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  1. Blacks are hate.

    When a black chick looks at a cute petite Latina or white or Asian
    you can generally see the hate in the eyes.

    When they see a couple with kids they are jealous because they didn’t get that in their lives.

    When a black guy see’s a middle class white guy with a decent car and a sunny attitude
    he hates.

  2. White, Asian, Hispanic, Native American = HUMANS, African descent = NASTY, STINKING, GREASY APES… This has always been obvious, apes envy and hate HUMANS

  3. Seriously stop with the hate jokes, people take them seriously.

    There are a lot of envious blacks, yes. Although there are a lot of very good willed blacks. You can say the same with any race.

    Going by an unbiased statistical point of view now:
    Highest crime rate (by a large margin)
    Highest single parent ratio
    Lowest national income average
    Lowest educational rate

    Hispanics (varies greatly on country of origin):
    Second highest crime rate
    Largest families
    Highest avg hours worked per year

    Pretty much the median

    Very low crime rate
    Highest national average income
    Highest educational rate

    Lowest crime rate
    High educational rate

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