ABC News Zimmerman Video


It proves nothing … Zimmerman was cleaned up by EMTs before he was transported to the police station. He was treated for a broken nose the next day. There are medical records that would confirm this.

Ed Schultz is a demagogue. Al Sharpton is a liar and the MSM has no credibility. If the MSM innuendo is true, then the eye witnesses who saw Trayvon beating Zimmerman, the EMTs who treated Zimmerman, the officer on the scene, the Sanford PD, and the doctor who treated Zimmerman for his facial injuries are engaged in a massive conspiracy.

It is obviously false, but most black people (and the MSM it seems) lack the intelligence to discern this. Black people also believed the government created the AIDS virus and that OJ was innocent and that Crystal Mangum was raped by the Duke Lacrosse players.

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  1. Zimmerman got off a round before the No Limit Nigga did more damage or killed him. This is the reason Zimmerman’s injuries were not worse.

    One of the detectives supposedly wanted to charge Zimmerman. I would like to know the race of that detective.

  2. There are going to be medical records. WTF are the press playing at? Madness. And it looks like they “arrested” Zim to me. He’s being taken to the station in cuffs. The more we look at this the more we see the cops doing their job too. They didn’t let Zim waltz off with congratulatory applause.

  3. They are going into full conspiracy mode. The Chinatown gambit. The cops have no reason whatesoever to cover up this stuff.

    Every report: EMT, PoPo, clinic. All fabricated.


  4. lol the liberals are twisting themselves into knots over this.when things like this happen it’s a excellent insight into how liberals think and operate. i wonder what their excuse will be when blacks riots and burn down cities. “ohh its ok its because that boy was killed by a racist”

  5. I tried to follow a yahoo link to the ABC news video/ story and it did not work.

    However, doesn’t matter if Zimmerman did shot the kid down in “cold blood” because he wasn’t White. It’s at most hispanic on black crime and at no time was it a White man gunning down an angelic young negro

    The facts don’t matter. I’m fair certain the left wants more large scale chimp-outs. They gained a lot of power spinning the race riots of the late 60’s and 70’s and I’m sure they figure they can do it again. The facts don’t matter, negros will believe anything, and most White folks don’t pay enough attention to figure things out on their own

  6. One must remember, at all times, that when dealing with Niggers the words they utter have NO meaning. They have learned to repeat Magic Mumbo Jumbo words, that seem to have an effect on Da White Manz, and brings them Cargo.

    The Jews that have patronized them, and guided them, helped configure these words all along. Now – American Africans seem to be trying to work Dem Magic Mojo words on their own.

    You must make this conceptual leap. Their words mean NOTHING. The Human brain – YOUR brain – seeks order, and meaning. Reason, rational analysis, scrupulous attention to facts, and real world events; these are concepts that have value for us. Not for them.

    It’s difficult to de-link your concept of words as having *meaning*, and that a person that utter words is using anyt particular word to convey a particular meaning. Jews are semiotic Masters; they fully know the meaning, and effects of word configurations. They use words to obtain cargo, as well – but they they know what they are doing. They use words to deceive, obfuscate, and divert.

    Negroes just use words that worked, before. I believe a significant reason for their rage, over this case, is that the words they are using are not producng the intended results. they don’t know WHY.

  7. I pray that none of your “non-nigger” children are killed … you won’t want answers, you won’t want justice, you won’t want due process…

    opinions are like assholes.. or some assholes should keep their opinions to themselves

  8. My kids wouldn’t be gunned down like that because 1) they wouldn’t cause problems. 2) they are armed. 3) they were concealable vests

    negros are gunned down like animals because they act like animals

  9. @Mary jane

    AYE!!!!!!!!!!!!NIGGER CHIMPTALK! When that get cracker get off them niggas gone riot and den white folks iz gone KILL YOU ALL. lol

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