Kane & Abel featuring C-Murder & Fiend – No Limit Niggas


I think we know why Trayvon Martin called himself “No Limit Nigga” now. This Kane and Abel song was pumping as the soundtrack of his thug mind while he attacked George Zimmerman:

Note: The New York Times has a very detailed article on George Zimmerman. He comes across as a model citizen. The article sounds like a surrender from the Left.

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  1. The official narrative has changed:

    “However it started, witnesses described to the 911 dispatcher what resulted: the neighborhood watch coordinator, 5 foot 9 and 170 pounds, and the visitor, 6 foot 1 and 150, wrestling on the ground.”

  2. Sounds like the residents of the Super Zips do not want to sound like your everday ghetto nigger to the whites they are supposedly better than. Piers Morgan broke the ice on this bit of fashionable thought.

  3. LOL. Blacks try to prove Black yoofs like Trayvon “No Limit Nigga” Martin aren’t a menace by collectively menacing the Zimmermans.

    “How dare you defend yourself! We gonna kill you, burn yo house down!”

    Just screams “not a menace,” dunnit?

  4. Of course, leftoids will respond that the Black community is justified in their anger, and their death threats and such are understandable.

    But Whites thinking of themselves as a community is evil; their anger at Black crime is unjustified; death threats by Whites against Black criminals are never understandable, and should be met with prosecution and severe punishment. Et cetera.

  5. Even if the JewYork Times article sounds like a surrender by the left, the comments sure don’t.

    This country produces idiots faster than I think we can rehabilitate them.

  6. If the Zimmermans weren’t “racist” against Blacks before, I bet they’re well on their way now, LOL.

    Nothing says “love” like a whole Black community sending you death threats, hate mail, etc.

    “How dare you call me violent! I’m gonna punch you in the face for that!”

    “Dumb” doesn’t even begin to describe it…

  7. NYTimes blames “white supremacist groups” for changing the narrative.


    The victim is being subjected to the full media pat-down. The Daily Caller, a conservative Web site, published 152 pages of what it plausibly represented as Trayvon’s Twitter feed. His handle on Twitter was built on a racial epithet, and his penchant for objectifying his female peers in profane ways was on lurid display. The facile implication was that the young man was obviously well-acquainted with thug life.

    White supremacist sites, some of which have been followed in the mainstream press, have been busy hacking every aspect of Trayvon’s digital life, including his e-mail, and using the material to imply he was a pothead and perhaps a dealer. Most of those accounts didn’t mention all of the correspondence about SAT tests and scholarship applications. You find what you look for, I guess.

    His picture, of a handsome, smiling young man, set off a tug-of-war on the Web. After President Obama said, “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon” — elevating the controversy to the highest national platform — conservative Web sites scoured the Web for other images of Trayvon. First they came up with a shirtless, baggy-pants rough-neck flipping off the camera with both hands that turned out to be someone else. Then they discovered another where the middle finger was in play that might have been Trayvon’s.

    Business Insider, which would seem to have no ideological skin in the game save clickability, blithely published one of the photos that later turned out to be misidentified that they had cadged from a neo-Nazi Web site. Nice work, guys.

  8. It comes out now that George Zimmerman had been some kind of community organizer in Sanford last year after a negro was beat to death by the son of a Sanford police officer. Now he is enraged that Organized Blackness is trying to lynch him.

    LOL, the world’s newest Republican, George Zimmerman.

  9. The Super Zip anti-whites could put their leashed monkeys back in a cage. I think they can do that within hours and ZombieMerica would move on to what white hollywood starlet flashed her boobs or something stupid like that. Organized whiteness, now that is another thing, we smell blood in the water.

    How long ago did MSNBC host Sharpton go on his little publisized walk across that bridge? The psychopathic white anti-whites of the Super Zips (Charles Murray’s term) basically control the blacks to a point.

    So will “organized” blackness disobey the orders to stand down if the Super Zip whites tell them to stand down?

  10. If they don’t get the immediate gratification of being lofted by the SuperZip media I think they will stand down. But their overall agitation will increase, and this will increase tension. It won’t be long before it explodes again.

  11. I agree landshark, well put. In Chicago the blacks went on an unauthorized spree of violence that IMO was semi organized by the “Reverends” last year and its possible that they try and slip the leash since the Obama/Wise faction of anti-whites might be feeling frisky.

    And then there are our non-friends the international jews (think tribally act globally) who think they can loot a decimated America liked they looted Yugoslavia, Russian and the rest of the old ComBloc.

    Once we Whites realize that the Left and their stooges are perpetrating a genocide against us, all bets are off.

  12. No surrender. Ever.

    Never forgive, never forget.

    Drive the Leftist Amalek into the Sea.

    It’s what they want for us. ‘We killed Jesus Christ, we’ll kill you.’ – Israeli ‘youfs’ talking to Swedish pacifists on a Palestinian Peace mission in Occupied Palestine.

    Especially during Holy Week, the Deicide’s vengeance streak is seen via the colored (pun intended) glasses of the Trayvon’s- the shabbas goyim of the Christ killers.

  13. Trayvon’s interest in SAT tests and scholarships? The hell? Where is this screengrab of his Gmail account?

    Were the emails spam recruitments for diversity programs? Sad thing is, some colleges might welcome a Trayvon on their campus and throw money at him to be there.

  14. George Zimmerman just learned the hard way that no non-black can ever bend over far enough for BRA.

    Ask them how should we give?

    “More, more, more!”

  15. Mestizo Democrat Community Organizer and Official Friend of the Black Community shoots bushwhacking Black yoof, burglar, and drug-dealer.

    Media: “lynch all the White Conservatives!”

  16. And here I thought this story could NOT get any better. That whiney letter is classic: but we love you, black people, we….love….you….how can you do this to us? Look at all the community sheeit we did for you!

    I’m glad he defended himself, but now feel a whole lot less worse about his situation.

  17. Sakes alive what does all that Viagra and Cialis spam say about me? About as much as SAT and scholarship emails say about Trayvone Martin. What do you want to bet pretty much all the students were getting emails about the SAT and SAT prep courses/material.

  18. The NYT in their sympathy profile piece reports that Trayvon had “middling” grades.
    So it doesn’t appear he was a candidate for any post-secondary institution that would even require SATs. Community college is open enrollment.

  19. And that rap song that was his “inspiration” ?
    I couldn’t even get through the first 20 sec of it.

  20. “Ask them how should we give?

    “More, more, more!””

    And then? as PK would say.

    The super-zips can easily shut this down. Just turn off the cameras, and send in the Xe men. More than 200 PMC groups went into NOLA post katrina in addition to the regular military who had restrictive rules of engagement in place, and no footage made its way out of there.

  21. I don’t think they can control them. And certainly not for much longer even if they still can now.

    But all of this has long been forecast by the most erudite among us.

    The jews and crazy whites who dreamed up and embraced all of these insane modern doctrines were from the very beginning destined to experience the same fate as the sorcerer’s apprentice.

  22. True 50-100 mercs would rule St Louis or Philly or Detriot.

    You could conquer Congo with 1000 mercs with proper air support and a political blind eye.

  23. “Brutus says:
    April 3, 2012 at 3:35 am
    The jews and crazy whites who dreamed up and embraced all of these insane modern doctrines were from the very beginning destined to experience the same fate as the sorcerer’s apprentice.”

    Great line. I’m stealing that. Perhap’s John’s right, in reality, about 50-100 True Mercs – but who wants to *control* Philadelphia or Detroit? I want those places cleaned out.

    The Sorcerer’s Apprentice conceptualization….that’s something special…

  24. There are NO “good ones”.

    Sorry lady your wrong. The dead ones are perfectly well behaved

    The super zip anti Whites don’t have the brass to put the monkeys back in the cage. I’m fair certain they think they will be spared because they’re not racist…..

    PMC’s were brought in by businesses to protect their property and weren’t cleaning house in NOLA

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