Amurrica Series: Is America Still The Land of The Future?

Is BRA the land of the future? Are you kidding?


Francis Fukuyama, Walter Russell Mead, and Robert Kagan appear on Canadian television to debate whether Black Run America (BRA) is still the land of the future.

The latest Rasmussen poll shows that 41 percent of Americans believe that America’s best days are in the future. 43 percent believe America’s best days are in the past. 17 percent are undecided.

We can definitively answer that question: NO.

(1) First, we know that changing racial demographics means that greater and greater swathes of America are taking on the complexion of Detroit and Los Angeles. We know that the American political class is determined to sink America like the Titanic on the iceberg of racial differences.

(2) Second, we know that the growth of “diversity” (which is falsely advertised as our greatest strength) will inexorably make our political system more and more dysfunctional, which means the government will be less and less capable of responding to major challenges.

(3) Third, we know that the rotten dominant culture is unsustainable in the long run and will continue to undermine the competitiveness of America’s human capital relative to other advanced industrialized nations, which will only exacerbate the problem of changing racial demographics.

(4) Fourth, we have seen of decade of the status quo on the energy front, which gives us no reason to believe that America is capable of responding to the challenge of Peak Oil as the problem begins to spiral out of control.

(5) Fifth, we have seen that the financial system is institutionally incapable of reforming itself, and that the incestuous relationship between Washington and Wall Street means that it won’t be reformed until it is toppled in a systemic crisis.

(6) Sixth, the aging of the White population (while not as serious as the problem facing Europe) and the youthfulness of the non-White population will further undermine America’s economic growth.

No, America is not the land of the future. It is already obvious to even the dullest sectors of the White population that America is now in terminal decline. We are headed into a world that is older, poorer, more diverse, and energy scarce.

The zero sum world is arriving on schedule as expected. There is going to be a crack up when that bitch called reality sufficiently diverges from our expectations of the future. It will not be pretty.

Note: The reality based paradigm assumes that Obama speeches will prove to be unresponsive to these identifiable problems. Hence, the popularity of dystopian movies and television shows like The Hunger Games and The Walking Dead.

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  1. And you can be sure that as we go down we will be scanned, prodded, poked, inspected, taxed, spied on and regulated into oblivion.

    The amount of money going into “Homeland Security” is obscene. We just got naked body scanners at our little small town airport here.

    Scanning towards Gomorrah.

    It’s going to be a nightmare beyond compare.

  2. The police state is the system’s self aware last ditch attempt to keep the lid on the whole thing. The USSR had the KGB. It didn’t save them in the end, and they didn’t even have any niggers.

  3. The decade long Iraq/Afghan fiasco, electing a Gangsta Technocrat, free trade with China…

    There was only one possible outcome.

    But there’s more. The West has gone down like a sack of putrid shit before. It can turn into victory if there’s a real fight.

  4. I wish Landshark was wrong, but I fear he is correct. Gas just jumped to $4.15 a gallon here, Jesus!

    The niggers will be the first to “go trayvon” on us, but sooner or later, it seems, we are all will need to go feral just to survive.

  5. The rising case of gasoline doomsday the suburban living arrangement. It dooms coexistence with BRA for large segments of the White population who avoid confrontation by retreating into the suburbs.

  6. I can add the Incipient Suburban chaos to that list.

    Once it is confronted as Giuliani did in New York, the blacks will be knouted into submission.

    They are not truly organized. More like a herd of bison.

  7. They were talking about poor old Trayvon on Fox News a minute ago and Tucker Carlson said, “Do you really want to have a debate about race and crime in this country? Should we go to the statistics and see who’s killing who?”

    That’s somewhat paraphrased, but it’s fairly accurate.

    If those Fairly Unbalanced Fox News fucks are starting to talk like that, we may be on our way to a brand new conversation about the descendants of cannibals who live among us.

  8. Yea, the USA is doomed. However, the worse things get for the USA, the better our chances of a secessionist movements will catch on. Personally I’d love to see a strong secessionist movement in the South, north east, and out west.

  9. I’m listening to Glenn Beck, who’s playing the interview with the New Black Panther guy.
    It sounds like a huge protest in the background on behalf of dead Trayvon.

    I am somewhat envious of the way the trayvons go into lock step when something like this goes down. Can you imagine a mob of white people screaming for blood when something like the Knoxville murders took place? It’d be nice.

  10. Mike,

    modern infantry tactics do not include rushing around in a pack.
    It’s just more dumb black Zulu tictacs n sheet. A CBU would be handy.

    Just fill a few sandbags, fill some 5 gallon water bottles, contact neighbors and wait for the bongo party. It’s sure to arrive. If you can barricade streets.

  11. The assholes in the video lose me starting at about the 24 minute mark; at the 28min mark, I couldn’t take it anymore.

    To sum their arguments:

    The world has major problems, more diversity applied to those problems is the solution. America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, et al, are the models for success in a globalized world, and those countries will owe their successes to kaleidoscope multiculturalism.

    I feel like I’m in the fucking Twilight Zone. There really is NO end in sight to this dystopia.

  12. So, instead of using the ‘f’ word every post, what are we going to DO about it?

    Where are the modern secession movements?

    Where are the people who are awake?
    Can we not live together, work together, pray together, and stop this atomization, which will only ensure that if ‘we do not hang together, we shall most assuredly hang separately?

  13. @John

    I’m still holding out with some hope that things can be resolved peacefully, although I strongly suspect “modern infantry tactics” will have to come into play.

  14. So, should we all just lay down and die, screaming and kicking as we may, while watching the Genocide of our Race?

    Or, should we give the Mantra approach a chance?

    What have we got to lose?

  15. BRA is based on the infinite growth paradigm. The infinite growth paradigm is based on access to cheap and abundant energy that can be exploited at ever greater rates to create waste.

    The zero sum world is based on the concept that one man’s loss is another man’s gain. By my estimate, we are around three or four years into the zero sum world. Things are just starting to get interesting with gas prices choking down the economy again.

  16. Fr. John+:

    Yes, I, too, would like to have everybody I don’t agree with on the other side of a well guarded border, but not everyone, not even those who visit this site regularly, would like your ideal country or mine.

    States Rights would be a good place to start. If the people in two thirds of the states want to introduce an amendment to the Yankee Constitution which would restore state sovereignty, the D.C. boys couldn’t stop it and I doubt that they would have the political will to try.

    If we had fifty states each making up the rules by which its citizens would live, we would both stand a better chance of living in a place populated by people that we agree with on most topics.

    Then our biggest challenge would be to keep the people who dwell in our states from sticking their noses in the business of other states. That’s where all of the trouble started. For example, the people in Massachusetts, rather than spending their time learning how to properly pronounce words with an “r” in them, chose instead to focus on shoving niggers into the University of Alabama and a bunch of other places where they weren’t welcome.

    Those good folks who sound like crows when they try to say “car” then joined with Yankees from neighboring states to make sure Southern Folks didn’t miss out on the wonderful experience of dining among cannibals.

    I’ve read a lot of your comments here at OD and I’m pretty well convinced that you, too, have an agenda you’d like to shove down the throats of others. Learn to control that urge until you and those who think like you have your own state, then park your agenda on your side of the state line.

    If you are going to have your set of rules, you’ve got to respect the rules that folks are going to make up in the other states.

    If we are going to have schools just for White people in your state and mine and expect the CAW people and their Yankee cohorts to stay off our backs about it, then we are going to have to mind our own concerns when guys marry each other, and maybe livestock, too, in Massachusetts, New York and California. (It’s okay to hang them if they try to spend their honeymoons in our states, but what they do within the confines of their own sovereign state will have to be their business.)

    Keep in mind that our not wanting to share our neighborhoods with niggers is just as repulsive to them as men kissing men is to you and I.

    If we can’t reel in our desire to run everything from sea to shining sea, then we can’t expect the Yankees to control their totalitarian urges, either.

  17. “Hunter Wallace says:
    March 28, 2012 at 5:03 pm
    Everyone here already knows that anti-racists are anti-white”

    Thank YOU.


  18. While I wholeheartedly agree with substance and aim of the mantra, I believe it to be largely impotent and ineffectual to the uninitiated. For racially comatose Whites, it’s offensive, even when delivered by the attractive female in the YouTube vid.

    Pointing out [concrete] double standards and hypocrisies are the most effective tools at shattering White racial catatonia.

  19. I’m at work on a theology professor. The mantra t’ ain’t much use on those types.

    He’s hooked on the back and forth so I know he’s partial to a bit of realism. I’ve been bludgeoning him with youtubes/newsfeeds of chimpouts on buses. YouTube be rayciss. I know he sees– but PhDs like to argue the toss.

  20. Robert Kagan is a jewish neoconservative. He is one of those jews who pushed for the invasion of muslim countries.

  21. Denise Those “newbie’s” are all over the internet. What message have you been getting out all over?

  22. Denise, “Newbie’s”? Really? That is the most absurd thing I have heard in quite a while. I suggest you retract. I am going to assume you are at least racially aware, so i won’t let in to you, yet. Just know that some have been out there – literally – in hand to hand combat on the front lines. Where were you? On a discussion board?

  23. Of course, “Everybody here already knows” … anti-“racism” is just a code word for anti-White. That’s old hat.

    Only the “Newbies” are out hammering those anti-White Whites with it hundreds of times a day. Only the “Newbies” are doing something about the anti-White discourses in the Nets-Media.

    Funny how those “Newbies” get around! Go figure.

  24. @PlayingRootsBacwards:Tucker Carlson said, “Do you really want to have a debate about race and crime in this country? Should we go to the statistics and see who’s killing who?”

    Sweet hopping Moses, he said that on regular TV? Man, maybe the tide really is beginning to turn. I mean, for a mainstream TV news droid to make that kind of statement is huge. Those types never disobey their programming…

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