Sanford Shooting Victim Describes Scene



In this video, a trayvon describes a recent drive-by shooting in Sanford, FL. It is reasonable to assume that another group of trayvons were responsible.

Update: Wagist continues to investigate why Trayvon Martin simply didn’t return to the Greene townhouse. He had plenty of time to make it there.

Update: Al Sharpton was a guest of honor at the White House this morning. Organized Blackness is sponsoring a resolution that blames “racial bias” for the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Note: The Orlando Sentinel has censored the race of the two trayvons who attacked the 50-year-old White man from Winter Springs. It doesn’t seem inclined to investigate the Nation of Yahweh connection either.

What else do you suppose the Mainstream Media knows but is refusing to tell us? In Black Run America (BRA), black people must be promoted at all costs.

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  1. That dailyfail article. Chicago eh? I feel for poor Jessica. Imagine looking like her and having to deal with drunken shines with a bad case of gibsmedat every night? Hopefully this ends up being a blessing in disguise, and she moves onto a better career that doesn’t involve being a nightly victim to predation by packs of trayvons.

  2. “The offending Facebook exchange begins with Elizabeth allegedly saying, ‘wow so insane how one race of people can be so f****** incompetent and disgusting.’

    She continues: ‘send them somewhere i don’t care where. they make everything dirty ignorant and can’t act like normal human beings.’

    One friend, Ryan Daniel, chimes in with: ‘Porch Monkey’s?’

    They can see.

  3. Update: Wagist continues to investigate why Trayvon Martin simply didn’t return to the Greene townhouse. He had plenty of time to make it there.

    Same reason Trayvon “No Limits Nigga” Martin told his girlfriend that he wasn’t going to run. Typical nigger thug “pride” and aggression.

    All he had to do is go home. I wonder what fraction of dead nigger thugs would be alive today, if they had the good sense to just go home. 1/4? 1/2? 3/4?

  4. Hey, she already be RACISSS!!! for not spreading for every negro to proposition her, so she might as well go ahead and own it, right?

  5. No one stops to think why she might hold those opinions.

    Night after night of muh dik, knockdowns, disease ridden trash…Muggings while locking up–this happened to a friend of mine. She was mugged by blacks three times with locking up Blackthorn’s in St Louis. We should ask her if she’s ever been bashed by a black or had colleagues who have been molested by muh dikin gibbsmedat cash register blacks.

    It’s got to take a toll on even the most generous person.

  6. Do the blacks think they can keep this up forever? I mean really. They Knox they are a different nation. They even have NOI. Give Em a swatch of land. Let em cannibalize themselves.

  7. Dang, this blog moves fast! Post something, come back a couple of hours later, and the first post is almost on the second page.

    Hunter Wallace doesn’t fool around.

  8. My eldest daughter worked as a bar tender and waitress during college. She said all wait staff are racist but normally go back to being DWL’s once they move on to a new job

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