Joe Scarborough Looks Foolish


Joe Scarborough looks foolish in his SWPL effete glasses in his MSNBC studio in New York City, where he rubs shoulders with the likes of Al Sharpton and Lawrence O’Donnell, accusing eyewitnesses, EMTs, and police officers of engaging in a massive racist conspiracy to coverup the truth about Trayon “No Limit Nigga” Martin who was “armed” only with an Arizona Iced Tea and a pack of Skittles.

Update: What’s on Zimmerman’s nose? Is it a bandage?

Update: Daily Caller has discovered that Trayvon had a second Twitter account: “Plzz shoot da #mf dat lied 2 u!”

Update: Kyle Rogers discredits the myth repeated by Joe Scarborough that George Zimmerman weighed 100 pounds more than Trayvon. According to Joe Oliver, Zimmerman weighs 170 pounds. Trayvon Martin weighed 160 pounds.

Note: Trayvon “No Limit Nigga” Martin announced to the world he was a “thug” by his own actions, his own choice of associates, the way he dressed and carried himself, and most dramatically in his own words. His own thug friends on Facebook claimed to be sure that Trayvon had whooped George Zimmerman’s ass before he shot him.

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  1. Oh god, they are really going to turn this into a a witch hunt.
    And race riots.

    A massive cover up! Bwahahaha. Morons.

  2. The Eunuchorn did have a loverly comely flaxen haired dead young staffer show up in his congressional office. So he’s one to talk.
    Was she swabbed for forensic evidence? Where are the CcTV cameras carrying out the body? When did she enter? Etc etc…

    Anyway. Claims of a vast police/citizen/EMT/Doctor conspiracy By the media are evidence of a governmental system ready to fall. So it’s all good.

  3. Did you know that the Polish Roman Catholic shank with Scarborough is Zbigniew Brzezinski’s daughter. She’s the bigger asshole than the Jew assholes on the show. That’s saying something.

  4. DWLs on parade. Scarborough is just making things up. 100 lbs difference? That is a blatant lie. For the DWLs, facts are so bothersome, they get in the way of their agenda.

  5. Basically blacks are destroying liberalism as we speak and replacing it with negro national socialism/racism.

    Any response to a SWPL/DWL can include the terms the black militants are using “race war”, eg; “So your side is talking about race war, tell us about it.”

  6. Hey! Aren’t Arizona Ice Tea and Skittles made by companies the Klan started after Blacks caught on to what they were up to with Church’s Chicken and Tropical Fantasy soda?

    Man, I hope nobody finds out about that. Those clever pointy hat wearing fuckers would quickly cover their tracks and make all of those angry Blacks look stupid again.

  7. “Joe Scarborough looks foolish in his SWPL effete glasses in his MSNBC studio in New York City”

    Joe’s female co-host looks more masculine than him.

  8. I’ve noticed on the radio some of the big “Conservative voices” have been some of the biggest equivocators in this whole ordeal while, of course, condemning rev. Al and JJ for “race baiting”.

    Conservatards are a bigger millstone around our neck than blacks. Loyalty to ideology over blood is never forgivable, and always results in this same big mess.

  9. The Limbaughs of this world are stupid. Especially because, in his position he could actually say what he thinks. He can immediately retire if he likes. Thing is– he is an ideologue.

    Instead of just saying: “Socialism works okay in Sweden where most humans follow the rules and are related by custom and blood. It’s just that you can’t have it with niggers jamming the gears. That’s what the post integration post equality era has taught me.”

    “the Soviet tyranny was preferable to Mandela, Loverture, Young, Nutter, Trayvon
    etc etc. That was at least a cover for Russian supremacy anyway.”

  10. Conservatards are a bigger millstone around our neck than blacks. Loyalty to ideology over blood is never forgivable, and always results in this same big mess.

    Jim, you’re the guy who’s always talking about “wordists,” right? I like this line of attack, keep it up. It might be the kind of thing that appeals to the choir, and not the lemmings, but it resonates. Words are air. They float this way and that, depending on which way the wind is blowing, and they dissipate in the breeze.

    Blood is forever. We really do have to do an intervention on our people over their stupid addiction/loyalty to words.

    Words are loyal to no one; why be loyal to them?

  11. Joe s. is a piece of crap. No need for eloquent words to attempt a better definition. And it think I voted for the torn coat jerk in the 1990s. He left office, came back here to Pensacola and cried on tv about how he left Washington to spend more time with his family. I personally think he became embroiled in some kind of scandal that was buried as long as he tows the liberal line.

  12. Svig, I can’t claim credit for the term “wordist”, I’ve heard it elsewhere. But I agree it’s a perfect descriptor. That’s why whites are so easily misled. Our loyalties are to ideas. It’s very easy to corrupt an idea. It’s much harder and normally takes many generations to corrupt blood.

  13. Whites see compassion from nobody today. If they do not see compassion from so-called “pro-whites” are we really pro-white? I’ve talked to many “race-realists” who would rather associate with a jew or asian who shares the ideology of “race realism”, than a white who does not. To do so is to commit the same mistake every failed racist wordist movement before us committed. If we don’t associate with common fellow whites, and show them we actually give a damn, how do wee expect to grow? Don’t worry about appealing to “pro-white” jews, they always seem to find us anyway. Funny how that is.

  14. I should have said, if we don’t show preference for whites over other races who may share our ideology, how are we different from any other political movement?

  15. Jim I thing WN can show preference/help regular Whites in many ways that don’t involve discussing WN “movement”. Just join with regular Whites in every day activities, get to know them and they know you. Be a good White person, a good White neighbor, find something in common that you can share to show that you/we are on the same side.
    As for activism, trying teach regular Whites to become “aware”, try something simple like being against Hip Hop Rap music or inner city gangs (of all races, but that happen to be about 95% Black and bad Hispanic).
    Things aren’t all bad, we’ve been through much worse (late 60s, early 70s – in my case New York City late 80s, early 90s).
    Please show some “kindness” for our own White kind, including Whites from urban Northern cities, the Midwest, Northeast like me. Someone has to have some cousin, older sister from the South who could marry someone like me.

  16. What to say about these talk-radio “conservatives.” Every day that passes that they are incapable of talking race-reality is another day they stall millions of Whites at long last from hearing and awakening from the matrix to see the depravity, degeneracy, stupidity and cancerousness that characterize Blacks. Their violence and lawlessness focused on the ruin of Whites, their heritage and nation has been as obvious as the sun in the sky for too long a time to reckon. Is it that they (the Limbaughs, etc.) are more the coward or the same willfully blind as the majority of indoctrination-damaged Whites out there? They are safe to whine about liberalism. They are not safe to tell the truth beyond that tired subject. They’re fabulously rich and yet they never weary of parenthesizing every thing they say to accomodate the PC filth out there.
    I have to laugh at Limbaugh in particular as he burbles on and on about the “establishment” when it is he who is terrified of being ostracized by all the entrenched elites that are strangling the life out of White Americans. Therefore I have to pronounce his motives as merely cowardly and hypocritical.

    On another note, this whole T Martin thing as it relates to the media and the establishment in general screams of the intention of these race treasonous swine to further bring Whites down the road to their complete ruin. To try to wrap one’s mind around this kind of criminality and perversity defies description or comprehension.

  17. Just follow the money trails: all the “conservative” and neo-con political jocks work for Clear Channel or other Zionist media conglomerates. CC, for example, is owned by Bain Capital (alarm going off in head? that’s right. ex-of Romney), now CEO’d by a hard-assed femme Israelite with Mossad connections. Blacks, cosmic lib whites, neo-cons…all are tools. The Jew is the tool-master.

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