The Derb: Gawker’s Exclusive Interview With BRA’s Racial Heretic

New York

The Derb would rather work as an English butler than write for Rich Lowry's National Review

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
– George Orwell

As the whole world knows by now, John Derbyshire broke BRA’s racial etiquette when he posted the 15 theses of “The Talk: Nonblack Version” at Takimag. The Universal Church of Political Correctness was outraged on Twitter and National Review quickly caved and fired him.

Now Gawker has an exclusive interview with this notorious racist heretic who has been excommunicated from the “mainstream”!

Update: George Zimmerman has also released a statement after being hounded into exclusion by the mob.

OD readers who want to financially contribute to George Zimmerman’s legal defense fund can do so through Everyone who despises Al Sharpton and BRA’s Media and Organized Blackness should consider making a donation.

You can also make a donation to John Derbyshire through his website for exposing the girly men at National Review as a bunch of fucking submissionists who take their marching orders from the Left.

Note: If John Derbyshire had merely gotten a sex change over the weekend, the Left would would have had nothing to say about the matter. They will tolerate the hell out of anything but anything but disagreement!

Update: Lawrence Auster and Thomas Fleming have interesting thoughts, particularly the latter, who has been harshly critical of racialists in the past. For this brief moment in the culture wars, everyone on the non-authorized Right can unite in our shared hatred of Rich Lowry and non-sentient mainstream conservatism.

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  1. The comments on that Gawker article are hilarious, they decry Derb’s article for lacking hard proof (even though he does a cursory mentioning of the all too real statistics), then every rebuttal is nothing but an evidence free emotional appeal or a shaming “that’s sooooooo racist!” knee-jerk rant.

  2. Lol—- you’re really collecting money for non-white defenses, instead of deciding to help whites instead? Why siphon money for non-whites—- instead of looking deeper into the msm mis-naming non-whites AS whites (in order to incite against whites).

    Why ignore that issue? Hmm.

  3. Dixiegirl, relax. It’s principle. Now log off and go bake me a pie. Put on one of those cute nighties while you do it, ok?

  4. Dixiegirl…’go bake me a pie. Put on one of those cute nighties while you do it’, I’m requesting some rollers and bunny slippers too, ok?

  5. It looks as if people are stepping up to the plate to help George Zimmerman; a message just placed on his website says:
    I am attempting to respond to each and everyone of my supporters personally. The support has been overwhelming in volume and strength. I thank you all and ask that you permit me the time to respond to each one of you personally. Once again thank you.
    George Zimmerman
    Despite some people’s prejudice against him for being “Hispanic”, just about everything I’ve seen about him to date creates the impression that he’s a really decent man who was doing his best to serve his community. He no doubt regrets what happened that night, and it may be that he’ll be found culpable in some way if the case goes to trial (I hope not) but he seems to be the very opposite of the murderous Nazi he’s been portrayed as. (And to the best of my knowledge, nothing has turned up on Facebook or elsewhere for him to be ashamed of.)

  6. Tristero you douche – the Nazis were the GOOD guys, NONE of this would be happening, had not the USA and England LOST WWII.

    LEARN about real history, before you defile the names of good White German PATRIOTS.

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