GSU Student Attacked By Obama’s Sons

GSU hate crime victim tells reporters that his face is held together by four metal plates and pieces of surgical plastic. Photo from WSBTV Atlanta Channel 2.



They are Trayvon:

ATLANTA — Georgia State University police are looking for two men accused of beating a student from the college.

“The whole right side of my face had to be reconstructed. I have four plates holding my face together,” said the student whose identity has been withheld for his safety.

The victim told Channel 2’s Ryan Young that he’s even lost “some of the pieces of bone” around his eye during the March 1 incident that occurred around 7:30 p.m. at Decatur Street in southeast Atlanta .

Video surveillance shows the student walking in a white shirt. Seconds later, two men are seen walking behind him before the attack.

The victim, who recalled being hit in the back of the head, said he learned his attacker was wearing a brass knuckle.

“Another guy came up and hit me in the face with a piece of wood,” the victim said.

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