Trayvon’s “Big Bruh” Jahvaris Fulton Speaks Out


H/T GL Piggy and Commonsense Junction is reporting that Jahvaris “Big Bruh” Fulton has given an interview to CBS Miami. Isn’t this the “Big Bruh” we have come to know on Twitter though?

Isn’t this “Big Bruh” on George Zimmerman?

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  1. What is wrong with the traditional spelling of the Yorkshireman’s name?


    More insane black variations/corruptions of names.

  2. Comments on news one indicate the interveiw was poor.

    If my brother got killed in somewhat similar circumstances, I’d wonder why he didn’t call 999 that some mex was following him around his English Market town :-p

    I digress. Why didn’t Martin call 911 himself if he thought a pedophile was tracking him? It’s actually a serious question. I’d have been yelling

    Fire fire fire! At the top of my lungs as well.

    Kid was casing houses for burglaries. End of story.

  3. Gucci is typical of a white who has not completely shrugged off the jewish fairytale of the Blank Slate Theory, though he is on the right path. Blacks as I was told by a South African live in a metaphysical spirit world, white men have transcended out of that eons ago. But the Connie Chastain’s of the world patronize blacks like they are running a world day care center for unruly overgrown children.

    Intergration has failed and it has no chance of ever succeeding, it is a logical fallacy premised on some very easily destroyed assumptions. I don’t even think the anti-white white lib left will endure too many more of these lynch mobs, they are downright embarasing.

  4. What happens on the left is that they end up murdering each other.

    Zimmerman was probably sincerely a multicultist too. Little good it did him. I wouldn’t go anywhere near a black. Purblind stupidity and self endangerment Approaching them if you ask me.

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