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My initial reaction to George Zimmerman being arrested and charged with second degree murder was outrage.

As I walked off my disgust, I realized that I had just witnessed the moment in history when BRA officially became a Third World country. We have crossed the threshold into the Africanization of the criminal justice system.

My thoughts began to turn to all the disastrous experiments in negro self government that we covered in Black History Month 2012. It occurred to me that the only thing missing from the Obamas, Sharpton, and Eric “My People” Holder is the abacosts.

There is an element of dark humor in watching the collapse of civilization play out yet again in pursuit of the utopian fantasy of negro equality. We have learned nothing from experience.

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  1. Precisely. The development of the anglo-saxon criminal law system took centuries – things like trial by jury, burden of proof on the state, voluntary confessions, rights of appeal, etc. But that’s all gone now. No more “rule of law”. We’re governed by African law – rule by mob, rumor, tribal loyalty, emotion, manipulation of the crowd. Is there a rumor that someone has done something to the tribe? Then kill them. We learned from the seminar on Africa during black history month how the black Zanzibarians murdered thousands of Arabs overnight based on the untrue rumor that they were (at that time) selling blacks into the slave trade. We’ve discarded our heritage and put this in its place.

  2. I realized that I had just witnessed the moment in history when BRA officially became a Third World country. We have crossed the threshold.

    Me too. I dunno if I imagined it or not but it seems like I actually felt it happen.

    This is like living in the twilight zone that never ends.

    Something has got to give.

  3. Hunter – For what’s it worth, I know exactly how badly these sorts of realizations hurt people like you and me, and, well, I’m sorry. I don’t know why we get selected to feel this outrage and this need to do something, especially for people who really goddamn don’t deserve it, but we are who we are.

  4. They are praying that some White guy goes on a coon hunting spree following this news. Please don’t encourage retaliation much less participate. This is a trap. Secession is the only fuckin way out now.

  5. Agreed about this. Hunter has put together a compendium of black on white massacres and genocides. It’s quite an eye opener. Frankly my cowardly side is happy there are no riots tonight. The “killer inside me” it just waiting for the jury to aquit him.

  6. HW-
    I never meant to imply that you would support “a coon hunting spree” , just that today’s news seems to have produced as much rage in others as it did me and I’m worried about how things play out in the near future. I’ve been reading your site along with other eye openers for awhile now and yours really connects with me as a fellow Southerner. I think the easiest way to help end BRA at this point is to defund it. Just as Voter ID disproportionately affects blacks, taxes disproportionately affect whites. I have decided from this moment forward that I will be “going Galt” but with a twist. Actually I guess my version will be called “going Tyrone” because I’m gonna go get me some food stamps asap. Whatever else I can possibly do to be a leech and drain this broke ass third world demographic time bomb. I owe about 4000$ to the guv this year almost all from investment income and have been waiting til the last minute to pay up, but I’m not sure if i’m gonna do it at this point. I know 4000 isn’t much in the 15 trillion dollar monument to africans we have going but it’s a start.

  7. Do you guys Think that blacks know they are wrong about this? Are they lying or just don’t understand?

  8. Fred – Blacks “think” they are right. They have been wronged by Whitey, CENTURY after CENTURY.

    It’s tme for payback, and revenge, and they DESERVE to get payback and revenge, to slaughter Whites.

    Fred – I spend a lot of time in “mainstream” forums. Why don’t you do the same?

    You need to make the cognitive leap that Blacks are NOT White.

    They do not “think’ the same way Whites, or Asians, for that matter do. Facts,data, real world reality means NOTHING.

    They are not lying. They know that the White Devils murdered millions of Blacks. Africa was a perfect dreamland, where the People Could Fly – before the White Devils enslaved them, and persecuted them. They are innocent. Trayvon was a good young boy -a kid -and he was MURDERED in COLD blood by WHITE Klansman George Zimmerman. The White Racist Justice system is letting that White man go.

    I’m not exaggerating, Fred. A White Racist Prejudice person like me and you can NEVER understand how bad Blacks have it, in America, due to Institutionalized Racism, and White Prejudice.

    White girls clutch their purses tight if a well dressed Black man walks nearby. Every one acts afraid of them. They din’t do nuthin’. Whites are so prejudiss. Its hurts them so bad. They can never overcome the lagacy of slavery. You can never understand.

    Now you go check all that out for yourself, Fred. Don’t take my word for it.

  9. Just remember the OJ jurors. A key part of the defense’s case was that Det. Mark Fuhrman was a habitual user of the “n” word. Mark Fuhrman said nigger, so OJ is not guilty. That is apparently the way the minds of a significant part of the “black community” function.

  10. The jury consisted of Ventura County residents—ten white, one Latino and one Asian. The prosecutor, Terry White, was African-American. On April 29, 1992, the jury acquitted three of the officers, but could not agree about one of the charges for Powell.[4]

    The Rodney King beating and the 1992 LA riot probably was a major turning point. Even then though it was no real surprise to see the Feds pursue social justice despite the not guilty verdict .

    President George H W Bush said, “viewed from outside the trial, it was hard to understand how the verdict could possibly square with the video. Those civil rights leaders with whom I met were stunned. And so was I and so was Barbara and so were my kids.”

  11. The calls for non-violence in the face of negro atrocities could only come from white men who have abstracted themselves from existence. In the abstract non-violence sounds good, but when actual people, your own people, are the victims of terrible atrocities, perpetrated by the barbarians of color and encouraged by idiotic liberals, a call for non-violence is not just muddle-headed, it is obscene.

  12. If the Zionists and the blacks have this thoroughly corrupted our country, then we are in a war for our survival, and we will not win that war by defensive means alone. We must attack, and we must do it intelligently. Which means we must plan our attacks and not simply react to provocations. I suggest that an early target for our efforts be the media establishment, especially its senior executives, its directors, and its shareholders, along with any especially zealous anti-white journalists or reporters. We must remove them, so that they can no longer divide our race against itself. Once that is done, we can deal with the blacks as we choose.

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