John Derbyshire Violates Black Run America (BRA)’s Racial Etiquette

United States

John Derbyshire breaks BRA's racial etiquette. Crisis ensues!!! F.A.G.S. roll out!!! Silence him!!!

Paul Kersey writes:

“Conservatives won’t help you, for they are nothing more than rent-seeking whores (that goes for all non-profits in Washington D.C. that subsist off the donations of hard-working Americans that actually believe the Constitution, anti-flag burning, gun-rights, border defense, leftist control of college campuses, or whatever superfluous cause still matters will be fought for) and publications that are ostensibly “right-of-center.”


This is more or less taken for granted around here. It is a pointless waste of time to get involved with the professional conservative movement that employs nothing but career girls like Ramesh Ponnoru and Jonah Goldberg to write insipid columns about current events. It is “mainstream” precisely because it is neutered, harmless, ineffective, and non-threatening to the culturally dominant Left.

“His fellow writers at NRO are running away from him like French from a panzer tank. All he did was speak some extremely politically incorrect truths.”
– Random Free Republic Commentator

The reaction from this class of people – the professional conservatives, who work for conservative media outlets in Washington and New York – has been noticeably different from the reaction by ordinary conservatives in Dixie and Heartland who are hearing about this fine outstanding column and who are posting intelligent comments on other websites.

Ta-Nehisi Coates is mad with you:

“Let’s not overthink this: John Derbyshire is a racist. Declaring such does not require an act of of mind-reading, it requires an act of Derbyshire-reading:

I guess it’s admirable that Rich Lowry is taking time away from pondering why people think he’s a bigot, to denounce Derbyshire. But ‘Derb’ told you what he was in 2003. And National Review continued to employ him. That’s who they are.

What else is there?”

You better spank his bottom raw! Little Green F.A.G.S. roll out!

Update: John Podhoretz on Twitter, “I spent years on NRO’s Corner expressing my disgust in ways large and small with John Derbyshire. Now he will reap the whirlwind. Deservedly.

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  1. “PatroNatalist says:
    April 7, 2012 at 9:18 pm
    So, the aptly named girly boys – Jonah Goldberg, Jon Podhoretz, and Rich Lowry – are wasting no time throwing a long time colleague under the bus. (one who is, incidentally, seriously ill with lymphoma and perhaps not at his most robust due to multiple chemotheraphy rounds at age 66).

    What else to expect from these – well, I’d call them “cheese eating surrender monkeys”, but Goldberg in his current huff-n-puffery would no doubt indict this as racist and miss the irony (”

    I call them Jews.

  2. “We’re trying to quell the feeling of ‘let’s get someone’ and we will make as certain as we can that this isn’t pushed under the rug.”

    They won’t do shit. Niggers are deathly afraid of crazed crackers. They prefer intimidating old women and SWPL dewy eyed girly men.

  3. KevinV says:
    April 7, 2012 at 5:20 pm
    “The decline at NRO has become so obvious that one can hope that this latest event with Derb will wake up even the patriotards who post there and discuss in depth the presidential chances of Amb. Bolton and Congressman Ryan.”

    Jack Ryan responds:

    American Renaissance had a good article on the decline of National Review – which used to stick up for our White people, at least granting us the right to live and not be raped, murdered, subject to genocide.

    Here’s the Amren article:

  4. If John Podhoretz and Jonah Goldberg find racism and ethnocentrism despicable, why aren’t they part of the anti-Israel BDS movement? But on the contrary, both are strong supporters of that little racist and ethnocentric entity in the Levantine desert. It’s increasingly becoming difficult for that crowd of double-talking cosmopolitans to play Barres in Jerusalem and Zola in Washington.

  5. hey Dissenters… couple of things:

    Zimmerman/Trayvon/Derbyshire/Tulsa – great polarization happening, with potential to feed the flames in the comment sections.

    Derbyshire strikes me as particularly useful. What a line in the sand for mainstream conservatism. Force cons to take a side. Are they gonna go with the crime stats? or with the libs they supposedly hate?

    Also, put the libs on notice by pointing out that they live exactly the same lives that Derbyshire advocates. They won’t come out and say what Derbyshire says, but they happily live that way without an ounce of regret. Drives em nuts to have their hypocrisy thrown in the faces.

  6. I agree with Jim. These events bode very well for us. The Lame Stream Media, both “right” (ha ha) and left is being exposed as ignorant (ignoring what’s before the eyes of every American), lying, propagandizers with an overriding anti-white agenda. Blacks are being shown as they have always behaved. All thanks to the internet and sites such as this one. Just imagine, based on the lies they’ve been caught up in over Trayvon, how many more lies they forced down the throats of Americans before there was free speach (i.e. internet). It boggles the mind. I would love to see a congressional inquiry into this. I’d like to see every leftist victory re-examined. The airwaves belong to us all, but have been controlled by a hostile ethnic minority that does not represent the American people. Seize their assets, shut them down, place a heavy, crippling tax on all revenue generated in the entertainment industry and media. With the internet, the only remaining purpose of the legacy media is to herd the stupid and shape the “culture”, in other words, brainwash.

  7. A good place for the Congressional inquiry to start woudl be the McCarthy affair. The media murdered his reputation. What would have happened had the internet be available?

  8. I’m using “faileocon” (for lack of a better word) to describe that class of rent seeking parasites that subsist like a tick off ordinary people.

    That term arose as a play on paleo-con . The positions taken by neocons, while even more worthless and self-destructive, differ sufficiently from paleos’ that the term falls flat as snide shorthand critique. In any case, I doubt most people would get the reference. For those not getting the reference, I imagine it sounds childish, rather like calling liberals “faileolibs” — meaningless and silly.

    On a different note, Derb’s timing does seem momentous, given the racial electricity in the air. I wonder, though, whether amid the pro-white euphoria Churchill’s reminder that “wars are not won by evacuations” would be appropriate here. When you get down to it, isn’t just one more firing, one more fallen comrade (of sorts)? Brimelow, Sailer, Sobran, Derbyshire etc. Yes, a formidable lineup, a Dream Team even. But what good are they on the sidelines? Eyeballs, eyeballs, eyeballs has always been the racialists’ problem. Eyeballs don’t ensure victory. (Some of you are far too optimistic.) But eyeballs get you in the game. (Disgusting, utterly disgusting, that that fat, worthless fuckwad J-Pod has a job at NR while legitimate stars like Sailer et al sit it out.)

    Btw, Lew, I know there’s no love lost between us, but you’re correct that it’s all obvious in hindsight. But what master strategists they are. Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer. They stringed the racial right along, allowing them to snipe enough to let off steam, but as soon they overstepped the bounds they knew existed all along, bang came the firing. And it all seems so fair and reasonable that not one in thousand readers (so it seems) picked up on what was going down.

  9. Can I ask everyone a personal favor?

    Can we please get some equal time contempt for that awful cow Lopez and her maniacal Catholic-conservative bit?

    Jeez, how gawdamn depressing: the intellectual keepers of offical conservatism are a not-very-bright libertarian Jew, a smug shit on the make from the Subcontinent, an average Beltway wonk and an uber-Catholic latina with wood for the bishops.

    Sometimes, I think we deserve this.

  10. National Review is a joke.

    I don’t see why anyone would have any desire to work there. Both the website and the magazine suck. I never read John Derbyshire there anyway.

  11. I wonder, though, whether amid the pro-white euphoria Churchill’s reminder that “wars are not won by evacuations” would be appropriate here. When you get down to it, isn’t just one more firing, one more fallen comrade (of sorts)? Brimelow, Sailer, Sobran, Derbyshire etc. Yes, a formidable lineup, a Dream Team even. But what good are they on the sidelines.

    I think you’re right about this. This is why visibility in the mainstream is important. The only reason this dustup is happening is because Derb has it.

    If Derb recovers his health and continues to write, like Sobran, Francis, Brimelow etc. he will likely never reach an audience again that is not tiny compared to what it was and that does not already agree with him.

  12. Yeah, I read his ‘advice’ and it was SPOT ON. I mean I have given that advice to white teenagers myself.

    ANY person who tries to state that it is wrong to tell white children, teens, and young people what to avoid and how to react in those situations is a damn bastard!

    A lot of the advice was more incident specific than I ever would have guessed, and all tactics that I, myself, have used trying to survive in Memphrica, Tennessee, 70% jumping jibber jabber – just crazy violent & stupid.

    Frankly, I thought his advice was nothing short of genius.

    @Silver – hahaa that’s so weird, because I had just lately started calling them TICKS, because I got tired of trying to find a different or better word. OH but by them I am talking about the Somalian ticks that live in here in Sweden, along with the rest of the ticks who never learn to read or write, never work, chronically complain, get everything for free but still feel the need to rob, rape, beat, and murder.

    @Denise – LMAO
    I’ll be honest, I tried so hard not to think about the jew media angle, but after you hear about it – you can’t unhear it. You start ‘noticing’ names of journalists, hollywood producers, etc. You REALLY start noticing TV programs and the propaganda about ‘illegals wanting a better life’, that paki muslim is really a good guy & those black guys never get a break – he shouldn’t get executed for torturing those old white ladies to death – he had it ‘rough’.

    2 nights ago there was both an ‘illegal construction worker AND a pakistani muslim’ (the victim/female made a film insulting to islam) of COURSE the ‘hispanic lady lawyer’ said ‘maybe it’s just good old fashioned AMERICAN GREED’. Of course the killer was a white guy, not ‘black’ or any other race ‘American’ so apparently now even AMERICAN is really supposed to mean WHITE GUY, another way to make non whites hate patriotism.


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