Rumored Trayvon Martin Riot

Georgia photo of Union Station mall in Union City, GA

There are Twitter rumors of a Trayvon Martin riot at 97 percent black Banneker High School in Union City, GA. This post will be edited as more details become available.

Update: The IREHR report was picked up by CNN and blasted across local media all across the country. Organized Whiteness is not getting the full credit we deserve yet for our decisive intervention on March 21 which changed the whole Trayvon Martin narrative.

Note: When this case eventually winds down, I will write an essay that explains the theory of “narrative terrorism” (symbols > narratives > myths > legitimacy > political power) that explains why I have spent so much time blogging this story.

It will start off by asking the question of why Al Sharpton returned to Selma earlier this month to walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Is there something magical about that particular bridge? Why did Sharpton think the magical juju of the Civil Rights Movement would be restored by reenacting the Selma-to-Montgomery march?

This is what it is like to walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge from Montgomery into Selma:

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  1. Oh – yes. It’s Magic JuJu time. It’s not working that well. The Hebes MUST have signed off. Rosa Parks was VERY carefuly vetted, as Heroine of the Bus Seat Theater. Not so Trayvon. They picked the wrong No Limits Nigga, in this time around.

  2. Jared Taylor at American Renaissance ( has a great archived article about Selma. It’s time our generation started educating ourselves. I was pretty much a toddler when “Selma” happened. I also had no idea about all the rioting to demand that blacks be admitted into the Ivies without demonstrating academic ability. Which is how we have ended up with the current class of Ivy league educated black fools as part of the permanent chattering classes. Cornell, Columbia, admin offices were “occupied” and riots, threats, etc. So, it was a model that worked for them then.

  3. I hope as the current Travyon myth continues to fall apart, you will also include the efforts to develop urban legends that perpetuate the myth of ongoing, pernicious and irresponsible “profiling” of black teens, for nothing more than “being black”. It is a meme that is false but it is important that it continue to be advanced? Why? I think we realize the answer, and it is being exposed.

    For example, when ABC was being called out for pushing a clearly prejudiced and doctored video of the surveillance tape video of Zimmerman when he first arrived at the police dept, the ABC logo was deliberately placed over his head when his injuries were sustained in an effort to hide them. At the same time as ABC is being called out for their over-the-top outrageous bias, a new legend starts slowly making the rounds, a sad tale about an innocent 13 year old black boy who is pulled off the street into a police cruiser …..

    this sad tale was posted on the Field Negro blog, but the “innocent little black boy” is a black friend of the author’s son, who is white. So sad:

    Joel Pollack writing an opinion piece at “BigGovt” then posted this sad tale about a 13 year old black friend who has hustled into a police car in pretty much the scenario, but this time in St. Louis, MO.

    Same tale, slight changes in location and minor details, but both appearing almost simultaneously in the social media the first day the Trayvon tale is really unspooling.

    Coincidence? You decide.

  4. BRA exists because it has legitimacy. It’s legitimacy is based on the myth of the Civil Rights Movement. The myth of the Civil Rights Movement is based on narratives spun by the Mainstream Media. Those narratives are based on symbols like Rosa Parks and Emmett Till.

    Lord Scorpius figured this out last year. 🙂

  5. “Narrative Terrorism” is to consciously invert the meaning of a symbol in order to destabilize the narratives and the myth complex that is based upon. 🙂

  6. From what I can tell cibil rahts was simply about allowing looters to loot shops. Shop lifters to shop lift. Chimps to chimpout at lunch counters.

    It was economic warfare.

  7. Al Sharpton walked over the magic bridge in Selma because it is a symbol that was used to create narratives which fueled the myth of the Civil Rights Movement which gave legitimacy to the Congress that passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

    Sharpton is stupid enough to believe the Edmund Pettus Bridge has magic juju. He doesn’t understand how walking across that bridge created the magic that has sustained BRA for decades.

  8. @Hunter @5:34

    Indeed. And the “social safety net” of Welfare, TANF, EBT, etc is nothing more than an American version of the jizya tax that all productive whites are expected to pay, without complaint, in return for “peace”.

    The unspoken social contract has been broken, and it is no accident that Sharpton et al are crying, “no justice, no PEACE”.

    Good. Let ALL of it be up for renegotiation.

  9. He’s a serioes of signs now. Signifying a variety of things to different people. That’s why it it key to get any thuggish pics out there. First impressions stick. The initial pics of both were no accident. Tray was a giant black bastard.

  10. “Trayvon Martin isn’t even a real person. He is a symbol.”

    Exactly. The legacy media keeps telling us Trayvon was a “normal teen”.
    Yes. An average black teen:

    -coming from a broken home
    -inattentive and uninvolved parents
    -proven juvenile delinquent with an escalating track record of criminal behavior
    -wanna be thug, potential petty small time drug dealer.
    -died by a well placed bullet after a violent confrontation

    So, yes, I would agree. “Trayvon” IS your typical black teen.

  11. Trayvon is being consciously assassinated here.

    1.) We inverted the symbol of Trayvon into a violent thug.

    2.) We have rewritten the Trayvon Martin narrative.

    3.) We have fed these narratives into the myth complex of the Right such as resentment against race hustlers and media bias and the cultural domination of the Left.

    4.) The new Trayvon narratives are fueling these myths, sucking legitimacy away from Sharpton and the Mainstream Media, which are fueling the Right now

    5.) The Left senses danger and has backed away from Sharpton as the rightwing counterattack has intensified.

    It was done quite deliberately. We succeeded in changing the public debate.

  12. They don’t need to be sent to live with Dad’s girlfriend where he probably started casing houses for burglaries.

    Simple things like this reduce the number of white teens who get killed by cops as well as local hombres like Zim.

  13. What I find interesting about Ta Neshi Coates is that I dint disagree with him.
    Yes, the racist right is destroying Trayvon’s memory. False memories mainly of course.

    However what are you going to do about it Ta Meshi?

  14. I’ve been reading Hunter’s excellent reporting on the Zimmerman-Martin case for several days, but I’ve not been able to comment since my laptop burned out and I have only been able to use my PC at work. Too many prying eyes so to speak. But I must say I have never seen a story of ‘negro victimhood’ fall apart as quickly as this one. The flood of exonerating evidence that has been dug up by sites such as this has made a real impact. Sometimes it even looks like the MSM or ‘conservative’ outlets are reading these blog posts!

  15. Let them pan Hunter’s Approach– So long as they read it and think for a bit. That’s all the story requires.

    Black teens do really stupid shit all the time. Equally they do incredibly dangerous things all the time. Finally the commit crime at mind boggling high rates.

    Hunter, if he’s actually listened to would, ironically enough EXTEND the lifespan of
    young black men. And probably ensure their prosperity. (even though he’s a no holds barred fan of slavery)

  16. This ongoing commentary on Trayvon Martin on OD has been great. It’s become my starting point and my (just about) one stop shopping for all things Trayvon.

    I just hope they don’t make a sacrfical lamb out of Zimmerman to stop a temper tantrum/chimp out. A chimp out seems to be basically a temper tantrum because (tar)baby hasn’t gotten his way.

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