George Zimmerman Brother Piers Morgan Interview


Describes his brother George Zimmerman as the neighbor everyone would want to have. See also the Frank Taaffe interview about the threat posed by the Black Undertow to the Twin Lakes community.

Update: Robert Zimmerman claims that the medical records will support George’s claim that his nose was broken.

Update: SBPDL investigates the complexion of the criminals in Sanford, FL. This verifies Frank Taaffe’s account of the how the Black Undertow operates in the Twin Lakes neighborhood.

Note: In The Truth About George Zimmerman, we saw that George was admired by his neighbors as a kind and conscientious person. Al Sharpton, Barack Hussein Obama, Organized Blackness, the MSM and the Left are putting this ghetto gremlin up on a pedestal and glorifying him in order to stir up a lynch mob against White people.

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  1. Striking! Would like to have seen the whole interview – have to go. However, the brother was most impressive – attractive in appearance and manner, including his vocal tone and the calm, very erudite way in which he explained the event of the assault itself and the self-possessed way in which he responded to that White traitor idiot PM regurgitating stock leading questions in moronic staccato-like fashion – what a contrast! The brother could not have better represented George or himself. Someone should tell him to present himself as often as possible in venues where he may speak on behalf of his brother. Let the world witness. Whites who are not beyond any hope will see for themselves what is afoot here and the Left, black undertow, and all their degenerate allies and sympathizers will be the more exposed for the utter lie that they all are. Again, very impressed with this individual. They must have had superlative parenting.

  2. Sorry to say but this is the truth and u know it too: the White race is in a deadly sleep. This Trayvon incident proves it once again. Blacks, Jews (and retards) are taking advantage of this massively just as a virus is taking advantage of a healthy body.

  3. “Al Sharpton, Barack Hussein Obama, Organized Blackness, the MSM and the Left are putting this ghetto gremlin up on a pedestal and glorifying him in order to stir up a lynch mob against White people.”

    And what is most informative, is the envy and UTTER HATRED All of these hominids have against WHITE EUROPEANS… so much so, that they christen a half-breed Mestizo LATINO as a ‘White Man’!

    Folks, it’s time to GOOD. Buy your rounds, and return to the land, and start your PLE communities. The cities this summer will NOT be the place to be.

  4. Looking thoough comments on various blogs this morning, it’s apparant Occidental Dissenters and most rightwingers have a greater grasp of the facts than libtards and Trayvons.

    They are still ranting about a “240 lb. racist chasing down and shooting an unarmed teen” or words to that effect. blah blah blah.

    I can kind of feel them losing steam though. The media and the Trayvons have played their cards badly. I hope Zimmerman walks away free and clear. Trayvons be needing to have dey faces slapped hard, it’s long overdue.

  5. I am impressed with the brother as well. I’d love to see the father.See his face. The father, apparently, is Juden. I heard his interview. He has a soft Virginian accent. Not that glottal, whiney, clogged-up sound, or harsh, broken shards of somethng brittle sound that most of them have.

    Every-one blathers about “superior” Jewish intelligence. Jews are extremely adept as verbal and written semiotics, numbers, and psychological manipulation. But they are not that smart, after all. Now I don’t kmnow what the Dad, or the Mom is, of this young man. This brother is obviously intelligent, very well-spoken, and something elese – although he was obvously getting angry with the REPULSIVE Morgan – he kept his cool. He’s able to think on his feet, and not get tongue-tied on the baiting.

    Juden – you had it all. Your Dark Pets kill you, too. You had Whitey all tamed down, and producing for you like you’ve never had before, ever, in your entire miserable existence. Whither thou goest, Judenraus? Haven’t you learned that you cannot control your feral Dark Pets yet?

  6. I’m impressed as well. He showed exactly how to deal with a rabid media attack dog.

    John, what they hell is up with the interviewer? Brit? Why is he propagandizing on CNN instead of the BBC? What’s his story?

  7. confednnorth,
    Judentum is not just a religion, it’s also a race. Look at Br. Nathaniel Kapner. He is Orthodox Christian but still a Jew. Huh? Wah? Yeah, dimwit, we call them crypto-Jews. Denise knows what she is talking about.

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