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  1. It’s a shame “Mc Nasty McCarthy” did have a shot at Parks on HUAC. If I had a time machine I’d go back with footage of the general jaboonery on the buses today (white women getting beat up. ) and show that the Trayvons will wreck public transit if allowed to Integrate.

  2. It really is disheartening reading the comments at breitbart, for the JJ story and the story where Palin fawns over AW for the VP job.

    It’s like they all are having a competition to prove they’re not racists.

  3. Mighty,

    yeah it’s odd. Be aide the left do think they are all racists anyway.

    If a Silver service waiter came up to the polite anti-racist whites of the GOP would query their choices, thus…

    “How would you like your Cyanide? Drip feed? Or all in one dose? Either way you are dead. What speed sir? Quickly or dead?

  4. I can understand the negativity surrounding the “hold your ground” laws if you are black. For them, it makes target acquisition that much more difficult and dangerous. It requires an whole new level of thinking that they are probably incapable of maintaining. Now it’s not just “where’s the white folk at?” but “gee, you think that white folk got a gun?”

    But for me these laws are common sense and natural. If you don’t want to get dead, don’t go messing with people. Why is that so shocking to the mainstream media? Like these laws are out of the Dark Ages or something.

    They hate us, they hate our rights, they hate us not getting our butts murdered, they hate us thinking for ourselves, they hate us peaking our heads above the parapet, they hate every fiber of our being. They want us mugged, raped, shot, dumb, poor, hopeless and begging.

    Surrounded we are. As the saying goes, now we’ve got them just where we want them.

  5. I’ve recently been looking for any reason whatsoever to switch parties. Republicans disgust me. But I just can’t do it. Democrats oppose nearly everything I believe in. Well, Republicans do to, in effect. They just don’t say it.

  6. Who?What? You’re thinking of switching from the Zionist warmongering anti-White neo-conned Republicrat JewParty to the Ethnoid Socialist anti-White Democan JewParty? You actually bother voting for one tentacle of the ZogSquid and think you’re not getting the whole Squid anyway? U seriously need to turn off the TV and invest in lead.

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