Kwesi Mfume Slaps Down Rainbow Confederates


I found this at the Southern Heritage Non-Preservation Group on Facebook:

NAACP responds to the Rainbow Confederates

The NAACP is absolutely right. I believe this is the first time that Organized Blackness has ever said anything that I can wholeheartedly agree with. There will be a winner and a loser in this struggle.

Note: Any Southern organization that declares it is dedicated to fighting “racism” is worthless. If you cannot say “Dixie is a White Man’s Country” (the 6 Words), you are not even in the struggle.

These people are nothing more than political crossdressers and cargo cultists peddling Americanism under the Confederate banner.

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  1. Any white who still thinks compromise is possible deserves their inevitable fate.

    The rainbow confeds are trying to dance with the devil.

  2. I think the letter is fabulous, Flawless. Mo’ reparashuns……

    Mfume Dawg done got tossed outta his crib, by dem hook noses, ‘n sheet.

    Maybe Missy Ann Chastian kin coug up summa dem reparashuns…

  3. The carpet baggers really seem to have left the building on this whole Trayvon thing. Did they think their favorite species was all “growed up” and ready for the big time, or have the proverbial (or not so proverbial) rats jumped?

  4. The Rainbow Confederates are the F.W. de Klerks of the South. We are the Ian Smiths and Hendrik Verwoerds.

    The essential difference being we have the benefit of hindsight and can witness the endgame of anti-racism and multiculturalism in present day Zimbabwe and South Africa.

  5. Jim, tonight, CNN – Coon Nonsense NOW – had a White Lady Presenter, as they say in Old Blighty, on tonight, around 8PM. She had some Whitish guy, in the control room (I have had too little sleep to Spot Die Jude. He coulda been a Jude – but he coulda been White). They took the Zimmy at the police station video, and did color corrections, to highlight his real head injuries. Thew Whitish guy brought up the red spectrum, and the head injuries POPPED.

    The rats are jumping Little Ship Trayvon.

  6. When the treyvons inevitably hit the dirt, I guess they don’t want anyone seeing who’s standing behind ’em.

  7. Well, the South Africans had the hindsight of the French experience in Haiti, but perhaps that was to far in the dim past.

  8. I didn’t know the NAACP could be so reasonable. I find myself supporting their position. I would welcome the passage of a Slavery Compensation Bill.

    I think reparations should be made to each and every slave that can be found, and the cost to redress the injustices they were victims of should come out of the pockets of all former slave owners and slave traders.

    I look forward to see them all in court. It will be a lively debate.

  9. .

    Reparations MUST include Repatriation and Repudiation of US citizenship. It’s a package deal.


  10. “There will be a winner and a loser in this struggle.”

    Mfume states plainly that they will not stop at outlawing the Confederate flag, but plan on demolishing all monuments to the Confederacy, even banning Civil War re-enactments.

    The way things are going, who is your money on?

  11. The South Africans knew what they were getting into. They didn’t care because it was free ride and a nice ride. And they knew it wasn’t going to end in their lifetime. A demographic explosion of psychotic, diseased niggers can be for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren to deal with, right?

    Being a northerner, I stand no comparison to the Smiths or Verwoerds of history. I imagine the possible future role of people like myself, to be something more along the lines of perhaps a Boris Yeltsin — salvaging some semblance of ‘America’ out of the ashes of the ‘USA’, like Yeltsin salvaged Russia from the USSR.

  12. If you cannot say “Dixie is a White Man’s Country” (the 6 Words), you are not even in the struggle.

    No one in the leadership of the LOS will say it.

  13. LOS don’t want the “wimmin folk” to be called “racist.” So you think they or the other paleo(faileo)cons would even challenge what “racist” means? Nope they would rather put Sam Francis and Jared Taylor on trial. But send money.

  14. If you cannot say “Dixie is a White Man’s Country” (the 6 Words), you are not even in the struggle.

    I’m going to add that to the 14 words!. Hell, might just be my next tattoo ( just the 6 words and not the explanation )

  15. The Afrikaners/English Uitlanders were being crushed by sanctions. They were literally stabbed in the back by Washington and London. Cold war politics were critical to the eventual outcome.

  16. @John

    The South Africans were the ones responsible for the demographic imbalance that finally destroyed them. A half-dozen “domestics” per household… thousands of blacks working in the many gold and diamond mines all over the country… white farmers employing from the endless sea of cheap black labor… If you hire them, feed them, and house them, they will breed like vermin. And they did. Cold-War politics or not, the outcome would have been no different: Black majority rises up and devours the white minority which made them into a majority in the first place. Egypt.. Haiti.. Congo.. South Africans could see the writing on the wall from long ago, but they were enjoying too good a lifestyle to care.

  17. Check out the way this One Banana Kwesi Mfume (huh?) writes :

    “While this may appear to be one sided, it is a start toward the injustice of the Afro-American. ”

    Makes. Absolutely. No. Sense.

    Negroes betray their One-Banana cognitive deficiencies every time they put pen to paper. Every. Single. Time.


    – Arturo “One Banana”

  18. We can include Detroit on that list, Chris.

    Gov. George Romney lionized MLK and even led a civil rights march in Michigan to express his solidarity with all the troublemakers in Selma.

  19. The people at the Southern Heritage Non-Preservation Group on Facebook are a bigger threat to the South than Yankees. We have seen that Connie Chastain is much worse than Brooks D. Simpson.

  20. The LoS is a mixed group. I’ve been told the Florida LoS has a lot of good people. Chastain lives in Florida, but is not a member. She objects to “racism.”

    In any case, there is no reason to bother with them. The CofCC is solidly racialist and we can organize and network through them.

  21. @Hunter

    Henry Ford imported huge numbers of them up here from the South. George Romney was ostracized by the GOP for opposing Barry Goldwater in 1964.

    Were whites in Detroit too busy enjoying middle-class American prosperity to notice the rising of the tide? I honestly couldn’t tell you. I wasn’t born until 1977.

  22. HW said: “What is this one banana meme? Give me a link.”

    Hunter: It’s simple.

    The “One Banana” meme explains why blacks will be blacks, and their unique attributes be they innate criminality or that pesky “achievement gap” the New York Times squeals about on a daily basis.

    Here’s how it works:

    A normal-sized banana weighs on average 12o grams. This is also the average difference in brain weight between a black and a euro (cf Samuel Morton : Crania Americana; or, A Comparative View of the Skulls of Various Aboriginal Nations of North and South America; 1839).

    Get it now?

    It’s the One Banana Difference !


    – Arturo One Banana de Gheaube

    I can’t resist reprinting a scholarly description of the African by the great Dr. Samuel Morton (he of slimy DWL Stephen J. Gould character assassination fame. One could argue that the debunking of the required-anthropology reading “Mismeasure of Man”
    last summer was a big turning point in the HBD-realism movement).

    Morton on Africans :

    “Characterized by a black complexion, and black, woolly hair; the eyes are large and prominent, the nose broad and flat, the lips thick, and the mouth wide; the head is long and narrow, the forehead low, the cheekbones prominent, the jaws protruding, and the chin small. In disposition the Negro is joyous, flexible, and indolent; while the many nations which compose this race present a singular diversity of intellectual character, of which the far extreme is the lowest grade of humanity. … The moral and intellectual character of the Africans is widely different in different nations. The Negroes are proverbially fond of their amusements, in which they engage with great exuberance of spirit; and a day of toil is with them no bar to a night of revelry. Like most other barbarous nations their institutions are not infrequently characterized by superstition and cruelty. They appear to be fond of warlike enterprises, and are not deficient in personal courage; but, once overcome, they yield to their destiny, and accommodate themselves with amazing facility to every change of circumstance. The Negroes have little invention, but strong powers of imitation, so that they readily acquire mechanic arts. They have a great talent for music, and all their external senses are remarkably acute.”

  23. Henry Ford imported huge numbers of them up here from the South.

    Yes he did, to keep the unions out. So we have a solid racist hiring niggers, because he hated unions even more. Both of which in almost all cases are poxes on society.

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