New Black Panthers Threaten To Burn Down Detroit

Will the New Black Panthers burn down Detroit?


“This is white supremacy, and we will fight you. Before you can take over our city, we will burn it down first.”
– Malik Shabazz

Paul Kersey of has been preparing us for the imminent demise of Actual Black Run Detroit for over a month now.

By far the most hilarious episode in Paul Kersey’s Detroit series was the Twitter exchanges with Charlie LeDuff of MyFoxDetroit over the primary cause of Detroit’s decline.

Paul attempted to explain to LeDuff that the Black Rebellion of 1967 and the Visible Black Hand of Economics (a theory which in a normal society would qualify for the Nobel Prize) had combined to bring Detroit to this point.

LeDuff dismissed Kersey.

Now we have learned that the New Black Panther Party has told LeDuff that they will burn down Detroit if Gov. Rick Snyder appoints an emergency financial manager to take over the city.

In the name of blackness, Detroit will be sacked by the Visible Black Hand like Alaric and the Goths sacked Rome. Technically, this would be more like the Vandals sack of Rome because African-Americans have sacked Detroit before.

Charlie LeDuff is the one who has lost his mind here by entertaining the preposterous delusion that anyone other than black people are responsible for creating the “Mogadishu of the West.”

Note: OD readers in Detroit and Michigan are under a travel warning. There are possible Trayvons arming for race war in your area. We are extending this travel warning nationwide in light of the excitement over the Trayvon Martin case.

LeDuff to Minister Malik Shabazz: Burn Down Detroit, Are You Out of Your Mind?:

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  1. I can’t think of anything finer than the New Black Panthers burning down Detroit. Thinking about it puts a big ol smile on my face

    to bad they don’t have the brass for it

  2. I’m unsure which is the greater fool, LeDuff or Shabazz. But I’m going to go with LeDuff since he appears blissfully unaware what black power means to him and to his family. That being a violent and gruesome death after being gang raped.

  3. I’m unsure which is the greater fool, LeDuff or Shabazz. But I’m going to go with LeDuff since he appears blissfully unaware what black power means to him and to his family. That being a violent and gruesome death after being gang raped. You can’t take the Africa out of the African.

  4. Can ANYONE take a nigger by the name of “Shabazz” seriously?

    I mean, ‘Shabazz, Batman!’ is all I can hear in my mind’s ear.
    And if the Niggers take down Detroit (oh, wait, already happened) can I watch the Army destroy these ‘traitors to the American nation’ via the Obamantion’s already enacted statutes, like NDAA, Fema Camps, etc.?

    Or will the Magic Negro not ‘diss’ his own ‘bruvuhs’? Can we see this BEFORE the Democrap-ic Convention, before November, before Arpaio takes out the chimp with the big ears?


    Secession. Now. Today. Forever.

  5. Whites in the Detroit burbs should just roll through and torch buildings themselves in the middle of the night after that threat. False flag type event? Sure it is but it would cetrainly help the collapse along. Show the word what blacks really are while simultaneously demonstrating their helplessness.

    The firefighters would be trapped by gunfire, the negroes would loot and Shabazz would be on Tv demanding whitey help.

  6. Anything of value left in Detroit to burn down? Last time I was there, there was nothing but rubble and decayed buildings.

  7. IF the blacks WERE to burn down Detroit, just where do you think they would eventually end up? Just more to invade the suburbs and more crime for US to eventually have to deal with. The thing is, those NEANDERTHALS are no more “African” than I am. If they REALLY want to be considered “African” they should all just get on a boat and go back there and live the lives that actual Africans have to live. The TRUTH is that for the major majority of black AMERICANS, Africa would be that place that would be a nice place to visit but they wouldn’t want to live there. There would be no money in it for them, no one to suck off of, no special rights for them, no special organizations just for them. No, they prefer it here where they can whine about the “terrible” lives they lead. I wish they would burn Detroit down BUT WE need to build a wall around it before they do so they can’t flee from the flames.

  8. I don’t have a problem with black people burning down their black city. Just proves the point. Black people destroy everything and demand the govt give them new stuff. They don’t want an ‘intervention’? Fine, don’t intervene. Then Detroit will have to declare bankruptcy and a judge will decide how to liquidate the city. Sounds like a plan to me.

  9. Neaderthals were intrepid frontier type humanoids. I’m part Neanderthal according to DNA research. No sub Saharan black can claim that illustrious subspecies/species. Only Eurasians.

  10. Dat ol magic Blank Slate Theory just about makes the mind impervious to logic. So just how were some low IQ present time orientated people supposed to maintain a First World city?

    Paul wrote about what the Washington Times wrote about DC Metro or whatever the public transportation is there and how blacks are so inept they are even scaring the Whites in our nation’s “Super Zip.”

    I cannot think of anything better than the public transportation advocating car hating liberals being forced to deal with Blacks. I hope everyday is a chimpout for little Miss Grad Studies Government Job/DNC Hack.

  11. Robroy, I beleive that’s from a traditional Irish farewell for liberals. “May the knockout king always strike you from the back, and may the chimpouts rise up to meet you”.

  12. The New Black Panther Party is gonna burn down Detroit? Do you have an address for them so I can send a donation?

  13. I was wondering how long it would take for someone to set Squirrel straight on Neanderthal DNA and I wasn’t disappointed

  14. yeah the niggers up here are getting all “chimpy” about that trayvon shit, i’ve been hereing alot more about “white supremacy” lately. they are on the verge of snapping. just wait till it gets hot, in the D most niggers have to piggyback the AC and brownouts occur, even in the white enclaves in the southeast. just wait, i can feel it in my bones, you’ll see humvees with microave weaponry and national guardmen in berets and tiger camo “restoring order” dragon rouge style.

  15. I like your travel warning. What I would like to see is a site specifically tailored to provide travel warnings to white people that would cover the country and possible the world. This would be another to to bring a larger awareness of the black undertow on society.

    Example: Daytona black bike week. Stay out of town

  16. Chimps gonna chimp. Can it be contained in Florida?

    Probably not, if the Duggan Riots were anything to go by. Lots of criminal opportunism, in addition to the radical delusions. It spreads like wildfire.

  17. Ahh yes. Bike Week. Made the mistake of going to Mertle during black bike week a while back. Friend of the girlfriend at the time offered her very nice condo to us for free that week. Didn’t take long to figure out why she didn’t want to go.

  18. .

    Well, I saw the video of the black guy getting interviewed blah blah blah blah ….. Now where can I can one of those nifty cool Daniel Boone buckskin jackets sported by the ‘journalist’. I like it.


  19. “This is white supremacy, and we will fight you. Before you can take over our city, we will burn it down first.” – Malik Shabazz

    And all the Detroitus said “Ooh– an upgrade!”

  20. The panthers threatening to burn down Detroit is the functional equivalent of the scene in Blazing Saddles when the Black sheriff pointed a gun at his own head and said “Stop or I’m going to kill this nigger.”

  21. There are still pockets of white Christian / European immigrant neighborhoods in Detroit, the only parts of the city still functioning.

  22. Yes, I live in FFX County, Northern Virginia. The Metro is run by negros and is apalling beyond description. Washington D.C. is apalling.

  23. why is it that all you whites are moving back to detroit and buying up property in detroit but yhall hate nigga,s or niggers so much why dont yhall stay out or city whites talk about how bad blacks are but why do yhall want our women and why is it that your women want us some bad.If the white race hates us some much why do you people come to the city for football baseball hockey clubs and other things you people would have the stones to live in my area and call a person a nigger

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