White Teenage Girl Assaulted During Soccer Game

South Carolina

This girl in South Carolina was trayvoned like Beverly Hope Melton and Carter Strange:

Note: The victim wasn’t Obama’s son or one of Eric Holder’s people so BRA’s media doesn’t care about the story. If she had fought back in self defense though, CNN and MSNBC would be demanding her arrest by now.

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  1. There’s really no living with these feral beasts. The beast should be jailed for assault, but likely not a damned thing will happen to it. As long as Whites have the wherewithal to separate ourselves by moving to suburbs/exurbs they probably will not actually fight for their existence, because there’s more to be lost by wallowing in the muck with these animals, and the prospect of being imprisoned with these beasts is now worse than any alternatives, but when the economy collapses, I believe White resolve will re-emerge. It looks bleak now, but we’re smarter than these savages, and we WILL win. It’s just a matter of will, not ability. But for now, these blacks are having an absolute field day with their ability to attack whites with near complete impunity. I long for the day when that ends. I’d say that within 10, 15 years max, the stuff will hit the fan.

  2. There are lots of clarifying moments in l’affaire Trayvon.

    All Whites need to understand that their lives mean NOTHING to the US Government and its institutions.

    You can be violated, beaten, murdered by blacks – no one will care (except a few websites like this).

    You are considered evil and worthless by the US Government – never forget that, let it sink in.

    When you contemplate defending that system, ponder this.

    I have served the US Government in uniform – now I regret that service.

  3. No sir,

    if you served with honour don’t worry. We all know what it is like to be human.
    Just use your training wisely. Make sure children around you are wise.

  4. I liked bewildered the look on the face of the blonde girl that showed up on the screen at :39. She looked like she was thinking, “Grampa was right about those people! Why did mom tell me not to pay any attention to him?”

  5. JohnAZ:

    I think you are way off on the 10to 15 years.

    Did you ever watch a three-strand rope break. After the first strand breaks, the rope starts to unwind, then the other two strands go POP POP.

    Right now, that first strand is looking pretty frazzled.

    When it starts it will happen quick, and it’s going to start very soon. I think the federal peace-keeper troops will be out in full force before the end of July.

    I lived in Detroit during the riots and right now the tension in the air feels just like it felt back then. The big difference now is that most of the tension is coming from White folks.

    We will see mass burials in the U.S. this summer.

  6. What happened to the feral she-beast who assaulted this girl, was she arrested or given some punishment??

  7. The most disgusting aspect of the Trayvon affair was the odious Jeb Bush immediately chirping that the “Stand Your Ground” law was inapplicable for Zimmerman. This confirms what I’ve long thought that the Bushes–all of them–are the GOP equivalent of the Kennedys. It’s hard to pick which is more despicable.

    If the all-night firing squads ever come to this country I pray they take the neocon Republicans first.

  8. If I’m that blonde human’s parent… that Sheboon is brought up on assault charges, or I take matters into my own hands.

    You attack one of mine, got-damnit I gotta attack one of yours.

  9. DWL’s and niggers go silent when you ask them “where’s the outrage for black on White crime”. I make it a point to list several cases of the more horrific kind

  10. I know several young White women who would not allow a she-boon to beat on them like the girl in the video. A high school girl who works with my wife told her that White students are actually more “racist” than anyone realizes, precisely because of their experience with these black savages. Of course, they know they can’t say that within earshot of any White “authority figure”.

  11. Actually, that was a pretty adroit trip-move White Girl put on the she-boon. White Girl should have been ready for chimp-out. Next time maybe she will be ready. An educational experience all around.

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