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  1. It’s ABC news again, same ones who doctored the polic tape AND the 911 call. They have a carton of eggs on their face over their handling of the case.

  2. Can’t these deceitful, lying sacks of sh*t be pulled up in any way?.

    Journalism watchdogs/governing bodies/ethics-standards mcgoobers?.

    Failing that legal action?. They have left themselves wide open here.

    Big media could be bought down by this if él cracker plays it right!.

  3. The MSM is at least two news cycles behind the internet these days, it’s really funny to watch.

    Not only is the internet faster at reporting, it also appears to be far more accurate and truthful- the one thing the MSM claimed that made their obsolete organizations important.

  4. Image stops loading for me, just below his hairline. Reloading doesn’t do anything. Might want to put it up on a different, non-shitty host.

  5. John, how is Piers Morgan useful?. I don’t know what he’s doing in the US. But I would guess he’s using his slick limey skills/accent to deceive folks.

    He is pure NWO, grade A. You can’t trust anything he does or says, ever!.

  6. Cutting some punk wannabe ‘journalist’ off at the knees is being useful. Which is not to dispute that he is NWO all the way.

  7. Leo – we know about Piers. It’s obvious. Whatta tool. It’s OK. We know he’s a dirtbag. It’s just funny to see a (somewhat vestigial) White man call out a Nigger on TV,

    That hasn’t happened in DECADES.

    This battle is being won in inches. That was a coupla inches. The NIGGER apologized, too. That’s important.

  8. Leo – I have a Dream. Several, in fact. One of those dreams involves throwing creatures like Piers into the trunk of my car, and letting them out on a Friday or Saturday, in a ghetto locale. Right next to Negro nightclubs. Around 1AM. With no weaponry. And then driving off. I’d let them have a cell phone. That would add to the fun.

    Wouldn’t that be fun?

  9. You could bleach that guy’s photo until he looks albino, and he’d still look like a south American indigina, which is exactly what he is.

    On Piers, there is no such thing as a trustworthy Brit and he’s obviously a shit. However, his outsider status allows him some leeway, so, as noted above, he is useful a bit in this case.

  10. Ha, Ha that would be fun, Denise! BTW, thanks again for the french harp music, I had a deep and healthy sleep last night.

  11. I was listening to Shawn McHannity on the way home. He had a couple of trayvons on the show, talking about the Zimmerman/Martin shooting. Even the trayvons are starting to back off from this lemon. They were even acknowledging the self defense aspect.

    McHannity was really rubbing salt into wounds by playing the doctored 911 tape, and then the full tape, back to back, over and over and over again. It was pretty entertaining, and you could tell he was enjoying himelf.

    White liberals are starting to peel away like rats from a sinking ship. It is starting to look like the trayvons are more or less on their own on this one.

  12. I know, Denise, I read his comments. I found it calming yet interesting, kinda like a dream – er, if you catch my drift.

  13. Come on though, we all knew. Adept niggerologists like we do not even need proof to know what happened. Common sense says the nigger chimped 99.99% of the time. Who are we to question nature?

  14. @Denise I’d give Morgan a slim chance of even sliming his way out of that D. Just leave him in the trunk!

    @John I’m still reading the blogs everyday J, I can’t comment on MR anymore, it says i’m unauthorised but I got no way of contacting them to find out what’s wrong. I maybe did too many posts ‘cos got a bit overexcited but I can’t see where I pissed anyone off. Gutted though, was learning soooo much.

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