Trayvon Martin Supporters Attack Confederate Monuments

Confederate statues in New Orleans vandalized for Trayvon Martin


Trayvon Martin supporters have attacked and defaced three Confederate monuments in New Orleans.

This comes in the wake of the mysterious disappearance of the bronze bust of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest in Selma from Live Oak Cemetary during Al Sharpton’s recent march from Selma to Montgomery.

Black Undertow students from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Charter School have been protesting the Trayvon Martin shooting. They plan to “keep marching for justice” until George Zimmerman is lynched and their bloodlust is satiated.

A White police officer in New Orleans named Jason Giroir was recently suspended and quit the police force for saying “act like a thug, die like one” which is undoubtedly a widespread sentiment among White people in NOLA who must be fed up with Black Undertow violent crime by now.

We saw last year that the Black Undertow “urban warfare” in New Orleans, which is committed exclusively by thugs like Trayvon Martin, was spiraling so out of control that black local officials were calling for the National Guard to restore order after a 1-year-old African-American toddler was shot and killed in the B.W. Cooper Housing Projects.

Who is Mike Ainsworth?

If you have been following Occidental Dissent, you may recall that Mike Ainsworth was the “good samaritan” from the Algiers neighborhood who was shot and killed in front of his two children by the Black Undertow in New Orleans during a carjacking back in January:

“Police say Mike Ainsworth was trying to protect a woman being carjacked when he became the victim.

The woman’s nephew, Brett Geiseler, explains, “She was getting in her car to go to work, she said a gentleman approached her to ask what time it was, and she rolled down the window and he showed her a gun, and she started screaming.”

Ainsworth, standing at the bus stop just a few feet away with his two kids, heard the screams and came running. Police say the man opened fire on Ainsworth. He stumbled to a yard across the street, and collapsed. That’s where Al Schmidtt, the carjacking victim’s neighbor, found him.

“I saw somebody laying on the ground with two little boys beside him, crying their eyes out,” Schmidtt said.

Mike Ainsworth died in the front yard. “It’s one of those things you can never imagine. Horrible,” Ainsworth’s friend Richard Pavlas said.”

I remember Mike Ainsworth.

He reminds me of George Zimmerman, an ordinary stand up guy, who volunteered to improve the safety of his neighborhood from the Black Undertow criminal element that is glorified by “anti-racist activists” like Tim Wise and BRA’s media, whose principles got him killed:

“Ainsworth’s family say he was a member of Cops 8, a local organization that worked to drum up donations for the NOPD. His friends say he was dedicated to improving the safety of his neighborhood, so they’re not surprised he stepped in to help someone in need.”

BRA’s media didn’t care about Mike Ainsworth because he was White and the carjacking murderer was African-American. His death in New Orleans remained a purely local story. I didn’t even have much time to comment on it myself because of the dizzying pace of black-on-White crime in Portland and Philadelphia two months ago.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson didn’t come to New Orleans to protest the death of Mike Ainsworth. There was never any “student protests” or “march for justice” from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Charter School. The MSM had no incentive under The Standard to turn the death of Mike Ainsworth into a national story.

In the rare case when one of these “Trayvons” is killed by someone who isn’t African-American in self defense … and it doesn’t even have to be in Louisiana, this is what happens to the Jefferson Davis monument, the Robert E. Lee monument, and the White League monument.

Note: I will reiterate my contempt for the soft Negrophile losers like Connie Chastain who dislike this “abominable blog” because of their objections to “racism.” I will also point to their track record.

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  1. Blacks are the American Taliban. Iconoclastic vandalism is something they have in common. Nurturing a secret hatred for YT is another commonality.

  2. Chastain is a beaten down white woman undergoing Stockholm syndrome, in her own mind she is with jesus and that is more important than facts and reality. Debating her is like debating blacks or jews, both are ultimately spirit world people, the big magic assumption is always out there and it will trump all current reality and facts.

  3. I think she might be senile – the photo she uses as her profile picture looks like it was taken twenty years ago.

    Isn’t it funny that the African-Americans she loves so much make it plainly clear what they think about the Confederacy? These Negrophiles are incapable of taking the hint.

  4. Jesus wept. Lincoln’s Racism.

    They may as well be debating the Vampire Lestat.

    Even if he did think the blacks were unequal he still foolishly emancipated them and killed 100,000 white confederates and sent another 100,000 union do their death.

    For what?

    St Trayvon?

  5. To the Chastains and Wises of the world Mike Ainsworth does not exist. Whitaker relates a story of him crossing the Iron Curtain into one of the prison countries and he sat behind some hippies who were on the same bus and when they came up to the wall and the machine gun toting guards the hippies refused to look out the window. They refused to accept reality.

    We right wingers have wasted decades shrieking at and debating such people, either effort is useless. They have as a religous impulse Political Correctness or wishful thinking we white men have the Scientific Principle and Inquiry on our side.

    They are literally helpless in front of inquiry. For a movie version of my blather see the theatre version of “Stargate” with Russel and Spader. The world consists of a few million progressive minded white men surrounded by billions of people who would be content on the planet in “Stargate.”

  6. The sum total of the civil war was to massacre the flower of Victorian Era America.

    And let a bunch of spearchuckers go apeshit for a few years culminating in today where a white man or woman can’t walk down the street safely in a metropolitan area. The three card Monte of it is astonishing.

    This is why they build Lincoln monuments–so that we don’t remember things quite right. So that we cannot quite see what is right before our lying eyes.

  7. The anti-Whites, along with their black minions, are deep down scared to death of the day Whites emerge out of their sleep walking guilt and fear of a certain word: “racist”.

    The anti-Whites’ pathological fear is transformed into anti-White pathological hatred amongst the black underclass who so willfully do the master’s bidding of keeping Whites cowed and terrorised.

    As soon as enough Whites realise that anti-racist is just code word for anti-White the worst fears of our vermin haters will be just warming up for them.

  8. Please note that the New Orleans PD officer referenced in this post (Giroir), as well as the 20 year-old ICBM (Inner City Black Male) who was made good by the same cop who posted “Live like a thug die like a thug,” were involved in a shootout that I commented on previously in these august pages, here at the One and Only OD. (And yes, this just occurred to me: Occidental Dissent, “OD,” it is a daily OverDose of niggerology).

    Justin Sipp was in his cousin’s car on his way to work at Burger King when the pair of ICBMs was pulled over by NOPD. With the doop-dee-doo soundtrack playing in his tiny simian peanut-shaped brain, Sipp hopped out and immediately unloaded a FOURTEEN BULLET MAGAZINE from his nine millimeter (stolen) handgun into the cops, who shot back and (thank you Jesus) made Sipp a good doop-dee-doo nigger. Fourteen bullets. FFS.

    Funny the way this kinda’ important detail isn’t readily mentioned in the ongoing discussion of Giroir’s facebook rant. I would definitely be a little PTSD if some 20 year old simian fired fourteen bullets in my direction.

    Wouldn’t you?

    It’s call attempted murder.


    As I’ve said, I just spent a weekend in the company of these young darkies, in the OPP jail here in New Orleans (unpaid traffic tickets I didn’t even know I had). I am not proud to say that I am the proud possessor of intimate knowledge of these feral creatures, more higher primate than lower human they are.

    You would not believe the way their true colors (pun) come out when they are behind bars, a remarkably natural habitat for them. It was a rich experience for an amateur primatologist like myself (okay niggerologist), imbibing me with even newer insights into the true nature of the africanus americanus beastialus.

    I should write a summary of my 3.5 days in Orleans Parish Prison. Maybe I will.


    – Arturo

  9. Hunter: just curious: where is this blog domiciled? Because when I post at 1pm local time here in New Orleans, on your blog the date stamp says 5hours later?


    – Arturo

  10. Blacks are the American Taliban. Iconoclastic vandalism is something they have in common. Nurturing a secret hatred for YT is another commonality.

    I was thinking something similar. The towel-heads destroyed Buddhist monuments, negroes destroy White monuments.

  11. “Hunter Wallace says:
    March 30, 2012 at 2:16 pm
    I think she might be senile – the photo she uses as her profile picture looks like it was taken twenty years ago.

    Isn’t it funny that the African-Americans she loves so much make it plainly clear what they think about the Confederacy? These Negrophiles are incapable of taking the hint.”

    What RRS said, above this post. I know it’s outrageous. The mind boggles. But their lunacy has NOTHING to do with anything connected to sanity, reason. or decency.

    The cogntive dissonance is so profound it’s beyond salvation, or care. The Chastain’s et al, are already in the Very Special 9th Cricle of Hell. They’ve created this Circle. They are ALREADY THERE. Their bodies don’t matter. They’ve built the Circle with their utterly demonic souls.

  12. This is only a prelude. The violence directed at the monuments of our people will not stop there. It is state sponsored terrorism directed at the domestic population.

    The recent events in the media and statements made by politicians in both parties leave no room for doubt about it. BRA has upped the ante in a major way by condoning and encouraging violence, which it will attempt to use as a rationale to disarm the nation, thereby completing their conversion from citizens into subjects.

    The escalation of the violence will increase over the long hot summer to come. The coming events will completely discredit the Negrophiles and render them irrelevant. Be prepared. Their overreach shall be their undoing. Pride goeth before the fall…

    Deo Vindice

  13. They misspelled his name as “Treyvon”.

    It is long past time these morons were re-aquainted with their place.

  14. Why hasn’t the Chimp in Chief evoked NDAA as these incidents CLEARLY are attacks on America?

    Oh, wait. He’s a nigger.

    Never mind.

    And never forget, nor ever forgive.
    “I hate thine enemies with a perfect hatred, O Lord: Ps. 139:22

  15. Their where two white college students in Tennessee
    One male one female that where kidnapped rapped repeatedly.
    Then the four blacks cut the males testicles and killed
    Him they kept the girl in a closest for weeks torturing her then killed her then

  16. Our schools have thought blacks to hate whites
    This is about domination over whites.
    George Wallace was right segregation is a obligation
    We owe our children.

  17. And something else JFK died because of the moonshining his father did.
    The true story is about the two families Wallace was and Kennedy.
    They flooded Wallace land in land between the lakes.
    The Kennedy did business with the mob.
    JFK murder was retribution for what they did.

    Just as George Wallace was shot for JFK death.
    There was no government coverup.
    It was three of my elder kinsmen.
    With a car and guns and other supplies given them by George Wallace.
    And the guns used are in the Onion Country river in Tennessee That.
    Oh yea there were close to seven bullets fired.
    And none of the ammo found matched Onwards

  18. And the three men were x military and sharp shooters because of of hunting all there lives.
    Go find Christopher Columbus Washington Wallace was.
    He’s in Tennessee Land Between the Lakes.
    The government burned down the Trigg County court house.
    Our family has been here await ing our time to rise again.
    Bring on you’re race war Obamma.
    Bring the Obama nation.
    We’ve been waiting silently behind Mason strong holds.
    And be careful whom you trust.
    You are surrounded by the brotherhood.

  19. Lincoln was a mass murderer and god loved the man that gave him lead poisoning.
    I wonder if you told a president that the government he governed had killed a previous president would he then do as he is told.
    Maybe out of fear?

  20. Our family has been here since before the revolutionary war.
    Plotting and munipulating the weak minds of the well spoakin.
    Building walls stone and mortar.
    It’s those keystones we build on.
    To build a war you only need to seed the minds eye with what you want it to see.

  21. Abraham, JFK, Reagain scared into submission.
    I see more of this coming in America’s future.
    Do as you are told or no seed will grow fruit or flourish.

  22. The checks and balances are Sett.
    And the blind lady knows only truth.
    Face you’re race white man with a heavy shadow.
    Don’t be burdened by you’re race fathers lies.
    Make choices wise.

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