Confederate History Month 2012: Robert Barnwell Rhett on American Patriotism

South Carolina


Pretty sums up my own view of the United States:

“The star-spangled banner no longer waves in triumph and glory for me. …If a Confederacy of the Southern States could now be obtained, should we not deem it a happy termination – happy beyond expectation, of our long struggle for our rights against oppression?’”

Note: Let’s suppose the Union collapsed as Colin Liddell suggests it would following the demise of the “Face Saving Racial Myth.” Would that be a bad thing?

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  1. Honestly I never was able to get over the “I am an American” brainwashing right after 9-11. And the “Islam is a religion of peace”, and “Muslims are Americans to”. That right there told me that I was no longer welcome.

  2. It is my most fervent wish that before I die I should live in a free and independent Southland. God Bless Dixie!

    Deo Vindice

  3. Crisis and Opportunity are one in the same, there would certainly be plenty of issues to be resolved however BRA dies.

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