Parents of Slain British Students Blast Obama


Barack Hussein Obama and Eric “My People” Holder mysteriously had nothing to say about the two British students who were murdered in Florida by the Black Undertow.

Obama Africanus I hasn’t commented on the anti-White hate crimes in Missouri or South Carolina either.

I wonder why – didn’t Africanus make a point to return the bust of Winston Churchill in the Oval Office?

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  1. Obama is beating Romney handily in the latest polls. His job approval is up. A significant portion of whites in this country like taking it up the *** from Obama and his buddies. The more that blacks beat or target whites, the more they like it. 16 trillion in debt? Let’s try for 32. Five dollar gas? Bring on ten. They love the world wide apology tour and the more foolish he makes this country look, the better. I don’t know how much angrier I and the people around me can get. Is the current environment leading up to the second civil war?

  2. Funny how Barack Hussein will take a few moments out of his day to call that slut Sandra Fluke or call the Treyvons of the world his “son,” but can’t apologize to the bereaved family of two white men who were killed for no reason. I will be so happy when this ASS CLOWN is voted out. And he will be.

  3. His gramps washed dishes in a British officers mess. Obama carries resentments that dwarf American race relations. He reckons himself to be African PERIOD.

  4. I’m impressed with all the WN word-spinning in these threads. I really am. And yet I suspect at least half of us are not yet weaponed up. Not much time left…do it now. M1A best for long-range work, .357 better than 9 mm for close encounters. AR-15? Don’t think so…burns thru too much ammo too fast. You want one shot, one down.

  5. @MajikFireHornet

    – AR-10 carbine-length. Hits hard, plenty accurate even at longish ranges, and is compact enough not to be cumbersome. Armalite has the best overall package out of the box. 7.62x51mm is in abundant surpluses all over the world.

    – Ruger sp101 2.2 inch. .357-mag, 5-shot capacity. Stout little tank of a revolver. 125- grain jacketed hollow-points are the statistical #1 single-shot man-stoppers.

    That’s all I got. If ‘My People & Co.’ start handing out Barret’s and Desert Eagle’s to the Force Trayvon, then I’m fucked. Let’s hope Michelle spent the ‘Kill Whitey’ budget on all her trips to Europe.

  6. one shot one down doesn’t happen often and when it does it’s because of years of training and some luck. I love the M1a1, it’s been my duty rifle for 20+ years but recoil on a .308 rifle is a lot to handle well in CQB ( unless you’ve trained for it). Folks die from bleeding out way more often then they fall down stone dead, and they keep running even when you put three .308’s through their upper back. Multiple holes means more bleeding.

    Those seal’s who killed UBl were probably carrying M4’s ( AR15’s) for a reason. None of the specop’s guys I run into out here carry anything but M4’s ( it’s our standard duty rifle as well)

    a round right into the heart still leaves a negro with enough oxygenated blood to keep going for up to 30 seconds. The only for sure one shot one kills is to shut down the central nervous system, base of the spine and between the eyes and a little up. ( the apricot and T)

    12 ga slugs do a good job of one and done, but limited range and round capacity puts you at a disadvantage. Cops went from shotguns to AR15’s for a reason.

    a rifle is for close in work too. rifles are much more lethal than pistols

    .357 revolver puts you at a serious disadvantage vs the guy with a Glock. .357 Sig has a good track record.

    Doesn’t matter what eric my people holder hands out, negros won’t know how to use them and won’t use them well. negros in the military aren’t normally combat arms and don’t know much about using wepaons either. We’d be better of if they had Barret’s and Desert Eagles

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