?


    A functioning, healthy Civilization – or the BRA?


  6. Newbies – please NOTE that the “good” Nigger Congressional “Representatives” wore Hoodies, IN Congress,in support of a co-racialist Nigger Thug’s “right” to be a Nigger Thug.

    Behold. See what is RIGHT in front of your eyes. SEE it.

    The rest of the world sees this.

    Are you proud of the USA today? Are you proud to be an American?

  7. Rob Roy – please tell us al aobut your real world triumphs. Will you?

    I can put you on my list, of Philo Semite Goy Retardates, for relocation, when I am the High Grand Imperial Judge of Judeos. Would you like that? You can tell the all about the Mantra, hour after hour, on the plane. You can teach them your beloved Mantra. Joos are so schmart – I’m sure they will pick it right up, and repeat it perfectly.

  8. The following is one of Paul Kersey & Hunter Wallace’s most perceptive and valuable and true and pithy insights ever, and bears repeating here, for all the recent Awakeners:


    Blacks, equality, civilization.

    Choose any 2.

  9. The blacks are at war with unrestrained British trained Tabloid headline writers.


    Genius. Which Aussie or Cockney editor came up with it?

  10. How sweet it is.

    Hunter, your coverage of this issue has been outstanding. Clear, concise, easy to follow.

    Rock on good people.

  11. But now is not the time to let up. While those whites that are crippled by guilt are open to reality they need to know about the anti-white crimes and ‘hate’ crime hoaxes.

  12. Good work. It was refreshing to see independent bloggers swing into action and do the legwork that the Leftist media actively refused to do, and expose the truth.

    They are waking up to the fact that no longer do they not control the medium, they definitely don’t control the message.

    Hence, the calls to “regulate” the internet.

    This is not the time to slow down, but to press forward.
    People are “beginning to see” …..

  13. I am going to work that Congressional Niggers in Hoods likke there is not tomorrow. I’m am going to SHOVE that inthe FACE of ALL the I Am Not a Racist DWL’S, down their throats, until they CHOKE.

    Get this to Massa Simpson and Marcie in MA. Will ya?

  14. Are you proud of diversity yet? This is where the mantra shoves it down. ANTI-RACIST IS A CODE WORD FOR ANTI-WHITE. Over and over until they vomit.

  15. Most unfair to the Hispanic dude. Are Hispanics expected to absorb by osmosis the racial training that’s given to Whites only, to tuck our tails between our legs in every racial situation?

    Whites have been trained to accept the flooding of all White countries with non-Whites, and to accept being legally forced to assimilate with those non-Whites and be blended out of existence.

    Other races haven’t been trained to submit to their own genocide as Whites have been trained (African countries aren’t being flooded with non-Africans and Africans forced to assimilate with them; Asian countries aren’t being flooded with non-Asians and Asians forced to assimilate with them), and you can’t expect them to act in the same submissive fashion that Whites do.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White!

  16. There’s virtually no point Mantra-ing here.

    We are all decadent cavaliers. Keep the boiler plate to yourself. Be inventive.

  17. Harumphty Dumpty says: “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White!”

    “Trayvon” is a code word for Typical Negro Behavior.

  18. John says, “We are all decadent cavaliers.”

    Possibly I was misinformed. I thought this was a site for active pro-Whites.

    I’m going to assume I was correctly informed, and everyone here is using this opportunity to spread to the mainstream our own truths and charged language, “anti-White” and “White Genocide,” so that one day those terms will automatically spring to White minds instead of the R-word whenever race is mentioned.

    The attempted narration of the present event as “blacks are always victims” (and by implication, “Whites are always evil oppressors”) is of course a standard part of training both non-Whites and Whites that genociding the White race is a moral imperative.

    Everyone here is clear on that, and is on message in the mainstream? Good for you guys!

    White GeNOcide!
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White!

  19. There will be plenty of inventiveness when the Anti-Whites are shut down. Right now it’s nessessary to be on POINT.

  20. Something for the unconvinced whites out there. There is a race war coming like it or not. There are no non-combatants. And there is only one side interested in saving your life and the lives of your family. It isn’t the blacks or the Hispanics and it isn’t DC.

  21. I heard Limbaugh equivocating today when talking to a pro-Zimmerman caller. After the caller asked why hispanic groups aren’t backing Zimmerman, Rush goes “Well, he still shot an unarmed kid, and that’s not a good thing”. Then he played some crappy motown bumper jive. Rush is just pissed his phoney conservatardism is no longer drawing the crowd it once did, thanks to real conservative thought that is now available on the internet. The real secret behind the attack on Rush is his ratings have collapsed and the Fluke thing was just Media Matters striking after smelling blood in the water for the past year or so. If his ratings were strong, he would still be untouchable.

  22. Limbaugh is a joke. An anti-Southern Lincoln loving MLK preaching pseudo-con. He has accomplished nothing but to lead people away from reality.

  23. “Hadenuf says:
    March 27, 2012 at 6:53 pm
    That photo is actually of New York State afro senators, not Congress..same thing though.”

    It’s still official Gubmint Niggers.

    I want them to meet Mr. Noose

  24. Uninitiated. Oops. Hunter us the real deal. He’s styled himself as Cavalier.

    Denise is a one woman Mein Kampf crossed with Ford’s International Jew.
    It’s all very entertaining. I’m Harry Paget Flashman.

  25. “Most unfair to the Hispanic dude. Are Hispanics expected to absorb by osmosis the racial training that’s given to Whites only, to tuck our tails between our legs in every racial situation?”

    The difference is that the mestizos will be much quicker to make the democrats pay at the polls than whites are. Whoever the republicans put up looks to be a lock, since this isn’t going to go away, and they’ll either have to piss off blacks or hispanics.

  26. Denise said:
    “What kind of a world do you want to live in?


    A functioning, healthy Civilization – or the BRA?


    Great comments. Always love your comments, Denise.

    When this story broke, THIS was the web site I went to, for I knew I would get the truth here.

    The truth doesn’t have an agenda.

  27. None of that Teutonic sturmundrang. Now now. T’ain’t the weapon T’is the man as I once said to Otto Bismarck.

  28. Hunter: I would love to see 1,000 supportive comments on each of your articles. People come here for the truth, or at least an alternative to commie-lite FOX and hard Bolshevik NPR, and the trash in between.
    Denise: Awesome as always. Make them choose! Live in Western society or leave! It’s too easy for the assholes to bitch but then they stay. It’s too easy for DWL women/do-gooders to shit on their heritage and race, pick up a black baby and black boyfriend, but you can bet they’re going to bring’em back to live in Daddy’s white community! I wish we had race-based citizenship, I really do. Marrying out=losing citizenship. Remember that white woman from Kentucky who brought her black, immigrant fiance to her all-white church to be married? She did that not out of love, but because it made her feel oh so much superior to her cracker family and neighbors she grew up with. A woman like that deserves a one-way ticket to Nigeria, Sierra Leon, or Haiti and forfeiture of her right to live in my state!
    White and Confederate: Great post! Republican whites mostly claim to be colorblind and mentioning anything about a white community or common interests is like kryptonite to them. I think they will come around once they realize it doesn’t matter if they are colorblind or not, the “others” know they are white and war will come to them as well as to the rest of us.

  29. Limbaugh is a bit of a straw man. Buchanan was interesting but too anti British. Did he not understand we kept the black in Africa on a short leash?

  30. Lily Della Valle says:
    March 28, 2012 at 1:33 am
    Denise said:
    “What kind of a world do you want to live in?


    A functioning, healthy Civilization – or the BRA?


    Great comments. Always love your comments, Denise.

    When this story broke, THIS was the web site I went to, for I knew I would get the truth here.

    The truth doesn’t have an agenda.”

    Why thankee, Miss Delle Valle!

    I came here first, too. Always do.

    By the by, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I always read your graceful posts. Matches your graceful name. I love your name. Flawless.

  31. Hell yes.
    Denise rocks,when she gets done they can’t find there ass.I got everyone at work reading this blog.

  32. Spike Lee linked the wrong address for Zimmerman. Can these people do anything right?

    I think if we left them alone it wouldn’t be more than a year before they were back to their native state.

    Then of course a year and a day before we decided to bring them in out of pity and horror.

    It’s almost like you want to grab them by the hair and TEACH them how to do it right. But we know how that goes.

  33. It is obvious from the evidence that Trayvon Martin, whose commonly used photos are those of his “baby faced” appearance from several years ago, and who was 6’3″ 155 lbs. of solid muscle, and who had photos and posts on Twitter where his identity was that of a “No limit nigga”, was the physical aggressor in this situation. If it were not for that .40 cal slug stopping him, he would have not only broken Zimmerman’s nose, but he would not have kept beating Zimmerman’s head into the ground and would have very possibly killed him. I am part black, as well as a welfare kid from Oakland, Ca. And guess what? Trayvon wanted the thug life, and he damn well got it.

  34. No Limit Nigga Stupidity.

    Spike is such an arrogant cunt. He should be sued. The Dunning-Kuger Effect?

  35. John says:
    March 28, 2012 at 1:03 am
    “The mantra. surely, is for the uninitiated.”

    That’s like saying the the word “racist”, is only for uninitiated anti-Whites. lol

    Anti-Whites all use the word “racist”, from the top, to the bottom of the pile and they only target Whites.

    “Racist” is their Mantra and they use it over and over and over again.

    They use it because it works. It got them everything they ever wanted and a whole lot more.

    We use the Mantra and the word anti-White, for the same reason:

    It works.

    All the anti-Mantra bots are coming out of the woodwork, now that BUGS is getting popular. Impossible to tell if the opposition is really coming from Pro Whites, or butthurt anti-Whites, that got stung by BUGSers.

    BTW, I noticed just the other day, Julius Malema, a nasty black leader, from South Africa, saying he is not >anti-White<.

    BUGS planted that seed using the Mantra and no one else.

  36. Denise, thank you very much, for taking the time to respond to me, and for your kind response. 🙂

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