Black Liberation Militia Founder Says Trayvon Supporters Want Justice


This is the kind of rhetoric you find at in their lead story:

As part of the coverage on the Trayvon Martin case, NewsOne visited the cityof Sanford, where the tragic shooting took place this past Monday. A rally led by Baltimore Pastor Jamal Bryant showcased a unified fight for justice, but according to a leader of a Black militia group, local residents are fed up with the rallies and want true justice….

and similar protests are helping? What do you think the people want? Are folks unified?

NSM: People I talked to thought it was nothing but the same old stuff. But I think the people are ready for some radicalism. As Malcolm X once said, it’s time for a worldwide revolution. Brother Malcolm also said “the ballot or the bullet” too. My revolutionary father Dr. Khalil Abdul Muhammad would say, “Bullet or the bullet,” and I say, as the leader of the New Black Liberation Militia, It’s the bullet and the bomb. That’s what’s happening. The youth are going to run this. It’s a sense of rebellion that’s going to take place if this Travyon Martin thing don’t go right.

The New Black Liberation Militia will be staging a citywide rally in Atlanta on April 21 from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. The group is also undertaking an armed protest on April 7 in the city of Sanford. To learn more about the Militia and their efforts, go here.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is already on record saying that change has to come through any means necessary.

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  1. I’m pretty sure I know why most conservatards are equivocating. They are scared. Scared pants-less by the specter of thousands of rioting Trayvons.

  2. This is getting beyond stupid. Is this really the Obama machine’s best shot?

    The veil is finally removed. WHAT A JOKE!

  3. I can only think that a big part of this obviously orchestrated amplification of this non-event is in large part motivated by the revelations of the Arpaio investigation, which are twisted and brutal. The Obama hoax goes deep.

  4. They have the most natural resources and most productive farmland of any race in their native Africa. We are a world minority, we allow them to live among us, as a minority. We made one of them President of the most powerful White country in the world, and still it is not enough.

    There is nothing more we can do for them.

  5. Except eliminate them.

    I will say it, the black race should have been repatriated, after the War Between the States. That it has not been, and that the “Chief Chimp” [Barack, the not-so-magic negro] is not defusing this racial UNholy war against God’s Adam, is clear indication that, should it come to this, Whites must engage in a war for their very existence.

    As the Israelites were told to annihilate the goyim in their ‘Promised Land,’ so, too, the altruistic behavior we have lavished on these unregenerate beasts for 400 years has born NO FRUIT. And Christ said, the tree that bears no fruit, will be torn up, and thrown into the fire.

    When even the Eric ‘my people’ Holder Justice Administration sides with the ‘No Justice (for blacks only), No Peace (for the hated White Honkey) mob, one must realize this is beyond Law. If they want ANARCHY, then we can do no better than the Boers did at Blood River under Piet Retief.

    God is not going to side with those who act like animals. He is the God of Adam, not the god of Charles Darwin.

    I’m buying ammo, tonight, and enrolling my children in shotgun camp for this summer. May God arise, and may His enemies be scattered.

  6. Here’s a quote I just read over at

    “”It is painfully difficult to decide whether to abandon some of one’s core values when they seem to be becoming incompatible with survival. At what point do we as individuals prefer to die than to compromise and live? Millions of people in modern time have indeed faced the decision whether, to save their own life, they would be willing to betray friends or relatives, acquiesce in a vile dictatorship, live as virtual slaves, or flee their country. Nations and societies sometimes have to make similar decisions collectively.” – Jared M. Diamond, Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, 2005

  7. Fr. John, Piet Retief and his party were murdered while attempting to negotiate peace with the Zulu king Dingane. It was Andres Pretorius who led the Boers to victory at Blood River. Just a little correction.

  8. Justice might be served and change might indeed come, just not exactly in the manner that the folks quoted in the article are thinking of. Lock and load.

  9. The spectre of thousands of rioting Trayvons gives me a… well, let’s just say it gets me “excited.”

    Dr. Boyce Watkins is already on record saying that change has to come through any means necessary.

    Indeed. Blacks have shown unequivocally that they only flourish under Colonialism, White Supremacy, etc. So if he wants positive change for Blacks, he’ll support these, the only proven methods. Time for the Black intelligentsia to call for the White whip-hand, the jackbooted White foot on Black necks.

    Not that any sane White person wants this to happen. I’m just saying, that’s what smart Blacks want.

  10. Indeed. Just like the black chiefs who sold their brethren as slaves — “Dude, please take these niggaz off my hands.”

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