Sharpton Threatens To Escalate “Civil Disobedience”


If the Trayvon Martin lynch mob doesn’t get the result it wants from Florida prosecutors, Al Sharpton is threatening to unleash the Black Undertow mob.

Update: Joe Scarborough is using his MSNBC television show to chide us to follow the example of the faileocons at National Review and “not take this up as a cause.” That’s like waving the flag in front of the bull!

Note: What does “escalation” mean anyway? Does it mean race riots? An escalation in flash mob attacks? An escalation in black-on-White crime? An escalation in vandalism of Confederate monuments?

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  1. Trayvon escalated things from a conversation to a violent physical confrontation, and wound up dead as a result.

    Sharpton wants to escalate things from a civil society to violent revolution, and…

    Personally, I’m glad to see him double down.

  2. The city of Sanford is finished. Only a matter of time before it’s Detroited. If you live there, get out before your property value plummets to Detroit levels.

  3. All is lost woe is us. Sorry folks the very moral basis of BRA is being eaten away by the BRAsters. We are ruled by taboo and beuracratic hastle but taboo is being chipped away at.

  4. >>>They’re going to take the Skittles train to gravy town.<<<

    They know the gravyty of the situation. . .I hope mr. sharpton does not lose his gravytas.

  5. This is the last time they can have the CinC and the Marines under their command.
    It’s a checkmate. Obama will not deploy the Marines on his sons.

    It’s also a game of chicken. If the jury decide to charge it’ll be seen as white weakness.
    A symbolic victory if you like. This escalation was planned years ago.

  6. BRA has always been rule by extortion. Vermin like Sharpton know this and have operated this way since MLK. The government is a willing partner in the extortion game, way before Eric “my people” Holder.

    After half a century of extortion, they are still on square one or worse. This fact never seems to sink in or bother them.

  7. If Al “I still believe Tawana” Sharpton does something like this, he only further discredits himself and his “cause”.

    Following this story on various blogs and news sites over the past few days, I’ve seen comments by more than a few self-identified black people that express utter disgust at Sharpton (and for that matter, the “Reverend” Jessie Jackson as well) in this controversy and indeed in general. Employing threats while the full investigation is still underway only further undercuts any pretext that what’s being sought is “justice.”

  8. “The city of Sanford is finished. Only a matter of time before it’s Detroited. If you live there, get out before your property value plummets to Detroit levels.”

    The eastern half of the city is still in good shape(look at the crime map, you can make out the zimmerman line where crime all of the sudden stops), and whites there still outnumber blacks so no incompetent black run government can wreck everything just yet.

  9. Blacks really are begging for someone to call their bluff. America isn’t ready for violent revolution, not by a long shot. But they’re not far from being ready for the reincarnation of Bull Connor. Americans are just a nudge away from screaming for water cannons, truncheon-wielding flying wedges, and K-9 riot squads to suppress the disorderly – and its skin color be damned.

  10. LOL, exactly, well put. What does escalation mean anyway. Rampant black crime? Mobs pulling white people out of cars at state fairs and beating them?

  11. Boy, ol’ Pat had to go on James Edward’s radio show to get fired, he should have just stuck to calling for violent mob-rule and he’d still be collecting an MSNBC paycheck.

  12. Read the piece by Rich Lowry of a full week ago. I never liked this arrogant race-pandering jerk and now I read this article indicating that he didn’t have fact one. Is NR actually going to let this fool go on this one. This is what passes for journalism today – left or right. The two have merged now even in the bulk of their ideology. The merest of sham rhetoric separates them. And as long as the talk-radio bull-horns of Limbaugh, Hannity, Stein, etc. furiously maintain what someone above called the taboos too many Whites will be afraid to at long last believe what their eyes see and ears hear. Wow, the net is the only place now for any real-think or talk. I’m just not in the least confident that Whites in sufficient numbers get it yet. The frustration is way too much (for me that is).

  13. The only thing escalation would bring is the cops being overwhelmed and white communities left to defend their own “ends”. Is Sharpton nutz?

    It’ll be better that Christmas.

  14. The conservatards are the worst. I expect unabashed negro apologetics from the likes of Rachel Maddow. When the “right” does it they are just admitting they’ve wholly bought into marxism, at this point the only quibble is the method of the redistribution of wealth.

  15. shaprton is using vague threats to punk DWL’s /SWPL into giving out more welfare. Like most negros sharpton is a criminal at heart, but it’s a little more slick about it. The tactic normally works since DWL’s/SWPL type are without balls and scared of negros

    the race riots in the late 60’s/70’s won the left a lot of power. I think they want another round of them to gain more power once again

  16. Well, this ain’t the 60s and tens of millions of Whites are now armed and ready. Thousands more every day. Let the Congoids burn out the cities and take each other down, as well as liquidating large numbers of white urban cosmics & Jews. Then let Obama’s Sons boil out of the cities and into White suburbia/ruralia. Do it. Please do it.

  17. Well, one good thing can be said for Sharpton. He’s lost weight. He was just a grossly obese Nigger before.

    Now, he merely looks like the Apes in Planet of the Apes.

    Oh… I take back my first sentence. Never mind.

  18. No this isn’t the 60’s but seems to me there are less race realist today than then and things stand a chance of going there way

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