Matt Parrott on Trayvon Martin


Matt Parrott speculates:

“White Guilt jumped the shark over a decade ago. Perhaps the apex of Peak Guilt was when Bill Clinton triumphantly heralded an exciting new future where we will no longer be the majority in our own country.

I’m not disputing the point. See this post about anti-white bias from last year. This hate graph explains everything. The Pew poll slices Whites into ideological blocs and finds that only “Solid Liberals” believe that White racism is the main reason why blacks can’t get ahead in our society.

Update: Whites are annoyed by the Trayvon Martin coverage.

Note: The BUGSers who frequent this website will find this very interesting. It is empirical evidence that “the mantra” has triumphed at some level in the White community.

More Whites believe anti-white bias is a greater problem now than anti-black racism. In fact, 10 percent of Whites now rank anti-white bias a 10 on a scale of 10.

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  1. The Old Confederates had very hipsterish beards.

    Anyway, yes I think that the post racial society isn’t precisely what the libs intended.
    Whites handed over the keys to the Ferrari and the black guy crashed it.

    It’s not that Bush was any good, indeed his retardation made Obama possible. However the “Trayvon my son” comments and the halting critique of the supremes dooms the arrogant smart mouth.

  2. I think it is starting to sink in that when White people are a minority, who will pay the bills & taxes? Negroes? Mexicans? Asians? Orientals? Illegal aliens? Fat chance.

  3. Another note on that hategraph. White respondents skewed female 55/45. Had those figures been reversed you’d see an even more stark delta.

  4. Imagine being a SWPL in the urban jungle, where you literally have to tell one another that some Cletus out in some part of flyover country is the biggest danger to your way of life because he has an Ak-47 clone and he shoots bottles with it. Then maybe a block from your gentrified neighborhood lies the least educated most violent demographic in the USA, and you cannot even mention it to another SWPL or you lose your SWPL “privelege.” Now that is some evil shizz.

  5. It’s suicide really. Horror films stoke the fear of the rural red neck as well.

    You probably will meet any but a mass killer out in the sticks. Unless you stumbled over Unabomber Shack. Even then he’d probably chat about philosophy with you and give directions to the nearest town.

  6. “This emerging perspective is particularly notable
    because by nearly any metric—from employment to police
    treatment, loan rates to education—statistics continue to
    indicate drastically poorer outcomes for Black than White

    If only they would go to haiti or one of the dozens of explicitly black nations where they could finally be freed of white racism and get ahead in life. Why do they hold themselves back in such a way Gentlemen and Ladies?

  7. “White Guilt jumped the shark over a decade ago”

    What? Did Matt miss the election of Barack Hussein Obama?

    More and more white people are waking up, but White Guilt is still the facilitator of BRA, and BRA is firmly in charge.

  8. Remember when Glenn Beck said “Obama hates white people”? He should have doubled down, or maybe now would have been a better time to break that one out.

  9. And adding to what Porter said:

    Look at the ages:
    Mean age (SD)
    51.4 (14.8)
    49.1 (12.1)

    I think the older White are going to see less discrimination against Whites as they don’t have to work with the minority hires who don’t work, but keep their jobs.
    And I think older blacks are going to blame racism for everything.

  10. What? Did Matt miss the election of Barack Hussein Obama?

    Obama clearly operates in two modes: Cosby Mode and Holder Mode. Throughout the entirety of the 2008 campaign and when placed on the spot during the past few years, Obama speaks in this paternalizing “Blacks need to man-up to their responsibilities and take responsibility for their future” mode that Whites cannot get enough of. He has strained mightily to suppress his more Sharptonesque impulses…which are the core drivers of his actual policy.

    The mask slips from time to time, but liberal White Americans are a gullible bunch, especially if you’re pretending to be an imaginary being they so desperately wish existed.

  11. Argumentum ad populum. Just because a lot of people believe something, it’s not proof that it’s true.

    There was a time when everyone believed the world was flat. Newsflash: it wasn’t flat at the time. Everybody was wrong.

  12. “…when White people are a minority, who will pay the bills & taxes?” For an answer to that question just look at CA. ( CA Greek Tragedy.
    CA went minority white in the time it took 10 million folks to immigrate there between mid ’80 to 2005. CA gained only 150,00 actual taxpayers from that influx. But, now we have 12% of the U.S population and 33% of the welfare recipients. What a great deal! I mean we have all those “hard working” immigrants now.

  13. Actually, I like Sharpton. Don’t agree with a word he says but he’s consistent (consistently wrong, of course) and he says exactly what’s on his mind. We know where he’s coming from and he’s predictable and not too bright. It’s fake conservatives like West and McCain who scare me.

  14. I made several posts on American Thinker the other day. Hadn’t make any in a long, long time because the overt Zionist, neocon, respectable “conservative” commenters just depress the hell out of me. I noticed that the moderation improved (you can actually make unpopular racial comments now) and many of the commenters are clearly fed up with BRA (I say the term “BRA” used, and they allowed it). Still, so many are in the mindset that race is nothing but the color of skin, all people are the same on the inside, race doesn’t matter, etc. They make these sweeping, matter-of-fact statements with absolutely no rationale given. We all give rationale for out thinking. The other side NEVER does, because they are not rational, they are acting on faith and faith alone. Sad, really.

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