Full Text: George Zimmerman Family Letter


H/T Nicholas Stix

It is surely one of the great ironies of history that the pro-White community has leapt to the defense of George Zimmerman.

This guy is a multiracial Hispanic Democrat. It turns out he was even something of an anti-racism activist and community organizer against police brutality!

The Mainstream Media and Organized Blackness are crucifying poor George Zimmerman while glorifying the thug Trayvon Martin. It is one the ugliest episodes of media bias since Rodney King.

We have seen so many White people murdered, raped, robbed, assaulted, and burglarized at the hands of these Trayvons, and the deafening silence of the Mainstream Media that always follows, that we can’t help but sympathize with what George Zimmerman is going through right now.

Zimmerman is not even White, but he has honorary White status because we can relate to him. We can relate to someone who is a virtuous citizen trying to defend his community from the Black Undertow.

George Zimmerman could easily be one of us. That could be one of us or someone we love getting jumped by some crazy ass nigger in our own neighborhood.

That could be one of us getting burned at the stake in a Salem Witch Trial for the crime of “racism.”

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  1. Proof that Whites are the only true Christians in the world. We’ll even defend someone who has nothing in common with us besides being burned at the stake for the re-election of the Affirmative-Action candidate. Everyone is sick of the slander, the double-standards, and the coddling of the Hamites.

    The exodus from BRA begins this summer.

    Can you feel it? The winds of change? I hope they blow a Texas tornado up Timmy Wise’s ass.

  2. I don’t give a rat’s arse about Zimmerman or his ilk. I have posted comments on several sites pointing out Whites shouldn’t get involved if mestizos and negroes choose to deal in steel with each other.

    The only thing that should concern us about this sordid matter is pointing out constantly that our people has nothing to do with it, and we don’t want any flak because a half-peruvian shoot and Americanized African. Let them sort out their differences among each other.

  3. If his name was Jorge Zapatista no one in the organized black universe would have cared. But because he has a Kraut name the Trayvons could not help theyselfs.

  4. I like Nicholas Stix. He is Juden -but he’s a pretty good guy. I would NOT shove him in an oven.

  5. all you dumb asses sound dumb as shit… They’re gonna lock his stupid fake cop ass up next tuesday! Fuck him and what he did to that innocent kid!

  6. @Niggerya

    No. He’s gonna walk. I would say sorry, but I’m not. 🙂

    Btw, ‘next Tuesday’? Is that a heads-up for the chimpout? I’ll pick up some more ammo tomorrow afternoon. Thanks, ma nigga.

  7. All you sick puppies that think murder is ok need to be the ones behind the gun the next time it goes off. What if it was someone close to you? I see this world is doom b/c ppl think it’s ok to kill and to slandered ppl because of the color of their skin. I’ll be glad when the Lord returns and put things in there proper place and all the haters, murders, molesters, and just plain idiots take there rightful place in hell. If you even own a bible you best read the passage on Lazarus and the rich man. Especially for those that agree with the actions of what happened and all that has a hand in helping a murder go free. Remember God has no respecter person, so maybe in your eyes and the eyes of your peers that your better than others, but in God’s eye we’re all the same and that’s all that matters to me. Therefore, your opinion of me don’t even count. Man’s law and justice is unjust, but God law is JUST and he will have the last say so….

  8. “more of the same says:
    April 3, 2012 at 1:42 pm
    Gee Denise, that’s awfully big of you.”

    Certainly! I can be generous, when I want to be. He will have to be shipped to Madagascar, though……

  9. I think it’s obvious that the whole Martin-Zimmerman Brouhaha is the result of sloppy reportage.

    Some idiot saw the name George Zimmerman and assumed the dude was some blond-haired, blue-eyed, ruddy-cheeked Germanic type. The media isn’t into breaking scandals and corruptions a`la Watergate era anymore, so what is an embryonic Bernstein to do? Clearly do handstands to break the story with a Great White Racist Defendant victimizing some innocent little Negro in a hoodie.

    Even Zimmerman’s family saw Lynch YT for what it was, because why wasn’t the first thing out of their mouths, “Hey, he’s innocent of cold-blooded murder; the kid viciously attacked him, he was in fear for his life, so he shot him.” But no, the big mitigating factor they offered up was NOT self-defense, but “Hey, he’s NOT WHITE!”

    He’s Hispanic!

    Well, the cat was already out of the bag, the media had the perfect anti-White agenda-ridden narrative in place, so they say okay and then change his designation to a WHITE HISPANIC! But the whole damn thing started unraveling after his plainly Mestizo face was pictured. The Latino community was strangely silent but I think La Raza and their friends pulled some strings, because all the sudden all this evidence mysteriously surfaced to prove that “Hey, Trayvon Martin Was No Angel!”

    Well, clutch the pearls, what a shock.

    In any case, I highly doubt if George Zimmerman had been some blond-haired, blue-eyed, ruddy-cheeked Germanic White that all this evidence corroborating his self-defense justification would have materialized so quickly. Look at how quickly this matter is blowing over (aside from Negros seizing on it as the latest excuse to form flash mobs and subject White people to aggravated and deadly assaults) in comparison to the fraudulent Duke Lacrosse Rape Case.

    If GZ had been everything the journalistic screwup thought he was, faster than you can say “Michael Nifong,” the prosecutor would have filed charges with hate crimes enhancements against him, the Grand Jury would have indicted him and his family would have gone bankrupt trying to fund his self-defense justification.

    Had the reporter only seen that Trayvon Martin’s killer had been named Jorge Zavala, he wouldn’t have bothered filing the story. It would have been another non-event; a brown-black dispute that turned deadly.

    The REAL story that even the White Nationalists are overlooking is that BRA did NOT make George Zimmerman an “Honorary White,” but that an Anti-White media narrative is so frothing at the mouth to lynch a White for a racist act, that they are getting careless and not checking ANY angles before they submit the story.

  10. Listen Geneva you Stupid Boon
    I’m tired of hearing the tired old “just because of the color of our skin” and that is the biggest excuse used for the longest time. It is nothing to do with skin color, it is everything to do with high testosterone, impulsivity and inability to exert any self-control, absence of higher order thought processes like abstract thought or philosophy, lack of future time orientation or preparation for future – no concept of a rainy day. With the impulsivity and lack of self-control comes an easily provoked sense of violence that is inhuman in it’s fury. Also, since infancy blacks are taught that they are and always were inncoent, virtuous people who have been victimized thru no fault of their own, rather than easily roused savages whose violence is boundless. THAT is why Whites would like the freedom to not be forced into your presence by any laws and why we basically want you to stay the fuck away from us. So no, it is not the color of your skin. It’s the way you reduce any street, school, town, or city to mayhem and your low standards of living, the garbage you have no problem strewed on your property and then the BEST: your uncanny ability to blame someone else who has spent their day off mowing their lawn, planting flowers, weeding, sweeping, painting fences, making safeboxes for their garbage pails, and keeping their towns looking nice. It’s insane, right? And when faced with these facts that you know are true, rather than admit these faults and try to change them; these facts become RACIST? Can you blame any hardworking person busy working and raising a family who just wants to be away from these complications?

  11. Gem – I have bene attempting to source a quote, to no avail, but a Southern Civil War gent made timeless observation, to whit, “Whenever there’s a White man, things are going up, and whenever there’s a Negro, things are going down”.

    Your posts echoes this observation.

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