Definition of “Mainstream”


“Equality to the equal; inequality to the unequal” —that would be true justice speaking: and its corollary, “never make the unequal equal.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols

As we saw this weekend, the definition of “mainstream” is playing within the parameters of the Left’s own cultural sandbox.

It means accepting their ground rules and fighting political battles on their cultural terrain. The “mainstream” taboos are consciously designed to preserve the Left’s social dominance.

We will never submit to the doctrine of negro equality.

Note: OD is rejecting the “mainstream” and the gelded sissies who write for websites like National Review who claim to represent ordinary conservatives.

We are shifting into adversary culture mode. I just wanted to make the official announcement. It has been unofficial for quite some time now. The destruction of the “mainstream” is now the stated goal here.

Note: Just to make this clear, I always meant winning people over to our side by “mainstreaming,” the desirability of connecting the leadership of the adversary culture with a mass audience.

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  1. I’ve been pointing out for months when appropriate that it is no more unjust to treat people who are different the same as it is to treat people who are the same differently. We do not treat children or incompetents the same as adults in regards to legal or sexual matters. Blacks being substantially less intelligent, prone to violence and deficient in familial integrity than whites should not be treated as equal to whites in regards to such matters and it is unjust to treat them so.

  2. amen (to use a kikeish phrase) we are with you mr. wallace, every day I make it my buisness to use “nigger” or “kike” or “gook” around liberals, just to show them that the right will not play their game anymore. i regularly bring up the issues here with anyone who is talking politics, i push them, get in their face with it.

  3. I don’t use “nigger” that often, not because I object to the term, but because “African-American” is the new “nigger,” and because the term is most effective when it is used sparingly.

  4. Time for some new rules of engagement:

    Never call the police if you are keeping tabs on a criminal that you may have to rehabilitate.

    Always carry duct tape, cable ties or some sturdy Dacron rope in your trunk along with your disposable drop cloths and your shovel. It is not uncommon for criminals to pull a Jason Voorhees move following a thorough round of rehabilitation.

    Never forget that ONLY Mother Earth knows how to keep a secret.

    Always chuckle heartily when you ask yourself how much time the cops are likely to spend looking for a missing nigger.

  5. jew is more “mainstream” LOL, i guess we still don’t want to give them the benefit of having a target to play victim with. trayvon is also a great one, i got this nigger, i mean african-american in my undergrad course, who is always niggershinin’ in class, he trys to talk to me sort of in the nigger ” i’m the king” type shit, i had to hand him a paper and he wasn’t paying attention, so i said, “hey trayvon”. boy he got real mad, and then i just played innocent, “oh sorry i always get names confused, ITS BEEN ON TV SO MUCH LATELY I CAN”T HELP IT” . boy i almost pissed my pants.

  6. I use the term “Negroes”. Seems to really rile ’em. Also American Africans. Most don’t pick up on the subtle dig – but some do. Hilarity ensues.

    I use the word Kike here, because Jews have created that name for themselves. Research the raison d’etre. “Jew” is good for public discussions. Just like the word “Negro” – it’s accurate – but they don’t like it.

  7. I’ve been using the term nigger more and more.
    I can’t stand them.
    They walk into your path so you have to avoid them. Well at least my path, because I don’t wear an iPhone while I tap away on a while walking down the street.
    Twice since the first of the year I thought I was being set up while waiting to cross a street, magically I changed my place or direction and all of a sudden the nigger(s) decided he had to go a different direction.
    Just haven’t decided if I want start carrying a short 9mm or snub .357, neither of which are that accurate, or something more accurate and tell them I got to get my wallet out of my backpack.

  8. “They walk into your path so you have to avoid them”

    No, they walk into your path because they’re trying to intimidate you. Because they hate you. I’ve had to put up with this all my life (NYC boy). And I NEVER — never! — change course to avoid them when they do this: in fact I shift my tack and walk directly TOWARDS them, into their path, so that they’ll have to avoid ME. They always flinch. It helps that I’m six-foot-two. I do it to let them know not to try it on the next white person.

    Same thing whenever they make a big theatrical show, as they do, of spitting on the sidewalk when I walk past. I always stop, loiter a bit for no reason, and then spit on the sidewalk too. No words exchanged, and I don’t disclose my motive. But they get it.

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