No Regrets


In Spokane, Washington, 65-year-old Frank Motta was recently trayvoned by Obama’s son Treven Lewis, who says in this video he has no regrets about murdering him for crashing his party.

Note: Tyheem Henry (Carter Strange’s attacker) and Tyrone Woodfork (Nancy and Bob Strait’s attacker) are also Obama’s sons.

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  1. Oh oh I’m Obama’s Son
    but I’m not the only one.
    I’m oh I’m so freeeee!

    U used to bus
    u used to walk
    but now you drive to work
    and it’s because of us!
    I’m oh I’m so freeeee!

    Velvet Underground lyrics come in handy for the occassional pastishe

  2. Why white people come to tolerate this behavior by kaffirs, I cannot fathom. My uncle questioned me on how we submit to the criminal behavior of the American negro after hearing news of the murder of an Indian Ph.D professor (and of others of course). He spoke with such vitriol, I get the sense that lynching would occur if such an event were to occur in his country.

  3. I like the idea of linking all criminal negro males as Obama’s son’s. Very clever and sets the idea that obama identifies with one race and not any other

    Very clever HW

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