John Derbyshire Violates Black Run America (BRA)’s Racial Etiquette

United States

John Derbyshire breaks BRA's racial etiquette. Crisis ensues!!! F.A.G.S. roll out!!! Silence him!!!

Paul Kersey writes:

“Conservatives won’t help you, for they are nothing more than rent-seeking whores (that goes for all non-profits in Washington D.C. that subsist off the donations of hard-working Americans that actually believe the Constitution, anti-flag burning, gun-rights, border defense, leftist control of college campuses, or whatever superfluous cause still matters will be fought for) and publications that are ostensibly “right-of-center.”


This is more or less taken for granted around here. It is a pointless waste of time to get involved with the professional conservative movement that employs nothing but career girls like Ramesh Ponnoru and Jonah Goldberg to write insipid columns about current events. It is “mainstream” precisely because it is neutered, harmless, ineffective, and non-threatening to the culturally dominant Left.

“His fellow writers at NRO are running away from him like French from a panzer tank. All he did was speak some extremely politically incorrect truths.”
– Random Free Republic Commentator

The reaction from this class of people – the professional conservatives, who work for conservative media outlets in Washington and New York – has been noticeably different from the reaction by ordinary conservatives in Dixie and Heartland who are hearing about this fine outstanding column and who are posting intelligent comments on other websites.

Ta-Nehisi Coates is mad with you:

“Let’s not overthink this: John Derbyshire is a racist. Declaring such does not require an act of of mind-reading, it requires an act of Derbyshire-reading:

I guess it’s admirable that Rich Lowry is taking time away from pondering why people think he’s a bigot, to denounce Derbyshire. But ‘Derb’ told you what he was in 2003. And National Review continued to employ him. That’s who they are.

What else is there?”

You better spank his bottom raw! Little Green F.A.G.S. roll out!

Update: John Podhoretz on Twitter, “I spent years on NRO’s Corner expressing my disgust in ways large and small with John Derbyshire. Now he will reap the whirlwind. Deservedly.

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  1. LOL! Grand fun, ain’t it?!

    See what happens when we stop being polite, and obeying their rules?

  2. The decline at NRO has become so obvious that one can hope that this latest event with Derb will wake up even the patriotards who post there and discuss in depth the presidential chances of Amb. Bolton and Congressman Ryan.

    I suppose this is good news. The more the mainstream “right” discredits itself, the more the real right attracts. It’s hard not to be full of contempt, however, towards conservatives who consider an Indian-American immigrant who writes for the Washington Post one of their intellectual heroes.
    The Trayvon case and this together clearly demonstrate that European-Americans will be sacrificed at the altar of BRA if need be, regardless of that person’s personal political beliefs or activities and that no white people whatsover will be allowed to speak anything close to the truth about blacks in this country.

    Given that dynamic, why would any thinking white play by the rules of that game?

    Now, the big question is: why aren’t we organizing?

    Hunter, you will NOT be surprised to learn that I again tried to get people together in real life in the D.C. area from commentators from a “reactionary” blog and all I got was excuses and emails so coated with fear they were pratically trembling in my gmail inbox.

    I’m not sure what the answer is, but we need to do something. And by that I mean: besides posting on the Internet.

  3. Kev – have you seen the article about the “Zimmerman Lives” legend, spray painted ..errrr….Urban Artisted on a Black Student Center?

    Look, and learn.

    I call that sort of tactic Guerilla Truth Telling.

    Silver paint shows us the way.

  4. Gosh, Denise, I rented a dining room at an Irish pub and offered to host dinner and drinks, a nice get to know your fellow reactionaries in this area dinner.

    Of the 12 people contacted and asked to confirm if date time worked for them, 10 did not respond and 2 took me to task in a very angry way for suggesting Good Friday as a date for this event. I then offered other dates. No responses. Then one of the other 12 said, how about late April? No response.

  5. Derb is being very well received in non-neocon conservative circles. People have had enough lies, hearing the truth from anywhere is a cool breath of fresh air.

    Maybe after three weeks of blogosphere coverage and overwhelming support, a “right-wing” media host might find it within him so say an encouraging word, you know, after then wind is determined to blow strongly enough in that direction.

  6. Keep trying Kev, many people are understandably fearful. Once they see you are not fearful or “crazy”, they will slowly soften to the idea. Be patient, our side is 1,000 times bit, 1,001 times shy.

  7. The Blaze wrote a neutral to sympathetic article, and the commenters are very sympathetic.

    The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis wrote an anti-Derb article, and the commenters slammed him hard!

  8. You’re using Linder’s language minus the Judeocentric lexicon. Have you decided to abandon conservatism after abandoning White Nationalism?

  9. Quick challenge to anyone condemning Derbyshire.

    Move to East St Louis or Detroit for a month. These Nigtropolis’s will cure even the most DWL of the DWL of their illusions.

  10. No, I don’t consider National Review to be a “conservative” magazine. I’m using “faileocon” (for lack of a better word) to describe that class of rent seeking parasites that subsist like a tick off ordinary people.

  11. As Kievsky has noted, the reaction from commentators at Free Republic, Daily Caller, and The Blaze has been overwhelmingly positive. This is what I meant by “mainstreaming.”

    It is possible to reach and connect with ordinary people. Just read the Trayvon Martin articles at Breitbart, Free Republic, and Daily Caller. The Rich Lowrys are worthless though.

  12. Okay, I thought you went through a phase when you thought mainstream conservatism had potential to produce effective change.

  13. When I was online earlier I could not even access the original article. I read the ‘fire Derb’ article by that sissy at Forbe’s, and the comments section was about 99 to 1 in favor of the race realist position! The posters simplly smashed anyone who gave the pussy anti-fa (pro-fag) mantra. I love it.

  14. Clearly, there are people who are involved in mainstream conservatism – by that I mean ordinary people, who live in places like Alabama and Arizona – who obviously do have the potential to change.

    The mainstream political system is not completely worthless either. Pushing for these state immigration laws is a way of connecting with ordinary people, polarizing the political spectrum, and undermining the legitimacy of the federal government.

  15. Yes, the constant interference of this justice system in state matters will continue to foment distrust of the Federales. That’s a good thing.

  16. I have nothing against conservatism, southern conservatism, white nationalism (minus the counterproductive Judeocentric rhetoric)…as long as their proponents are race realists, occidentalists, and immigration restrictionists. The problem arises when those who call themselves conservatives are, out of conviction or opportunism, blank slate Right-liberals, wholly obsessed with economics.

  17. Just fight back hard in the comments sections. Fight back continuously.
    The DWL are quite psychotic. They cannot fight back with data or with verifiable anecdotal examples.

  18. Respectable Conservative, is the accurate description.

    Without the Respectable part, there is no tacit approval from the pro White Genocide establishment, and without that approval, big money cannot be made, being a sellout and a whore.

    In the end, it always comes down to $$$.

  19. Now a bummer counterpoint to bring you down from that fun-loving Tampon tnb :

    Bangable but brainwashed white chick gets all blah blah about her evil white privilege:

    Here’s what is depressing: this pre-programmed little anti-racist activist will probably take her dog whistle convictions to heart, and get back at you and me by seeking out a donkey on the nigger cock carousel, and taking a dump in the gene pool.

    She wants to avenge Trayvon Martin by shitting in the white gene pool! Giving us a little One (half) Banana bastard sprog !



    – Arturo

  20. Derbyshire’s 10 points have a “Diet of Worms 99 Theses” sort of feel to them.
    It’s likely that they will be what he is remembered for.

    He’s done a good job. I’d guess he was on the way out at NRO anyway and this was the
    Parthian shot.

  21. Occidental Dissent has helped me get a much more pointed worldview in line with my deep (300 + years) Southern ancestry. We were right all along, and it helps to read the historical proof of that in the many lengthy quotations from antebellum Southerners that Hunter somehow finds and posts on a regular basis.

    We are Southern Traditionalists. There is nothing but a tiny ember of our past left, there is no burning flame left to “conerve”, but that ember is enough for me. Apply gasoline and stand back.

  22. Hale,

    the OD African American History Month (African World Tour) is a classic. History, current affairs, cynical, biting, truthful, irrefutable. Truly a treat be around while it was posted. You should reread it now that the Derby Article is hot.

  23. “The mainstream political system is not completely worthless either. Pushing for these state immigration laws is a way of connecting with ordinary people, polarizing the political spectrum, and undermining the legitimacy of the federal government.”

    Sure, but let’s face it, Derbyshire’s article couldn’t have been more poorly suited to reaching the “mainstream” conservative, everyday movement. Didn’t it really do all the things that we’re not supposed to do, that would have normally, aside from the timing, made “everyday” conservatives blanche?

    Derbyshire’s article shows me what I have thought all along — strong, unequivocal language, even if unpopular, will lead the day. People don’t know how to talk, they don’t know how to think, and they have no idea how to take a truly unpopular position. They need to learn this. And it is not learned by watching people trying to be popular.

  24. Most people reading this set of Talking Points will secretly agree with it. Most people already chose to live like this. Or would do so if they had the means.

    Next come the Florida riots… Emperical proof that blacks are dangerous.

  25. Here in Texas the ember is kindled every time we visit our grandparents.

    They still say the “n” word as naturally as the Green Fags say “racist”.

    Whats more, my 75 year old, cotton farming grandfather could kick every one of their asses. Why not follow the strong? Hell why not believe as your ancestors do, both the living and the dead? All we want is to remain the same people, worship the same God, live by the same eternal principles, and remain on the same land our fathers conquered. If there ever was a “universal” desire in the heart of man, this is it.

    What should give us hope for the future is reading all the SWPL “conservative” comments on the Derb’s article over on Taki’s place. The weakness and faggotry ooze and drip off of every line and every single word they write. Men do not follow such weaklings when the shit hits the fan.

    To quote Early Cuyler, “Stop bein’ such a pussy, pussy, you a damn pussy.”

  26. ….you know, actually, the only people in the world that do not share that universal desire are SWPL’s.

    The only conclusion I can make based on that is that they have some kind of mental disease.

    Perhaps they need “shock therapy”. We could truck them into Detroit and see if the strong survive. About a week, perhaps a month of this all-natural therapy for the most mentally ill among them should fix them up for life.

  27. Derbyshire decided to become a suicide bomber and just exploded all over the DWLs. Carnage everywhere! What a delight to watch them writhe in pain! Too funny.

  28. Kevin – I know. It’s really hard to get folks to show up. Good Friday is a bad date, but – keep trying.

    They are frightened.

  29. John – YES!!!

    “John says:
    April 7, 2012 at 7:22 pm
    Derbyshire’s 10 points have a “Diet of Worms 99 Theses” sort of feel to them.
    It’s likely that they will be what he is remembered for. ”

    Exactly. We still have a long hard slog – the Kike bloodsuckers and their pet Nogs aren’t going to quietly walk away – but…the winds are shifting.

    ADVANCE. Do not EVER retreat.

    There’s no place left to go, anyways.

  30. Oh, my mistake, Ta-Nehisi Coates called them racist anyway. Guess I was wrong about that, who could have possibly known that it would turn out this way?

  31. @Arturo de Gheaube: Would you say she is going to exercise her white privilege by pushing aside a black woman somewhere then?

  32. The blacks are jumping the doggamned shark with this stuff.

    read article.

    I am not affraid of a single black man. However a group of teenage black men is a self evident risk factor. However, I do know a black guy who is in the arts and he is notoriously physically aggressive. Punching slapping etc etc. Everyone hates him. He leaches off the good will of producers and directors. I think he’s a downlow type too.
    He not frightening. However I await the day he attacks the wrong YT and he is justifabky gunned down.

  33. Just saw on Fox News that a White man in a White pickup truck just shot five niggers in Tulsa, OK. Three of them have gone on to that big watermelon patch in the sky and the other two are in critical condition.

    The city cops, the sheriffs department, the FBI and the Marshals Service are all looking for that crazed Cracker.

    Thank you Trayvon and George for providing the spark.

  34. So, the aptly named girly boys – Jonah Goldberg, Jon Podhoretz, and Rich Lowry – are wasting no time throwing a long time colleague under the bus. (one who is, incidentally, seriously ill with lymphoma and perhaps not at his most robust due to multiple chemotheraphy rounds at age 66).

    What else to expect from these – well, I’d call them “cheese eating surrender monkeys”, but Goldberg in his current huff-n-puffery would no doubt indict this as racist and miss the irony (

  35. Cat 5 Chimpout warning issued for Tulsa, OK:

    “We have to handle this because there are a number of African-American males who are not going to allow this to happen in their neighborhood,” said the Rev. Warren Blakney Sr., president of the Tulsa NAACP. “We’re trying to quell the feeling of ‘let’s get someone’ and we will make as certain as we can that this isn’t pushed under the rug.”

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