NRO Columnist Josh Barro: Conservative Commentators Are “Scum of the Earth”

National Review

National Review columnist Josh Barro had this to say about conservative commentators at his MSM gig on Forbes magazine:

It’s important to remember that Internet commenters are the scum of the earth.

Note: I would be pleased as punch if OD sympathizerss on other websites were to draw attention to what National Review thinks of the conservative base.

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  1. “Scum of the earth signed up for rum and whoring.”

    Wellington on his Army.

    Barro is a Merely a hack journalist.

  2. Our people, the European-Americans, have a number of enemies. Some, like blacks and latinos are obvious. Some others are not so obvious.

    Of those who are not obvious, the liberatarian/pro-business wing of the Republican Party are the most loathesome. These people, the kind of people who write for “Forbes,” are the people who have pushed and pushed for massive Third World immigration, legal and otherwise, to this country, who sold our birthright down the river all so they can make an extra 10 cents on the hour on labor costs.
    Blacks have an excuse; they can’t help who they are. Latinos, one can understand; when your country is a garbage-smelling shithold with no jobs and no future, of course you are going to go to El Norte if you can.

    But these white people are motivated by nothing less than greed. While our country sinks into multi-cultural chaos, these Ayn Rand types never stop talking about how much richer we are today, how much cheaper t-shirts and shoes are, how much easier it is to have a plasma TV.

  3. This article is also presently on Forbes:

    “Trayvon Martin and the Right’s Race Problem” by Josh Barro

    “Why do conservatives catch such heat? It’s probably because there is still so much racism on the Right to go alongside valid arguments on issues relating to race and ethnicity. Conservatives so often get unfairly pounded on race because, so often, conservatives get fairly pounded on race.”

    OD commenters have commented on how much they loathe white liberals, but “conservatives” like Barro really trigger my hate.

  4. @KevinV

    “the liberatarian/pro-business wing of the Republican Party are the most loathesome.”

    Every cloud has a silver lining. Believe it or not. more than a fair share of Pro-Whites are reformed Libertarians. I should know, I used to be one of them.

    “But these white people are motivated by nothing less than greed.”

    Many, perhaps most, of the elites within this political group are in fact disingenous bastards without any racial or cultural loyalty to their own folk whatsoever, that spout their ideology with the sole intent of having Pedro or Hu Lang build their plastic shite at reduced cost so that the 3rd quarter may have a percentile increase in profits.

    But the rank-and-file; from my experience a mix of (mostly younger) college educated and (mostly older) salt-of-the-earth working class folks, are motivated more by a mix of wishful thinking and ignorance than downright greed. Once you had racial awareness into the equation any Libertarian can see the house of cards for what it is.

    But I still think some Libertarian ideas are not without merit, and could see much of what it espouses (personal responsibility, maximization of freedom, small government, sound money, gun rights, etc) working *within* a White ethno-State.

    Some of its ideals however, are pure poison: open borders, unrestricted immigration, no governmental oversight of culture, “free” global trade, modern capitalism on steroids, the sanctification of Corporations, etc.

    At the present, the biggest harm I see Libertarianism causing to our interests is diverting White people who are deeply unsatisfied with the current system into a false 3rd option whose Endgame is not very different from the traditional Left-Right paradigm. As someone who’s name escapes me now once said, Ron Paul’s policy can be surmised by the sentence: “Sound money for the brown people.”

    i.e. Current trends kept, if Ron Paul’s political ideals became true it would only mean a 100 years from now, when the whole of America is one big brown mass, the populace will enjoy a sound monetary system.

    But to keep things in prespective, it’s not all bad. Libertarians, unlike the Occupy Wall-Street faction of neo-Marxists which are for the most part lost to us (unless things *really* take a dive, then a few might wake up); are remarkably anti-system and don’t seek State solutions for the problems they identify. And it could be said half our work has been done for us. For example: many Libertarians are against the Civil Rights Act as it violates the right of association, and they are certainly anti-welfare. Which makes them (even if they do not realize it) anti-negro and anti-mestizo. They are also much more open to honest debate than any other political group I have met, even if they have a wide variety of mantra-responses at their disposal.

    Perhaps some blogger could write an article on how to nudge, smooth and eventually convert Libertarians to our side. When you add race/ethnicity/culture/religion into the mix, the Libertarian brew begins to turn foul and its internal contradictions visible.

    Hey, I did it all by myself. Had I had a tutor to expedite the process I might have saved myself a whole lot of time.

  5. Did someone mention rum and whoring?.


    Does it have to be in that particular order?.


  6. These are the latter day gasps of a white elite trying to guide America and other white countries into a browned out dump.

  7. Leo – usually whoring works better when accomplished BEFORE the rum. Have at it, darlin’! Just don’t catch no ugly, de=facing disases, that would ruin your lovely face.

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