Defending Yourself While White


… is now illegal in the Obamanation.

It is a major precedent. White people no longer have the right to defend themselves in BRA from aggression by Eric Holder’s people. Resistance is a violation of the “civil rights” of African-Americans.

How do you respond to that? The banner of tyranny is being publicly unfurled this afternoon. Not the first time that has happened.

Note: I’ve found a video of the deceased crack addict Whitney Houston singing an ode to the venerable banner that flies over the Obama White House:

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  1. That’s evil,
    Is going on!
    Well I’m tellin’ ya brothers:
    Ya better watch
    Your happy home.
    — Howlin’ Wolf, if I’m not mistaken

  2. Defending yourself while white is now illegal in the Obamanation.

    The Yankee Empire is now as illegitimate as its putative leader.

    Deo Vindice

  3. Fuck that pompous anthem. It belongs on a mix tape with that douchey Lee Greenwood song, and Hulk Hogan’s walkout music. The whole thing could be entitled, “What the hell was that blow dusted with??”

    And that coon Whitney Houston can rot in nigger hell, too. She was a dime-a-dozen crackhead who came to her miserable end overdosed in a tub, probably marinating in her own piss and shit. Which, when you think about it, is a fitting description of what America is about to end up like.

  4. Then you just shoot ‘n scoot. No 911, just get the hell out. And use a revolver, no brass to lose. “Let God sort ’em out.”

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