The Truth About George Zimmerman


The Los Angeles Times describes the White racist vigilante of Sanford, Florida who gunned down poor innocent Trayvon Martin who was armed only with an Arizona iced tea and a pack of Skittles:

SANFORD, Fla. — For many Americans, George Zimmerman has become the face of barbarous vigilante justice. For Olivia Bertalan, he was the face of compassion — a neighbor of consummate graciousness and low-key gallantry.

Roughly six months before Zimmerman shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in his gated Florida townhouse complex, he was standing in Bertalan’s doorway, asking what he could do to help her. A group of young men had just broken into Bartalan’s townhouse as she and her infant cowered in a locked bedroom. The intruders had stolen a $600 camera and a laptop.

After the police had come and gone, the doorbell rang, and there was Zimmerman: 5-foot-9, in a shirt and tie, his body a little doughy, his demeanor gentle. He introduced himself. He gave her a list of phone numbers where she could reach him at any time. He gave her a heavy-duty lock to bolster the sliding-glass door that the suspects had forced open. He told her she could go stay with his wife down the street if she ever felt scared again.

“That first impression was really sweet,” Bartalan, 21, told the Los Angeles Times. “It really does break my heart how they’re portraying him as coldblooded murderer.”

This is the impression of Zimmerman shared by a number of neighbors and acquaintances, one that only compounds the complexity and tragedy in the case of Trayvon Martin, whom Zimmerman gunned down Feb. 26 in a suburban side yard.

Zimmerman, who claimed self-defense, has not been arrested, and outraged observers have impugned the 28-year-old neighborhood watch captain, and the justice system, as racist. Friends and family have argued that Zimmerman, who is half-Peruvian, has many black friends and even family members, and was not motivated by prejudice. . . .

Al Sharpton is exposed once again as a race hustler and grandstanding liar with no credibility. Who could have predicted that? Troy Davis? Jena 6? Crystal Mangum? OJ Simpson? Rodney King? Tawana Brawley?

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  1. Trayvon? Six months. My God it’s tantalizing. The dad, what about him? How long was he muh dikking the Gated community resident?

  2. If Obama had a son, I’d bet CPC would have taken him away a long time ago, considering the rumors about what Barry like to do behind closed doors.

  3. Even if there is a case that Zimmerman was technically culpable for manslaughter(which is still not beyond the realm of possibility), there is enough testimony towards the content of his character that I can’t see them convicting him now.

  4. IF the Obamanation’s siding with the Chimpout faction is any indication, the GOP should reap BIG points with Latino voters, if they would ONLY stand with the White (I mean HISPANIC) Senyor Zimmerman!!!

    But that would mean independent thought, and an almost WHITE IQ…. from Hispanics.

    Oh, well. Back to Oprah reruns.

  5. Here’s the thing, we wouldn’t be talking about this at all if the media had reported the facts correctly especially the fact a hispanic did the shooting. This is not White on black crime the left likes to salivate about.

  6. Ruger firearms recently announced that they are no longer accepting orders for weapons. They have 1 million orders in backlog. Yes, 1 million backlog. Law abiding citizens have had enough of these stupid animals and are arming to shoot.

  7. And what if we don’t? What if we vote for the white guy instead? God has a race? I thought race was a social construct? Your eloquent post provokes many interesting questions, mr blk man. Please continue to enlighten us with your salient thoughts on race.

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  9. Some of you people’s comments are disgusting. How can you justify and support a man who is guilty of taking the life of a 17 year old boy? It’s crazy to think that in 2012 there are still people so small minded and idiotic that they would see nothing immoral about killing another human being, no matter what the motivation, whether it be skin colour or not. Zimmerman shot Martin in the chest at close range, that ISN’T self defence, especially against a young, unarmed boy who could have been over-powered. It shouldn’t matter the skin colour of either the killer or the victim – black, caucasian, hispanic, asian – the unnecessary killing of someone is a crime and no amount of jail time given to the killer could never even compare to the pain they have caused the victims loved ones who have lost their son/grandson/brother/friend etc..

    & @313Chris, everything you said in your last post is disgusting. I’m white and my entire family is, but I was actually brought up well so I realise that wishing death upon all black people and referring to them as “coons” is moronic, and it makes you sound completely sub-human. In fact, the only thing I can picture in my head right now while thinking of you is a toothless, brain-dead, inbred, hillbilly – but I suppose that’s just the stereotype held against people like you, a stereotype that is quickly becoming far more common than the one that you seem to hold against black people.

  10. Do we have an update on this case? I’ve heard that the special prosecutor messed up on delivering evidence to the defense.

  11. #1 negros are not people; killing them is not murder. you don’t murder cows and mules

    #2 with everything we know ad trayvon, odds are good it attacked zimmerman and zimmerman but it down. and zimmerman is also not White and by default not human

  12. Sure, sure, sure. To kill a drug-addict in self-defense is a great crime. It doesn’t matter the black guy’d have killed many other people (white, black etc) as does any other drug-addict. Zimmerman’d have been the first one (and if Zimmerman hadn’t shot and died in the fight, you americans’d have started a drama “it’s racist to arrest a black guy for murder, blacks can’t be put in jail for anything – their great grandfathers were slaves, thus you can’t put them to jail and anything they do is right no matter what). It doesn’t matter all the evidence proves Zimmerman was perfectly right to defend himself and his action has nothing to do with racism. Sometimes it looks like you guys have completely perverted brains (if any) and everything which is good call evil, and everything which is disgusting and obnoxious is called good.
    Zimmerman is a hero. Not just because he had the guts to act against a nasty criminal but because he was able to stand against racism in the States, black racism which isn’t any better than any other kind of racism. His family has to hide because the black criminal supporters are so ****ing fair-minded and just, TV has faked his 911 phone call… It’s just repulsive to talk about it in general – so nasty it feels when truth and good is called evil, and evil is shown as a virtue.
    Racism only has to do with this here: disgusting black racism that wants to go on unpunished for any imaginable crime disguised as being discriminated.
    I understand my voice won’t be heard. If you’re white or black, asian or african, it doesn’t matter. Remember – today you justify a crime against somebody else, tomorrow you or your family might become a victim of a drug-addict, who won’t care what color you are. It’ll be too late then.

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