Mob Beating Was Racially Motivated

South Carolina mob beating was "racially motivated," a real hate crime, MSM ignores the story

South Carolina

Here are some more of Obama’s sons in South Carolina that the MSM is conveniently ignoring like Carter Strange, Beverly Hope Melton, and Nancy and Bob Strait.

The MSM wants to talk about “racially motivated crimes” and “hate crimes.” This Black Undertow mob trayvoned someone at an Applebee’s in South Carolina because it was inspired by racial hatred.

The SPLC and MSM don’t want to talk about this hate crime though. Just like they don’t want to talk about the 13-year-old White boy in Kansas City who was set on fire by African-American youths who told him, “you get what you deserve, White boy.”

Eric Holder’s people are responsible for that hate crime. Obama’s sons were the perpetrators, not the victims in this hate crime. It doesn’t fit the Emmett Till narrative that the MSM can exploit to create legitimacy and symbolic power for the Left.

In Black Run America (BRA), The Standard requires that the MSM ignore crimes which portray African-Americans in a negative light, while giving Al Sharpton a platform on MSNBC to stir up hatred against Whites over spurious cases like the Jena 6 and the “martyrdom” of Trayvon Martin which did even involve White people.

SENECA, S.C. — Six men have been charged in a mob beating that the sheriff says was racially motivated.

In a release, Seneca Police Chief John Covington said a North Carolina man was beaten at an Applebee’s in Seneca early March 17.

In a release, Seneca Police Chief John Covington said a North Carolina man was beaten at an Applebee’s in Seneca early March 17.

Teryn L Robinson, 18; Tray Devon Holland, 19; Justin Dimon Alexander, 20; Derick Lee Williams, 22; Kino Martinez Jones, 25; and Montrez Obrian Jones, 22; are charged with assault and battery by a mob.

All the suspects are from the Seneca area and were taken into custody early Wednesday by Seneca police officers, State Law Enforcement Division agents and Oconee County sheriff’s deputies.

Covington said since the investigation showed that racial factors contributed to the incident, the case has been forwarded to the FBI to see if it should be pursued further as a hate crime under federal law.

He said the investigation is continuing, and the case will proceed with state-level charges.

No Justice, No Peace?

Where is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson now? Where is the MSM and SPLC? Where is The Huffington Post? Where is Barack Hussein Obama and Eric “My People” Holder and Sheila Jackson Lee?

That’s what I thought.

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  1. Don’t worry they are just deconstructing the imaginary Social construct of whiteness.
    As NPR stated it’s all in your head.

  2. I’m getting to the point where I can no longer have sympathy for unarmed White men. An unarmed White man is failing in his 1st duty as protector of his people.

  3. Niggers are just soldiers for the left wing communists.I view them in the same light as the NVA.The head of the snake must be removed.Have to head to work to help feed some poor nigglet.

  4. My wife (a Scandic Minnesotan, if ever there was one!) said a bombshell today, before heading off to work. She’s come on this decade-long “Matrix-like awakening” to the fallacy of Equality just as much as I, (that’s why we re-inserted the ‘and obey’ clause in the Marriage Service, when we were married!) but even so, what she said this morning, when I was talking to her about “Trayvonism,” blew me away. This was her comment:

    “Now I know why the South had slaves; it was the only way to keep these savages in their place. The South’s method of handling non-Whites was the only correct method, short of repatriation to Africa.”

    I said earlier I would vote for Obama, if they didn’t give Dr. Paul a place?

    I am now of the opinion, that to vote for a Nigger like him, is the ultimate act of a TRAITOR. And I’m telling those who have that bastard spawn of a whoring mother so, when I see those damned ‘Cheery-O’s’ !

    On other fronts, I volunteered at our local Propaganda Indoctrination System (Public School) the other day, and the ONLY People who were problems in the class were…. Non-White Males: the A’freakin’- Amurricans and one Mulatto Muslim, who was just as much ‘in the hood’ in his mind, as his ‘bruvuhs.’ The rest of the class was White, respectful, ABLE TO HAVE SHAME, and courteous to me, a volunteer. The blacks, OTOH, blatantly lied, denied the accusations of disrespect (even when a phone call to a mother was made) and WALKED OUT OF THE AFTER-CLASS CONFRONTATION with the supervising teacher!

    Why are my tax dollars paying for this piece of crap to go to school? Someone, please explain? No explanation is possible.

    Secession. Now. Today. Forever.

  5. The Confederates understood all too well the only way to fit blacks into an economic system.

    They should never have been brought over of course, however they are not fit to lead donkeys, let alone tell white men what to do.

    So Obama, Holder, Rice, Powell etc etc… They should all fuck off now. Go run some toilet black state in Africa instead.

  6. the one thing negros are correct about is the role of slavery, there would have been no economic success in the early USA without slave labor and that includes yankee industry

  7. I read somewhere that this case was referred up to the Feds for hate crime charges. I’m not sure of the details nor did I get a secondary confirmation of this, only one news clip, but if that is true then some local politician is gaming Obama and his gang. But like I said I have only read one account and my memory could be bad, but it would be interesting to see this waved in front of Obama’s fugly face come campaign time.

  8. “there would have been no economic success in the early USA without slave labor and that includes yankee industry”

    If African labor was the key to early U.S. success, and if the acquisition of African labor was the only obstacle to achieving that success, then, why, was/is Africa a stagnant shithole? They have an [overabundance] of labor … surely with this surplus in human capitol we should see civilization emerge from the dark continent.

    But, of course, we do not and never will.

  9. A conservative fucktard theorist* at Sailer’s offered the excuse that the MSM is obsessed with St. George vs. Trayvon “No Limits Nigga” Martin because Zimmerman is getting away with it, and ignores Black-on-non-Black murders, rapes, etc., because the Black perps don’t get away with it. The disparate impact (non-Blacks, being smarter than Blacks, will tend to get away with it more, thus making this criterion “racist” according to its own ostensible standards) aside, the fact is that Blacks get away with their hate crimes all the time, when Whites would be crucified if the roles were reversed).

    There’s no end to these supposed “conservatives,” whose ranks probably contain as many white-hating racists, Jewish supremacists, pied-piper Leftoid trolls, and the like, as they do genuine “conservatives,” at HBD sites like Sailer’s.

  10. Nig labor did not create much that outlasted the destruction of the Confederates.
    Most of the South was plunged into penury for decades after the war. Nigga Please. The confederate generals were often planters. They were ruined men with empty bank accounts by the end of it.

    It’s party why Southern boys entered the military in the decades after 1860s. There was little else for them.

    Built up? My ass. It was gone with the wind. The northern steel mills, coal mines and advanced manufacturing was almost exclusively white.

  11. Good point Svig, conservatards regularly discard reality when it conflicts with their ideology, but the truth is it’s not just mainstream conservatards that do this, many race-realists also pledge fealty to their racial ideology over loyalty to their actual race.

  12. This case was refered up to the FBI to see if it qualifies as a hate crime. My WAG is some Republican wants to see if he can use it against president My Son.

  13. All white people need to arm themselves,learn how to use their weapons with confidence and get a conceled weapons permit.If you have a family member or friend who served in the US military ask them to help you with your weapons.You DO NOT have to be the victim.This is the only way when we are forced to live with the evil nigger beasts.

  14. “If African labor was the key to early U.S. success, and if the acquisition of African labor was the only obstacle to achieving that success, then, why, was/is Africa a stagnant shithole?”
    Because we already have the ground infrastructure and human capital to exploit such resources(including basically everything Africa has to offer), while they obviously do not. The south was a less hospitable place for whites back then, and that didn’t change until 20th century infrastructure.

    Further we did derive a compounding return on investment from slavery, but we have repaid that many times over by spreading knowledge and technology to the third world. Perhaps they should ask what the arabs have done for them, besides the latest rounds of genocide of course.

  15. “Further we did derive a compounding return on investment from slavery”

    My point is: That African labor needed management, White management, the absence of which leaves you with shithole Africa(but I repeat myself).

  16. WWSJD (What would Sheriff Joe do?) And what would have been done with those subhuman apes 60 years ago? I have a pretty good idea… In scenario #1, the apes would be locked up in AZ NU until they were WHITE, and in scenario #2? Well, the cops probably wouldn’t have gotten “too” involved, as THE ORIGINAL “BOYS IN THE HOOD” would have TAKEN CARE OF BUSINESS. This concept, long thought dead, is MAKING A COMEBACK.

  17. I love reading all the hate on here, reminds me of how racist you guys really are please teach your kids this so you can continue to hate the entire black race. Love it!

  18. They hate us, they always have, AND WE VERY RIGHTFULLY HATE THEM BACK. Take a good look at the TRUE crime statistics, and SEE who REALLY promotes racial violence. When you get a 6 vs 1 ape beatdown, what will you have to say THEN? Until that happens, put a sock in it Oski, you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about… Just like Rosie O’Dimwit and that size 98 lardass Michael MOOOOoooore.

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