The Stormfrontization of Conservatism

Conservative Establishment

W. James Antle III writes in The American Spectator:

A small but growing number of people on the right seem to be embracing the idea that if these liberal observations are false, then the exact opposite of them must be true: interracial harmony is effectively impossible; affirmative action harms whites in exactly the same way Jim Crow harmed blacks; the era that gave rise to the civil rights movement wasn’t that bad; we are all at imminent risk of being attacked by predominantly black flash mobs; white racism doesn’t exist (proponents of this last bit seem divided on the question of whether it should exist). Needless to say, these views are also obvious nonsense.

It will be hard for us to live together as Americans if we constantly believe the worst about each other.

W. James Antle III is free to continue saying that. We are free to continue reading Takimag, VDARE, or American Renaissance over National Review or The American Spectator.

The internet is a free market of opinion. In a social media world, a website is a website and there is no physical barrier between the discourse of self anointed “mainstream” and “extremist” websites.

It is impossible for guardians to enforce BRA’s taboos in the world of vBulletin, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Now smart phones have entered the picture and everyone is a WorldStarHipHop national correspondent.

We’re taking ground from the “mainstream” every year and hardening White racial attitudes reflect that. BRA’s media overreached when it tried to spin that absurd narrative about Trayvon Martin and we were the ones in the blogosphere who shot it down.

In the nature of things, time is on our side; the costs of BRA to ordinary White people are increasing exponentially with changing racial demographics. America’s terminal national decline is too obvious and too advanced to sweep under the rug anymore.

Someone must eventually yield in this debate. I’m betting that the taboos established by the Mainsteam Media in the 1960s must eventually yield to the gravity of material reality.

As Lee Harris explains in The Next American Civil War, human societies tend to drift along until the traditional way of doing things crashes onto the shoals of some crisis it cannot navigate; the “cake of custom” unravels, and new ideas surge to the fore.

We’re almost at that point.

Mark Adomanis writes at Forbes:

I am far from the only person to notice the increasingly yawning divide between professional conservative functionaries and the flock they purpose to lead, and I am certainly not attempting to portray myself as uniquely clairvoyant or perspicacious for doing so. Indeed if you go and look through actual conservative blogs it is virtually impossible to miss the wave of righteous indignation, often bordering on blind rage, that has been stirred up by Derbyshire’s dismissal and the supposedly cowardly and obsequious way it was handled by National Review (heck, I’m not a conservative and even I got yelled at by a couple of random people on Twitter).

BRA was created 47 years ago in another century.

When MLK marched from Selma to Montgomery, there were three national television networks that still had the confidence of the public, and there was one conservative print magazine that was selected by the dominant liberal media to represent the “respectable” or “legitimate” conservative false opposition.

The distance from Selma to Sanford is greater than the distance from WWI to the Voting Rights Act. A country that was roughly 90 percent White has been transformed into a country that is 63 percent White.

Back then, America was embroiled in the Cold War with the Soviet Union. The threat posed by world communism to America’s global leadership provided an incentive to expand “civil rights” for minorities that no longer exist today.

The international landscape has changed. The media landscape has changed. The racial demographics of America have changed. The life experience of most American conservatives has changed.

The racial taboos and the underlying enduring reality of racial differences that they are responsive to have not changed … in spite of 47 years of liberal social engineering schemes, the witch hunting of every “racist” heretic by the media, and the countless trillions of dollars that have been sunk into the black hole that is MLK’s dream.

A growing chorus of conservative voices are now saying publicly what everyone knows privately … that the Negro, excuse me, the “African-American” has been given his chance and that Western civilization can no longer indulge the unrealizable Disneyworld fantasy that is the dogma of racial equality.

The costs of slavishly pandering to black people’s whims and fantasies are now too high to ordinary White people to ignore any longer.

The conservative establishment can stick its head in the sand and ignore the irrepressible conflict between black people and civilization that is on display in Detroit, Haiti, and sub-Saharan Africa. No one is required to listen to them or take them seriously though.

Note: It is a choice to be a self censoring Beltway eunuch writing for a worthless establishment conservative webzine in Northern Virginia. The price you pay at the door is your intellectual freedom and moral integrity. That’s not a price everyone in America is willing to pay.

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  1. Excellent thought elegantly expressed. Big media has pushed on all fronts for forty years and more now and as the culture has succumbed they have always upped the ante – an old scheme universally applied, but done so on a national level concerning all the foundations that make a nation, people and a grand society it is as monstrous as any Bolshevik pogrom – just more incrementally brought to pass.

    True enough, the Travon fiasco was so grotesque in its forced nature that I have to believe that even many of the jaded disconnects out there had to have noticed – at least I hope so, but just can’t quite get a take on it. I would like to cut the average prole out there some slack, what with the Hannitys, Limbaughs, O’Reillys, NR, and on and on running interference for the status quo (maintaining the “taboos”), but even as thick sculled as they are (the proles that is) they damn well should see through all this white noise at this point and discover that BRA is killing them, their progeny and any future worth having.

  2. Mugabe is on deathwatch in Singapore.

    Huzzah! May Ian Smith meet him on the other side with his Spitfire.

  3. White racism does exist. It’s just that it is no longer institutionalized and the black rules the racial roost. Racism is as old as the hills though.

  4. Yes we are. It won’t be pretty.

    W. James Antle III (what a preposterous name!), liberal quisling par excellence, reveals his talent for irony:

    “It will be hard for us to live together as Americans if we constantly believe the worst about each other.”

    After decades of vilification of our people, I can’t see any self-respecting white Southerner being eager to support this smug and obviously insincere gesture.

    “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: it has no stalk; the bud shall yield no meal: if so be it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up.” Hosea 8:7

    Deo Vindice

    Deo Vindice

  5. Very heartening article! As I’ve said before, thanks to the internet, free speech has been restored. And thanks to sites like this one the truth is again allowed to resonate throughout the land.
    IMHO, those “respectable” colorblind “conservatives” who keep yapping about race being nothing more than skin color are as much of a problem and deserve the same treatment as their masters.

  6. “interracial harmony is effectively impossible;”
    Good fences make good neighbors, forcing integration does not.

    “affirmative action harms whites in exactly the same way Jim Crow harmed blacks;”
    Status is zero sum gain, both between communities, and more damningly within a community.

    “the era that gave rise to the civil rights movement wasn’t that bad;”
    It was absolutely a white run police state. And as any good police state, it got the trains running on time, and controlled social dysfunction.

    “we are all at imminent risk of being attacked by predominantly black flash mobs;”
    Of course we aren’t, thanks to as Paul Kersey puts it, real climate change. Only those unlucky enough to live near such a mob are at risk from it.

    “white racism doesn’t exist”
    racism is a word that means what speaker wants it to mean, it does not, and can not exist. If you’ll care to be more precise in meaning I’d agree that there are certainly and obviously white supremacists, nationalists, separatists, and so on.

    “(proponents of this last bit seem divided on the question of whether it should exist)”
    Tribalism exists for a reason. Beating prisoners dilemma is only possible under specific circumstances after all.

    “Needless to say, these views are also obvious nonsense.”
    If a growing number of people believe these things, then perhaps you do need to say what your case is rather than pretend that status seeking is an acceptable substitute for discourse.

    “It will be hard for us to live together as Americans if we constantly believe the worst about each other.”
    Not knowing what you’ve said, you said it.

  7. I relish being a witness to the dying gasp of mainstream conservatism. It can’t come soon enough.

    The response from mainstream conservatives seems to follow a classic playbook:

    1) Marginalization: assert that “racist” commentary only reflects a minority viewpoint and is not mainstream (and of course provide no empiricial proof that this is indeed true) [Can’t wait to see the decline in NR’s circulations numbers post-Derb termination]

    2) Romanticization: attempt to soften Whites by invoking Pavlovian response as it relates to the mythos of Civil Rights Movement fantasy

    3) Demonization: resort to copious name calling to stigmatize and send Whites into retreat

    Nothing original here conservatives, liberals have done this to Whites for years.

    This time it looks like the immunity has finally built up.

  8. BRA has been a lie feed to the people by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, et al, from day one.

    The welfare queen exists, and a bunch more are “gub’mint employees”. And they are disgusting negresses. They are community destroyers, consequent to what our COOTHUS (Community Organizer Of The United States) would lead you to believe.

    Only pompous asses and the wealthy had cell phones 15-20 years ago. Today ever nigger has one provided to them by US (that’s us, not the US government, government doesn’t provide shit) so they can do what? They don’t work at jobs that require them so they aren’t on call. They must need them because of safety reasons. Wait, the only thing people really need fear in this world is what the Derb just described ….. and unless they are White they don’t need to fear that unless they are running with a gang.

    I am somewhere between having a job work out very well for me (for a few years at least) and moving to the middle top of the country, and I don’t really know what I would prefer. What I do know is I am tired of paying the black Tax. Just being around that disgusting body sprays is a tax. Having to walk around them instead of just being able to walk straight down the sidewalk is a tax. blacks are a tax on humanity.

    It will be hard for us to live together as Americans if we constantly believe the worst about each other. But it will be harder and deadlier if we don’t believe the worst about one side of “the other”.

  9. Can’t wait for mainstream conservatism to collapse, either. But the pols themselves don’t seem to be relinquishing their death grip.

    Example: Nikki Haley on O’Reilly Factor tonight, Laura Ingraham hosting. Listening in car.

    Topic: Women in Augusta National

    Haley: (paraphrasing) “Oh, they’ll be allowed. Americans move on eventually. I think Americans will come through on this. We’ll get there.”

    I reckon we’ll be fighting as hard for the return of Freedom of Association as was fought to take it away. What a nightmare. Tone deaf establishment Republicans, so drunk gripping on the wheels of power they have no blood flow to their brains. From local to national.

  10. “Status is zero sum gain, both between communities, and more damningly within a community.”

    It is zero sum GAME. I’m normally not a grammar, spelling or idiom nazi but that is particularly driving me up the wall, especially since you bring up prisoners dilemma from game theory later in the same post.

  11. An ACTUAL Stormfront Conference is being planned for September. Details emerging. Operation FABULOUS.

    Make the Scene!

    Be there – or spend the rest of your life kicking yourself cause ya missed it.

  12. Attention any trolls or Anti fa!

    Re the Stormfront Conference – it went off very successfully last time. And we were ready for trouble. No trouble appeared, as we were well prepared.

    The speakers will be wonderful. The conference wil be great fun.

    We will be well prepared, again.

  13. War at this point is an inevitability! We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore!

    Jews, Niggers, Spics, Whatever! Sayonara Suckers!

    “I fear all we have done is awaken an Angry Giant and filled him with a Terrible resolve!” Admiral Yamamoto after Pearl Harbor and the declaration of war by White America.

    History Repeats Itself…

  14. Here is my post on Josh Barro’s whine, on Forbes. Who knows how long it will last?

    Barro – the problem is not with “The Right” That game is OVER, Princess

    The ONLY problem The Right – no – the WHITE has ever had is allowing themselves to be fooled by by the Racial Egalitarianism scam.

    The PROBLEM with Kneegrows IS Kneegrows.

    Every-one knows it No one’s buying this poisoned swill, anymore.

    It’s OVER. You are on official notice. You have been SERVED.

    The PROBLEM with Kneegrows IS Kneegrows.

    Derbyshire’s article was absolutely en pointe. Dead center score. Every-one knows it. Hence the hysterics.

    But it’s over. Whites have far better things to do, than pander to, and feed and breed, whining, demanding, Gibs Me Dat violent, useless detructive Kneegrows. Or any other form of parasite.

    Including you.

    Hey Brain Trust – Kneegrows don’t read your swill. Feckless DWL’s (Disingenuous White Liberals) do. Even thet are beginning to leave the Whtey Owes Every-One Everything Plantation. The Trayvon’s will not support your cushy gig, Princess

    Once Whitey’s gone – who will pay for your suits, and your vacations, and your teenaged Thai Ladyboys?

    Whites have put up with, and paid for, literally and figuratively, Kneeg row patholgies for decades. Whites don’t owe anyone ANYTHING. QUITE the opposite. Mostly, I find Kneeg rows boring. Boring beyond description. Excruciatingly boring.

    It’s so much more interesting BEING White. After all – White Privilege is White Genius. White Talent. White Achievement. Sorry God cheated the Kneegrows. Perhaps, if all the little Darkies learn to be good, and behave themselves, they’ll be born White, or Whitish, the next time around.

    Now write an outraged article about what that vicous little savage Tyrone Woodfork, and what he did to the wonderful Straits. You little punk az z
    b i t c h.

    DO it. NOW.

  15. Denise- Stormfront? Conference? really?

    Please. How many antichristian, anti-God hate emails have I gotten from just posting ONCE on that sham site? Oy. It beggars imagination that such neanderthals exist to this very day. One thing I am sure of, however. Political extremists are not on a spectrum, but a circle. And the rabid neo-pseudo Pagans with their buzz cuts, death metal, and stiff-arm salutes, are merely incestuous second cousins to their offspring, th Antifa pierced nose crowd at OWS protests. In other words, the opposite side of the globe/circle to trinitarian, familial kinists of European Christendom bent.

    I would have thought better of you, dear lady….

  16. Fr John,

    You weren’t at the last conference and you don’t know what’s going to occur at this one.

    So you’re out of order.

  17. Arturo,

    I adore and respect Fr John. I would not EVER want to get into a spat, or a beatdown with him.

    I think he may have had problems on SF due to religious issues. The posters can be really rough. A lot of posters HATE Christians.

    He may have gotten a very rough ride from the pagans. Now- I would not EVER EVER EVER have learned about racialism, or Die Juden without Stormfront.

    I know posters personally. I also know who is planning the upcoming Conference. Somfront is crazy mad busy. The Mods can’t even keep up with the traffic. All kinds of loonies and trolls romp around.

    The Conference planners, however are NOT crazy. They know what they are doing. Believe me. The last one was a learning curve experence, and there were some interesting moments, shall we say – and all still went very well. This one will be even better. I’d bet if Fr John attended, or knew the folks involved, he’d be very pleased and surprised. 2 of the most important people involved are excellent young Christian men. NO ONE will be harrased I think Fr John would not have a problem at all – and would have a marvelous time.

  18. Pace Fr. John, the problem many of us so called extremists have with Christianity is its clergy, the vast majority of whom regard race realism as sinful, and would gladly say so, and do say so, ad libitum, from the pulpit, and in church meetings. These clergy, who live multiculturalism, typically have a four year college education, in which they have been schooled in the traditional liberal arts, studied New Testament Greek and the Old Testament semitic languages, and have been trained to be accomplished public speakers. They come with an inner conviction about their core beliefs, usually antithetical to those of likely OD posters, which is dismissive of the real concerns of the growing chorus of conservative voices described in Mr. Wallace’s comments. Whether you have to become a pagan, or call yourself one, to avoid this plague is a question for another day.

  19. Thank you, Fr John.

    I understand why you would be alarmed by the Pagans. 2 of my best buds – long term buds – are Pagans. They know I’m a Christian. I was initially harrassed by these pals- but they ame to understand why I beleived what I believe – and they ame to understand that I understand and accept their beliefs. I do not attmepot to convert ANY-ONE. I have far enough problmes w/ my own soul, and human frailties ,to “preach” to others. Paradoxically (or mebbe not) because I do NOT preach to them – they more readily accept what I have to say about Christianity. Also – they KNOW that our Race comes first. I serve the Lord (however badly) by my White Advocacy.

    2 tidbits – one of the young gents involved is a wonderful, GENUINE Christian. He comes from a lovely, lovely, lovely extended family. These folks are the best of the BEST. You’d feel right at home. The other fellow is a genuine Christian – but he’s more a wise cracking Celt, like I am. He’s more circumspect about his faith. He initially comes across as a “hard guy” – a tough no-nonsense Big Skeery Man. But once ya know him, he’s a goofball regarding his sense of humor, and he is very strong in his faith. He’s very very confiodent in himslef as a man, and as a White Christian man. If you knew these gents – you’d never have any doubts again.

    One of the funniest things, for me, about the upcoming event, is that one of the main planners NEVER wanted to hear a thing about religion, and would brook NO discussions of religion. I once had to give this person, who was baptised as a Christian, a breakdown of the BASIC tenents of Easter. Anyway – I kept mentioning things here and there. We were at a WN event, a few years ago. A Christian minister from the South was a participant I was mightily impressed with this fellow, and “sicced’ the fellow on this planner, during a break. “This is what a REAL Christian is like!” Well – I got IMMENSE grief for doing so – but the Earth took a few turns – and now this planner wants this minster to be one of the speakers….

    Time and Tide, Fr John . Time and tide…

  20. Gravity – I completewly understand your p.o.v. You are absoutely correct. The Church has been deliberately rotted from within, by the Jewsual Suspects.

    The thing is – Christianity flourishe in the West, because the most profouned ideals are uniquely suited to Western Man’s unique gifts. And Christianity provided a bulwark against Jewry, for the most part.

    There are Christians aroudn who know the score. It’ve had immense difficulties finding a Church, as I cannot abide the idiocy and treachery spewed from the pulpits, by the charlatan priests of the White Sepulchres, in my neck of the woods. I go occasionally, to please my husband – but evne he’s beginning to give up.

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