Obama’s Son Tyrone Woodfork


I’m sharing this here just for this priceless comment: “See what happens when Zimmerman is not patrolling your neighborhood?”

Note: Tyrone Woodfork lived four houses down from Nancy and Bob Strait. Integrated neighborhoods are dangerous. You should always be engaging in racial profiling if you value your life.

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  1. Re: “blacks sooo think that out pls tell me how jay z micheal Jordan lil Wayne obama oprah r cockroaches….”

    They cannot speak, write, or even think in English.

    Re: Have “much more money” and “am way more successful than y’all like what world do y’all livin grow up get a job” and “your a insect on my vaneeshan rug”!

    Many of us DO have much less money than “minorities and other socially disadvantaged groups” on welfare and affirmative action employment programs; many of us do lack good jobs (that were stolen from us); some of us do live in trailers, and probably only very few of us could afford to buy a “Venetian rug,” whatever that is.

    However I suspect this poster is not really “for real” (please excuse the urbanism) but only a good imitator. But how can we really know, from a distance?

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