Thug Community Rallies Behind Trayvon Martin


Plies will do anything for “his niggas.” It seems that “No Limit Nigga” is one of his niggas. They are Trayvon.

Update: Big Journalism has a post on the Trayvon Timeline. “Some conservative outlets” is obviously a reference to Kyle Rogers and the CofCC who singlehandedly began the pushback against the MSM on March 21st while faileocon Rich Lowry was saying “Al Sharpton is Right.”

Update: GL Piggy is blogging the Trayvon Martin story on “Team George.” It seems that Trayvon was involved in a fistfight around Thanksgiving over a “nigga” that snitched on his drug dealing.

Note: In the music video “Anythang for My Niggaz,” which describes the mentality of the Black Undertow community, Plies says that he would lie under oath in court for his “niggaz.”

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  1. Hoods are excellent symbols for the hoodlums that they are. Hoodies for the hoods. Hoodlums wear hoodies so that they cannot be recognized by surveillance cameras when they are committing crimes.
    When a black assaults a person he must take on the consequences of that assault. If a black doesn’t want consequences then don’t commit the crime.

  2. That’s the subtext of the politics here of course. The blacks are seeking a consequence free beat down.

  3. my guess is the so called conservatives are doing a good job of deconstructing the trayvon myth because the support “law and order” and not because of the anti White race politics

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