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  1. White Woman:
    “I’m not judging you..everyone has the right..”

    Muslim Woman:
    “I am judging you.”

    Who do you think wins endgame? Bets?

  2. Beginning of the end? Oh no: this isn’t opening, this is the middle-game. And in this chess match, the white Queen, the white Bishops and the white Castles have all turned against the white pawns. Hell, by now, one of White’s bishops is probably really an imam.

    Prediction: mate in seven.

    Except this ‘mate’ will look more like ‘rape’, won’t it.

  3. It’s so funny. Goofy liberals welcomed the ‘others’ and put down their own people who object. Now that this goofy liberal experiences what she has created, she feels ‘gutted!’ Stupid liberal girl. Your bubble has burst and there’s sh** all over your face and you don’t like it. No sympathy here. Who should I hate more? The Muslims who want to kill me or the DWL who brought them here and nurtured the snakes among us….hmmm…hate them both equally.

  4. I turned it off. Couldn’t take it. The sight of those ANIMALS desecrating the land that gave the world Shakespeare and Newton makes me ill. The British leaders that have let it get to this point deserve a fate worse than death.

  5. To continue the metaphor:

    To have any hope at all in this game, White will need to abandon the Queen’s Indian line ASAP (as well as the Queen’s Paki, the Queen’s Jamaican and the Queen’s Nigerian), and switch to a more suitable defense. I recommend the Sicilian, as it were… especially the so-called Dragon variation.

  6. Everytime I see a Paki argue about following British common law I think of sticking them in a truck:

  7. The madness of all Europe accepting this bullshit from people mired in the 7th century,invaders spreading like black cockroaches all over the cities. That the Whites of Europe sit in their houses and watch this shit without a peep is amazing. And the worst is that if one of them DID have the sense and the nerve it takes to run out and attack these ingrates, not only would they be arrested but their own brethren would call them names on news interviews tsk tsk racism etc. so sometimes who can blame us for not having much hope?

  8. I really, really pity the English children. They had no say in this, and will have to literally fight to regain the country their ancestors ruined.

  9. “The madness of all _Europe_” in accepting cockroaches? You looked out your own window lately?

  10. Posted by Robert Reis on April 04, 2012, 05:52 AM | #



    During my recent travels through the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, I have seen countless scenes of the hopelessly degraded behavior of the young white people as shown above. Other than the families of German and Spanish tourists, the native white populations seem to have produced a younger generation of degenerate trash.

    The bottom was reached in Dublin when two British homosexuels bragged to two unattractive British sluts about the men they had shagged in the youth hostel in which they were staying and the homely alcohol swollen young females cheered them on.

    In six weeks, I have not seen any social behavior among the natives that is worth preserving.

  11. that chick in the video is still a DWL after her 1st hand experience; notice how she said the problem makers were a tiny fraction

  12. If there are any English people reading this- it is Jews who pushed for mass immigration of muslims and blacks into England. Jews wanted to destroy England as a Celtic and Germanic country. Jews feel the more diverse England becomes, the safer Jews will feel. Jews see Celtic and Germanic English people as their number one enemy. How long are you English people going to bury your heads in the sand? It is jews, both in the Labour and Conservative parties, who are responsible for open borders for England.

  13. Bravo, Phil.

    Exactly. The miscegenated spawn of Cain are behind all attempts to annihilate the Seed of Albion, which is the seed of Adam.

    Misericordie, Domine.

  14. Wayne says: I really, really pity the English children. They had no say in this, and will have to literally fight to regain the country their ancestors ruined.

    Like the Baby Boomers in the USA didn’t do this to us?

    Personally I think nearly every one over 55 and under about 35 is worthless. The under 35’s brainwashed beyond the point of being able to see a fact as a fact. The over 55’s being too complacent with what has happened to the country after/with their raping it. I have never looked at my father with the same eyes since he told me who he voted for in the last presidential election. I have no desire to visit. He did what he did, he voted against me.

  15. rjp says:
    April 6, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    That’s sad to hear rjp. You should think twice b4 breaking off your relationship with your dad, especially if it’s over Obama. I haven’t had a dad since I was 2 and trust me, it sucks!.

  16. I still talk to him, just have no desire to visit the man that voted against his son’s, his daughters’, or his grand-children’s futures.

  17. If it’s not a swing state don’t hate your dad.

    However you should tell him you reckon he voted to deprive his grandchildren.

  18. Phil – Amen. Blacks and Browns are the symptoms. Jews ARE the disease. Jews have been attacking White civilizations for centuries. The Expulsion Order still stands. ACT on this, good men and women of the British Isles.

  19. DWL stands for Disingenuous White Liberal. DWL’S are not “dumb” in other venues of life, but when it comes to All Things Racial – there’s some sort of filter (a small variety of filters) that does not allow them to be truthful about the racial reality.

    Research the conept of Cognitive Dissonance. This ‘splains a LOT.

    Dumb White Liberals is not a bad guess, though, Leo, my White Brother . ; } !

  20. RJP: Concur 100% with your comment about Baby Boomers, but let’s not leave out the so-called “Greatest Generation” who spawned them. I used to worship that generation, but the older I get and the more I know, the more I detest their constant chest-thumping. Agree too about the over 55 crowd. They are locusts, they have eaten up the future of their children and are now going to milk us dry for their social security and medicare. I disagree with you on the young crowd. Sure, they are getting the full dose of Marxist indoc, but those dishing it our are now the establishment, the status quao, the ones to be derided and made fun of. I think the magical term “racist” is losing it’s power on them. At least I hope so.

  21. PHIL: You hit the nail squarely on the head! Great post!
    I hate to watch this video, but honestly, I think this will have to happen, indeed it will have to get even worse, before there will be any possibility of the native Brits taking action. I just hope they don’t lay down and die in a Camp of the Saints scenario.

  22. Good thing I just turned 35 back in February. (my birthday was the 26th. how spooky is that?). I am immune to the wrath of rjp.

  23. My plan for the despicable Boomers in their helpless old age is: ship all those motherfuckers over to Africa, there to enjoy the diversity they sought to impose on us, and there to relish first-hand the tender loving care of their pets.

    Think of it: their social security dollar will go much much further in their squalid new Third World home, giving us a rationale to halve or quarter their undeserved benefits. Plus, under pressure of necessity to build adequate facilities in order to receive Uncle Sugar’s boomer-care dime, the Africans will have to undergo a lot of technical and economic and infrastructure upgrades, thus giving them One Last Chance to show the world that they can do a job right. Heh.

    We get rid of boomer filth and their voting bloc, we save a lot of $$, Africa gets a tech upgrade, the world gets to watch and take notes, and draw its own conclusions about this hilarious laboratory. And the boomers get to end their miserable lives in the multicultural splendor of African neglect and squalor, as they so richly deserve.

    What’s not to like?

  24. Oscar: Great idea, as long as we could make exceptions for the many who remained loyal to their descendants. They could not have done what they did without the Greatest Generation behind them. It was the Greatest Generation who approved the Civil Rights Act and Immigration Reform Act. It was the Greatest Generation who sent their own sons off to Vietnam while replacing them back home with third worlders. It was the Greatest Generation who destroyed Europe and birthed the current multi-cultural cesspool there and here. The Boomers, as a generation, are responsible for not resisting (they resisted all the wrong things and supported all the wrong things). The Boomers were the ship of multi-culturalism’s sails, but the Greatest Generation was the wind that propelled them.

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