ABC News Admits George Zimmerman Injury


Good Morning America … ABC News is full of shit.

The liars in BRA’s Media spent days bellyaching about how Zimmerman was “uninjured” at the Sanford Police Department. and Daily Caller debunked that myth over the weekend.

Note: The New York Times is now dismayed that the Trayvon Martin shooting has become “politicized.”

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  1. I cringe to think what would have happened without the internet and sites like these. Every professional can be legally held responsible for their work. Why not journalists? When they are cuaght in an intentional attempt to alter the truth there should be punishment. Also, conservatives should propose and push through a very large, crippling tax on the entertainment industry, television, and legacy news outlets. Purpose would be nominally to raise revenue, but effect desired would be the deconstruction of the ykw run mind control schemes.

  2. ABC News needs to learn how to count. From the looks of the video there weren’t a thousand at the demonstration much less the thousands reported. Even when they admit one thing they said is a lie they speak another.

  3. It is remarkable how this story imploded in only a few days. No wonder ZOG wants to censor the internet. Does anyone recall a case that has fallen apart so quickly? ABC News has egg on the face. They were operating like this is 1982.

  4. The more I read the news the more I curse the Public Education school system I was subjected to.

    When I was a young middle-school student I got taught Principles of Journalism on our Literature class. I learned about such concepts as neutrality, impartial-ness, factuality and the Deontological Code.

    I though to myself “There’s no way I could ever be a journalist. I am too opinionated.”

    Now it turns out I could have had a lucrative, cushy career if only my teachers hadn’t lied to me back then. Being a journalist is only about writing whatever crap the editor fancies without regard for the actual real world and what’s happening in it.

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