Debunked: Zimmerman Was Uninjured By Trayvon Martin


H/T Daily Caller

How many times is the MSM going to get caught lying about George Zimmerman? Why do they hate this guy so much? Is it because Obama’s son No Limit Nigga was killed by a Hispanic with a German surname?

Enhanced image shows gash in Zimmerman's head

Update: Someone has spotted a “Kill Zimmerman” Twitter account. It has Zimmerman in crosshairs.

The MSM is creating a “climate of hate” that has already lead to multiple death threats against George Zimmerman and his family, an elderly couple whose address was posted on Twitter by Spike Lee, the Sanford Chief of Police, a professor and students at Florida Atlantic University, as well as the flash mob that struck Walgreen’s in North Miami Beach.

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  1. Looks to me like the No Limit Nigga was playing Bakkaball with Zim’s head.

    Should Trayvon’s be banned from playing football and bakkaball? (They should also have meat strictly rationed to.)

  2. Ill tell u why idiot, look at all the idiots who follow u. U question why people hate, when you have a website based on hate. You can’t pass judgement on anyone, look in the mirror first. That’s if you have one. If you are so gun ho about something act on it. But I gurantee no one here on this page or ou who created this site will bust a grape. All clowns! Lol

  3. Funny how the enhanced video actually DOESN’T show any marks on his head… only that single frame. They try to hide the fact with that obnoxious ABC news banner.

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