Trayvon Martin Backlash Gaining Steam


High five everyone … the blogosphere has pretty much killed the myth of Trayvon Martin. This is narrative terrorism at its finest.

Kyle Rogers of deserves a major round of applause for writing the Charleston Examiner article that got 40,000 Facebook shares and turned the whole story upside down.

Gov. Patterson was right: the legend of poor innocent Trayvon, the unarmed boy with Skittles and Arizona iced tea who was the victim of a racist vigilante, has been fucking assassinated by the internet and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been routed.

I’m loving it.

Pro-White community leads anti-Trayvon backlash
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    300RUM – love and kisses my darling! Good on you, on the workplace activism!!!!

    That’s how it’s done, my Bruder!

  2. Lily Della Valle,

    Thank you. One day, soon, I pray, we will all be blessed with the opportunity to meet, in a lovely setting, and enjoy fine food, fine drink, and the best conversation ever!

  3. These comments remind me of why I love ignorant people. Do Amerikkka a favor and use your noose to hand yourself.

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